Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drea || Where I Roam (Bari-Uke Backing)

Mathias Kom || The Burning Hell (22 minutes of Jamming!)

Wow this is a wild party! The Burning Hell band is on wikipedia as a Canadia Indie Roots, Rock band from Petersborough, Ontario, Canada. See the wiki info. They have a rocking live party.
"Mathias Kom is the Pope of Pop. Witness this highly entertaining 6-song videoEP, recorded at the Gordon Best in Ptbo November 2008. Featuring an amazing lineup and a brand new song from the band's coming release. THE BURNING HELL can be found at MYSPACE and and can be purchased at"
Coffee Table Book?

Bliss Blood || Big Sky

Bliss Blood is well known for her creativity, vocals, and ukulele playing with the Moonlighters band. Here we see her giving some love to the baritone ukulele. If you haven't heard the Moonlighters before then be sure to check them out on YouTube.

DancinGirLisha || Fireflies on the Baritone Ukulele

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jim D'Ville || Play Ukulele By Ear || 3 Questions with Bosko

Here's some knowledge that you might like have at your fingertips. Jim D'Ville asks good questions and I have his PLAY UKELELE BY EAR always available on the sidebar. Bosko has been one-half of my favorite ukulele duo. To go directly to Jim's site, click here.

BOSKO's Lessons: #1 "Cag-fud" and #2 "Strumming, muting & showboating"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Heather || Make You Feel My Love

I like the office scene in the background... sweet.
The Way I Am

JamieLand3r's || I Try (Macy Gray cover on a Baritone Ukulele)

Lapt0p || Golborne Road

Tony Reeeves bass, Joe Wooley guitar, JC Carroll Baritone Uke and Vocals. Phil Martin Violin. recorded and Produced by Tony Reeves, Photo Images Courtesy of Paul Terence and the Internet and of Course Golborne Road. Phil Martin Sat in On Violin on this one! You can Buy a Version of the Track on one of these albums JC Carroll Acoustic Trio Live or The Golborne Variations

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dream a Little Dream + Under African Skies

I was doing odd YT baritone ukulele searches again and came across this video of a Norwegian ukulele player. This is not a standard simple and clean video posting. It is obvious that the player is skilled but as he exclaims in middle -- it is all the fault of the video camera being turned on -- so, I must post as a reminder to myself. After working through the first song he plays the second song almost effortlessly. I would like to see the final cuts posted someday.

Roman Barten-Sherman || 6-Year Old Baritone Ukulele Player

Roman was six years old here and performing with Jack Sweetsong at the Young Artists Exhibit at Old Central School (Arizona)

Todd Baio || A Horse Named Bill

I have got a DoGBonE page for my friend Todd, a.k.a. Doogey9, here.

Johnny Carson || 3 Baritone Ukuleles 1974

George Segal teaches Johnny Carson and Bob Newhart how to play "Rufus Rustus Johnson Brown" from "California Split" on the ukulele on "The Tonight Show" in 1974. Learn the perfect isosceles triangle chord -- You're gonna love this!!! What a treat. Thanks to Ron Hale!

Mudcat Cafe has some versions of the lyrics, here.

BigFrankieJ3211 || God's Gonna Cut You Down (J. Cash) on Baritone Ukulele

Nice performance. Some of Johnny Cash's gospel. Do I hear a stomp box too?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have two older baritone ukuleles from the 1960's and both are made of mahogany. One is a Maxwell which was made in the US in the 1950's and 1960's according to Tiki King's website. The other one is a beautiful Harmony with extremely high action that cannot be corrected economically. So "Max" is my everyday barrie for now and my Harmony I'll save for some bottleneck slide work in the future. I really like Aquila strings and have them on "Max" and my Ohana concert ukulele. I have bought some other string sets for some experimentation to find other strings and hear the different sounds that they make.

