Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pabrizzer || My Rifle My Pony and Me (sung by Rick Nelson and Dean Martin in Rio Bravo)

Erivel || In My Room (Beach Boys classic)

Barry Maz || Grand Northern Uke Festival

Barry Maz posted on his "Got a Ukulele.." blog about another uke fest in Northern England in a Yorkshire town called, Huddersfield. He took some great photos and shared them nice and big. There were many top notch players and performers on the bill. I wanted to share these bari-player photos of Krabbers and Zoë. Click this link to go directly over to Barry's Post to hear all about it...

Krabbers with a Bari

Zoë Bestel with her bari too!

So my question is does Barry play the bari? He's posted a simple chart...


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hoodrio || Easy Slide Progression

Slide Bari!!! DGBD tuned, Open G

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jonathan Mann || Songwriting & Chords

Jonathan Mann shares the good knowledge. He writes a song every day and he plays the most beat up bari-uke in many of his videos. He is a man that is continually creating.

Lessons: Learning Music by Ear


I have been working as a project manager for a steel fabricator in the San Francisco Bay Area. The job load and work pace can get pretty intense at times, that is, just about every day, 6:30am to 4:30pm (minimum). My free time is about 3-4 hours per day LESS than when I worked from home for the previous 9 years. So my playing/practice/blogging time has been deeply curtailed.

This weekend marks the 2 year anniversary of my return to the salaried work force. I started working there in September of 2012 the day after the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Burning Uke #9. I will be going to Burning Uke #11 at Little Basin in the mountains near Santa Cruz this upcoming Thursday Sept 18 to Sunday Sept 21.

So with the time limits I now face, Jon Thysell's "How to Practice" blog post has had me inspired to create a regular, index card based practice plan. I have been working on scales and picking out simple melodies by ear recently. So I have been looking for criteria for developing a practice plan to develop my ears. Jim D'Ville has his site called Play Ukulele by Ear. Jim is energetic and a great inspiration for learning to understand music.

I turned to the internet tonight and also found a guitar-centric, called Maximum Musician. They have a 10-part series which takes an in depth look at learning guitar by ear. Here's the link to their part 1. As a part of my upcoming posts I may also share some of the things that I find most useful. There is a ton of information available on this site.

Please share anything you can about your experiences or benefits of learning by ear.

Jeff / Humble Baritonics