I have been watching Bueno Chen do his finger gymnastics on the baritone ukulele for a couple of years now and started to think about asking him about his string ideas since he has such a dynamic approach to playing. He responded quite quickly and offered some interesting ideas,
"Aloha Jeff, This my set-up: before I even buy the instrument, make sure the neck is straight. On my Kala, performance uke, I tune to 435 (1/2 step down). My Lanikai is tuned about a whole step down. I have sanded the bridge down on the Lanikai, because the neck was a little warped -- I don't want it to get more warped so I lowered the tuning. The Kala remains stock. It's a little harder to play, but I just deal with it. I prefer to use Aquila strings on the high strings (B & E) and I use cheap strings on my bass strings (D & G). I noticed the cheaper the strings, the easier they are to bend. Aquilas last longer AND they're expensive. The key is to find a straight neck and (then there are) possibilities of sanding down the bridge. Be careful if it's an electric, you don't want make the bridge uneven or the pickup won't catch all the strings evenly. A cheap set of strings will allow you to bend the high notes easier and press the strings easier.
NOTE: My technical playing does not really come from the instrument set-up (although it helps). It comes from practicing scales and knowing what kind of sound you're trying to create. Knowing your music theory is also a big help. Feel free to post this info if you want. Always Aloha. Bueno :)"
I think he has some interesting ideas. I am not quite sure about the tuning adjustments unless it to get the perfect pitch throughout the length of the fretboard? I have not yet purchased a set of Worth bari strings but I know they have a Low D set of (4) nylon strings (none are wound). I had a chance to try these out on Bob "Duh-Dawg's" Arthur Godfrey Vega baritone ukulele and they are definitely easier to press. I have also attempted to ask Nipper questions on strings, based on a comment he left on a post, but he hasn't seen my inquiry on his site yet. His Bicycle & Ukulele site hasn't had any postings for about 3 months. Anybody know Nipper? Anyone care to share their String-Theory?

Jeff / Humble Uker

Tim || The Girl from Ipanema

The vocal tracking is bad on this video, giving the feeling of lip synch -- but there is no synch. Nice performance though.

Eva || Telescope Eyes

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crooked Still || Ain't No Grave (Where's Bari?)

UPDATE 3/25/2011: Thanks for those that have better memories than I. Al (Uke Hunt) reminds me of a previous posting and there were actually two -- I guess I was looking for more, but here are the links to the previous:

Crooked Still || Florence

Crooked Still || Poor Ellen Smith

I am trying to find Aoife ODonovan playing her baritone ukulele. I have a CD of Crooked Still's called Shaken by a Low Sound. I love the sound of this band. Here's what was listed in the YT comments for the video below...
Drawing from bluegrass, old-time and contemporary folk, Crooked Still redefines traditional music. The adventurous young band includes Aoife ODonovan (vocals, guitar, baritone ukulele, piano, glockenspiel), Brittany Haas (five-string fiddle), Gregory Liszt (banjo), Tristan Clarridge (cello, fiddle) and Corey DiMario (double bass, tenor guitar).

eBay: Swaggerty Baritone Ukulele (VERY Unusual)

Be the only one on your state or country to own one!

eBay: Vintage Gibson Baritone Ukulele $1,299 or $999

eBay: Sapelle f-hole Undersized Baritone Ukulele

Ukulele Voyuer

eBay: Kala Acacia Baritone Ukulele w/ Slotted Headstock

This is not a recommendation, only voyuerism.

eBay: Archtop Baritone Ukulele made in the Phillipines

I really like this arch-top j-hole baritone ukulele look.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jim D'Ville || Play Ukulele By Ear || 3 Questions with Del Rey

Jim's a great guy. I should really stop all blogging until I've listened to all of his posts -- they're really good! Here he has three great questions for Del Rey. I like the syncopated picking trick.

Surfsussman || Dragonforce as a Country Song

Krista Muir || Orange Grove en prestation @ BBTV (Baritone Ukulele)

Krista Muir and a playful tune...

Krista has a new album and has a site for those who wish to donate to help her finance the release, Kapipal.

Oceana Baritone Ukulele

LeviElvi || Ripple (Bob on Baritone Ukulele)

I guess HB is becoming your Ripple leader...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stefmmiz || Hurt & Ripple

I am not thrilled with the video quality but enjoyed the song selection...

Herman Vandecauter || Pinky Dexterity Skills

Herman just left a comment on a post and I found that he has the beginnings of a blog too. I found this exercise and thought that it may come in as a handy practice. See his blog, here.


Here's Herman playing a tenor ukulele... I'll just watch his handiwork, the skill at which he moves up and down the fretboard -- and uses his pinky.

Swing Ukulele || By the Light of the Silvery Moon (on Baritone Ukulele)

SwingUkulele || Spring Swing

I dig it! Baritone Uke music from Belgium

pdf MINSTREL || Bublitchki for Baritone Ukulele

Now here's a challenging arrangement (for me, perhaps not you) of a Yiddish Song.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sawyer Stoltz || A Pair of Originals on Baritone Ukulele

cdjames10 || Sixteen Tons

found on Smyrna5's playlist

PHOTO: Humble Uker, El Jeffe' and the Hungarian Holiday Hams

Hams? Who are those hams? Jay Holiday and Sandor (Shawn-Door) Nagyzcalanczy (???). This photo comes from September 2010 at the 8th Annual Burning Uke Camp Out. Jay and Sandor are just a couple of the great people that attend this great weekend event. It is only six months away.

Corley Darling || Love Me Tender

Keni Lee Burgess || Parlour Guitar

I am posting these old bluesy style parlour guitar videos because I like the music and want to experiment with the bottle slides and work more on the double stops which he displays in these videos. Keni is quite a walking encyclopedia of old bluesy music. (Cm tuning?)

PHOTO: Lou Armer (Bossa Rocker) with Band

Here's Lou Armer in some Smokey Terrain band photos where she's posing with an f-hole Tenor-Bari at a train station in Feb 2009. (Kayne, Patrick, Lou, Dave, Mark Avis). Lou has been putting together professional UkeHunt podcasts of the best ukulele music , here.

And you can hear Lou play and sing, here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Radiant Beams || Scots-Gaelic Hymn

Scots-Gaelic hymn from the tiny islands on the extreme edge of the Outer Hebrides in the North Sea, off the coast of Scotland. The tune is truly ancient. It is powerful, and yet, somehow intensely intimate. It is a remnant of the pre-Christian pagan religion practiced in the area. The local women still offer the tune to the Sea as a spell of protection for the village men on the rough waves. It is a lullaby for the Sea, sung to the rhythm of the surf. Portions of the Christian lyrics are at least 400 years old. The English translation we use is from about 1850, and while it isn't as lyrically fluid as the original Gaelic, it captures the meaning and sentiment very nicely. Bill plays the Baritone Ukulele, Faith sings the verse, and Logan adds his lovely harmonies.

Rockettedog || Danny Boy

PHOTO: Nancy Hamilton 1926

SABBATICAL broken... I have a wedding to go in Monterey, California to this weekend and that's not going to work well with my plans to do some recording. So, I'll have to postpone the plan. AND I was really itching to share this photo.

I was being bad on my sabbatical and read Gary Peare's information about a search engine that would look for least likely items: and came up with this absolutely glorious picture of Nancy Hamilton dated 9/9/1926. This photo surely looks like a bari to me and could put the whole Favilla vs. Godfrey question on the hotseat.

Here's another FANTASTIC PHOTO found on SHORPY

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sean McCabe Ukulele Girls

I am stopping for a small break. I would like to study my video camera a bit and post a few songs to YouTube. Don't get too excited, the "Humble" part comes from my meager abilities. My sabbatical will last until the 20th and I'll return March 21st. Jeff / Humble Uker

GUGUG (One Man Band) || Tequila

I never get tired of this video and its energy...

Thanks Gugug!

Encore, Exodus sans bari, here.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Benny (TheSCHumanity) || I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me

This was a very nicely performed song in what I affectionately call "the messy dormroom video series." I also succumb to superfluous materials gathering in my music room but I am a hypocrite and usually try to avoid videos with clothes piles or messy garage scenes when I post them. But Benny has a great song to share.

Took an eTrip to Shelley Richey's Site...

... and found a fox playing a baritone ukulele (I think so). Turns out Shelley found the Mel Torme video, Alistair Wood posted it on Ukulele Hunt and Gary Peare of Ukulelia let me know about it for the extreme bariness of the video.

Mel Torme || Baritone Ukulele

Wow - A Special Vintage treat!!! Daily Motion Videos seem to add 30 second commercials almost every time I try to view this video and that sucks. I recommend starting the video and dropping for 10 push-ups, or doing 30 seconds of quick clean-up around the computer BUT be sure to enjoy this video when the commercial is over. Ugh!!! Arghhh!!!


Thanks to Gary of Ukulelia for letting me know about this vintage GEM!

Glen Rose was really JAZZED about seeing this video. He told me he would transcribe it for baritone ukulele tuning and put it up on his site. I will keep you posted as I know more.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

GuitarTabDotCom || Intro to Grateful Dead's Ripple

I am not one who has followed the Grateful Dead but I have come across this song a few times while trying to coax more baritone ukulele videos from YouTube's very limited search engine. This song has a very mellow feel to it and a great intro. So I am going to make an attempt to convert it into a bari-playable one. Here's the Guitar Tab link.

Here's the Guitar Tab dot com Melody Intro for guitar:


Now,since the TAB is almost already entirely on the DGBe strings the modification may be as simple as just adjusting the first BAR of each line. [Remember that the low guitar strings are E and A, which can be played at the second fret of the D and G strings.] I think holding a DGBe=DGBE=5430 while playing the first BAR works well. Try it and see how it sounds to your ear.




Reference videos:

JDarks Ripple Explained

Further studies 3/23/2011
Quoted from YT comments:

"Robert Hunter, wrote this song in 1970 in London in the same afternoon he wrote Brokedown Palace and To Lay Me Down. The song debuted August 18, 1970 at Fillmore West in San Francisco. Like many folk songs, Ripple addresses itself as a song and an instrument of the performers' emotional expression. Several lines throughout the song echo the 23rd Psalm of the Bible."

Olivia Quillio & Friend Zan || Everybody's Changing

Three sweet soft voices...

(Yes, bari too!)

George || Redemption Song

Some bari-reggae...

LOCAL UKULELE JAM || Mountain View, CA

My calendar is pretty full but I saw this note over at Gryphon Strings yesterday and thought that a few SF bay area players may be interested. I have not attended yet.

Monday, March 14th, 2011
Dana Street Roasting Company
744 Dana Street, Mountain View, California
6:30-7pm Beginners
7:00-9pm Jam, Sing Along


Friday, March 11, 2011

WEEK FOCUS #9 || Dennis Garcia (BigIsleSmile)

Dennis lives on the Hawaiian Islands and has recorded numerous videos of himself playing his baritone ukulele and singing great modern songs from likeable modern artists such as Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. I am posting his solo performances in this focus so that the baritone ukulele is spotlighted for all of us bari-players but Dennis also performs with a band.

Beautiful Island Images with Dennis singing and playing

From his videos I can tell he's a strong family man and appreciates the great beauty that he enjoys in the island paradise. I was unsuccessful contacting Dennis and trying to get a photo of him with his baritone. So Dennis if you have something more that you'd like to share with the world of baritone players and music appreciators please feel free to share a comment.

Take a look at the small video boxes down the right hand side of blog for a small collection of Dennis' songs or listen to this playlist. I have put some of the BigIsleSmile songs on the Barried DoGBonE too...

Also... I would really like to hear some traditional Hawaiian Music played on a baritone uke. If someone has knowledge of a player or specific videos please let me know.

Nadine Treble7Notes || A Pair of Songs

w/ woodpecker rhythm section

I love this performance ...

And you may want to check out her artsy/musical musings at her site. Just reading the quotes that she choose for her blog had me curious for more, Now I wonder is this Red or Nadine?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recently at the Berkeley Ukulele Club...

I asked George B3, who is a fantastic baritone ukulele player, to pose for a photo with his baritone ukulele for the blog. This week he brought the Boulder Creek model. I asked him if I could play it and let him have a taste of "Five Pounds of Possum." Now, I've sat next to George a few times and seen his talented hands play all sorts of exotic chords as he plays along to the club's selection of tunes. But he heard one verse of the song and he went over to Mike DaSilva's piano and did the same fancy stuff on the piano while I sang and strummed. Knocked my socks off! It's the same as in life, the more you know, the more you know that you need to know more. Thanks George B3 for the show.

Recently at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz...

The house band for the dining part of the evening played bluegrass & old-timey music for our enjoyment. I snapped a few shots to get some of the flavor. Karen B. is playing her custom made baritone ukulele made by her husband, Mr.B. Several of these players also attended the 2010 Burning Uke Festivities down in the Plaskett Creek area of Southern Big Sur, California.

If someone can help me out with the names of the performers, I would be much obliged. There be some fiddlin' going on, and the lovely concertina, as well as a lonely recorder to be played.

You may want to zoom in on that bari, click to see a larger image. It is a beauty.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Corley Darling || Leroy Brown

Corley Darling (Josh & Rocky) || Jolene

Ukukeman || If I Didn't Care & Country Blues

These songs are both played on a sub-size baritone f-hole ukulele that can be found on eBay. I like the skill and range of the ukukeman. He sounds like a long-time musician to me.

And a dark video of Country Blues...


JunkuleleLand plays a tenor uke with DGBE tuning...

Instrument: Lanikai LSM-Tenor ukulele with Hilo Tenor 4- Baritone strings. (DGBE tuning)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Guido from Germany || Waschsalon & Bari-Eleuke Review

Guido playing his super baritone that he's named, "Leila."

Guido’s Review of the Eleuke BCJ100-FMH Baritone-Ukulele.

First, I have to go back to my time as a beginner on the guitar. My first guitar was a sojing silent guitar, which is a little unusual for a beginner. But I loved the concept of having a guitar for silent practicing. I never became a skilled guitarist, but I still liked the idea of having a "silent" instrument for practicing without disturbing the whole neighborhood or my girlfriend. So I bought an Eleuke tenor about 2 years ago. I sold it when I switched to playing the Baritone, although I liked the instrument. I now own 2 Stagg Concert Silent-Ukuleles, both tuned to DGBE but it's not the same since chords that play well on the shorter scale don't necessarily work the same on the larger scale of the baritone and vice versa. Therefore I kept searching for an Eleuke baritone. As you all know, there are fewer baritone ukulele models available. A manufacturer with 5 different sopranos may have one baritone in his product line (or none). Therefore I was really happy when I heard that Eleuke will make a baritone model. Unfortunately, the Eleukes are really hard to find here in Germany where the uke isn't as popular as in the U.S. or in Great Britain.

But finally I found them at Thomann's, a big dealer for musical instruments. I admit that I didn't like the shape and color of the Instrument they offered. I decided not to buy it. But the desire was still there. A few days ago I saw that there was only one instrument remaining and I was not sure when another would come in. So I decided to go for it. The reasonable price of 129 Euros (which is about $175 US) was hard to pass up.

After opening the parcel, the first thing you see is the Gigbag. It's well made and thick padded. It has 2 small pockets on the front which are big enough for some extra strings, a tuner and so on. OK, let's open the bag and have a look at the Uke. It is made of solid mahogany and has the shape of a Jazz-Ukulele with a cutaway and F-Holes. I know that the form doesn't really affect the sound, but it looks nice to me and much better than on the pictures. Let's have a look from top to bottom. The headstock is plain, no curves or artistic ornaments. It simply says "Harley Benton", which is Thomann's own brand. The tuners are closed gear. There's no brand on it, but they work well so far. Next is the saddle which is made of “palisander”, according to Thomann's. The fingerboard and the bridge are made from the same material. The fretboard is made very well, no sharp edges at the frets and the intonation is also perfect.

On the Body we have two controls: volume and tone. At the bottom are three jacks. One for headphones, one to insert your MP-3 player and one to connect the Uke with the Amp. This last one can also be used to fasten a strap. Surprisingly, there is no second Strap-Pin on the back of the Uke. On the back is a cover which hides the electronics. The cover seems to be made of solid wood and looks much better than the one out of plastic that was on my tenor. There's also a battery-compartment on the back.

The Strings supplied by Thomann's appear to be Aquila. But they supplied GCEA! I replaced them with Martin baritone strings. After tuning, I connected the Uke to my Amp and... nothing. Yeah right, always the same problem. (This has happened to me the three or four times... Before plucking on an electric instrument, insert the battery!) I started a short search through the Gigbag and found a 9V and also a cable for connecting your MP3-Player. But there wasn’t a cable for connecting the amp and there were no headphones. OK, I don't really need that, but the last Eleuke had both with it. After inserting the battery everything was fine. And now I could hear the biggest difference between this new Eleuke and my old tenor-sized one.

The sound is much, much better. Even without any gimmicks, this beastie sounds really good and the tone-control even has effects! You can change the tone from very high and harsh to a deep, mellow sound as well. Nothing to do with the simple synthetic sound my former Eleuke had. I guess Eleuke made a massive change in the electronics. I heard a rumor that Kala is now envolved with Eleuke, maybe that's the reason. The sound through the headphones is almost the same as through an Amp. I didn't hear a difference. After that, I plugged the Eleuke in my POD and now the Fun really started!

Going through the Effects, you can play almost everything with this beastie. From a medieval Lute, via dark deep blues to really crunchy heavy metal. Due to the solid body there is no feedback at all. I spent a few hours yesterday and couldn't stop, until my girlfriend pulled the pluck out of the amp. [Did she say, “It’s Me or Uke?”=HU comment] So, my personal conclusion is that this Eleuke is almost a must have. It's great for silent practice and an absolutely great performer through the amp. It is very light weight and almost played itself. Nice flat action, good intonation.

There are only a few things I didn't like. The wrong strings. But I think this is Thomann's fault. The missing second strap pin. Third, the Volume-Control sits really near to the bridge. I'm afraid to hit is sometimes whilst playing. Fourth, the jack for the headphone is pretty close to the amp jack, which is used as a strap Pin. If you have a strap installed, it's difficult to plug in the headphone. But, all in all this is a real great uke for a reasonable price.

Here's Guido's sound sample video...

Glen Rose || Mona Lisa (GCEA Bari)

Glen Rose is an easy guy to like. He's a musical genius and a normal fun guy at the same time. He frequently plays GCEA so that it's easier for, the more prevalent yet smaller in stature ukulele, players to follow along in his classes and tutorials. He also is a man that has online lessons. His instructions are clear, his methods are not overly challenging and can be mastered after a short while of diligent practice.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

PHOTO: Caribou Bill

I just posted one of Bill's original songs yesterday and he told me something about his musical background. You can read it here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dormancy1 || In the Pines

UKukeman || Vincent (Baritone Ukulele Cover)

Chet Atkins Guitar

Tori Z Binden || I'm Yours / You and I (Medley)

I am a fan of Jason Mraz. I think he's a fantastic creative talent. Tori creates a couple of medleys while strumming her bari-uke.

Don't Worry / A Kuna Matata (Medley)

CaribouBill || Queen of the Truckstop

This is an original Caribou Bill tune. It should put Bill in the country music hall of fame! It has a timeless feel to it.

I asked Bill to tell me something about his musical background, here's what he shared...
"...I flipped over some Gene Autry records my aunt had when I was about 10. My dad had a rototiller and he tilled someones garden in exchange for an old guitar for me. I learned a few chords and decided that a country singer was what I wanted to be. I took some piano lessons, so I had some idea of reading music. I have a brother who also plays and sings, He's five years younger that I am. My old guitar is dented and cracked from the fights we used to have over who was going to play it. We used to listen to the WWVA Jamboree from Wheeling, West Virginia. When the Jamboree would end in the middle of the night, he and I would sing and play for an hour or two before going to bed.
I got married and involved with making a living as a printer. I pretty much gave up my music for those years. Eight years ago, my wife died. I went back to playing my guitar. I bought a few ukuleles. One of them was a $60 entry level baritone uke. It fingered just like the highest four strings of the guitar. Wow! It sounded great and seemed to fit with my voice better than the guitar. I bought a Kala, Koa, amplified from Musicguymic. Sweet! Now it's my favorite instrument. I also have an amplified, spruce topped Riptide.
Last summer I played at a couple farm markets almost every week. I used my Kala baritone and got constant questions about what kind of an instrument it was. I also play for three Senior Centers. The last center I played for, the young lady director was intrigued with my Baritone and wants to get one herself. I promote baritone ukuleles at every opportunity."

Sam || Pray Together (Multi-Trac Instrumentals)

AnarchyintheUkulele || Play from the Heart (Original)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beginner Cara || Let My Love Open the Door

Ben Triscuit & Friends || Kiss Me

Goin' Ga-Ga

Howie (Mudgie069) || Bari-Tutorial = Sunday Morning (Maroon 5)

Hey Howie is back with another tutorial...

V & W || Demons of Gyrophonia (Tommaso Parentucelli)

A familiar tune, whistle along! I jest. Something to expand our musical experience. Perhaps you already know this one.

VYBeauregard: Baritone Ukulele
William A Corder: Banjo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Neutral Uke Hotel || King of Carrot Flowers

The most recent comment on this video (at the time of my viewing) was,
"Ah, lame it's a baritone uke. I was hoping for a standard one. Good cover though."

Larry D || Not Even Close

IdahoLeLe || The Last Goodbye