Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Humble Uker Talk...

I haven't had as much time lately with the HB blog. I continue to play the baritone ukulele everyday. I also keep my eyes and ears open for bari-uke news. I was watching Jimmy Fallon's 8/9/19 show where he and Kevin Bacon did a musical performance of The Clashes Should I Stay or Should I Go. They mention Joe Strummer who was in the first wave of British Punk Rockers.

As the show goes, it always end in a musical performance and this episode had the new Country Music female group called, The Highwomen. The country supergroup, that’s Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, Maren Morris, and Natalie Hemby.

The link here is Amanda. I have been following her for a few years now. She's more well-known for her fiddle playing and her guitar playing husband, Jason Isbell but I have posted her photos and baritone ukulele videos on Humble Baritonics and a playlist on The Bad-Ass Baritone Ukulele.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Taimane - Carmen / Phantom of the Opera Rehearsal

Taimane is quite the performer. Bari or Standard -- I really don't care!!! It is well worth the watch.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Tom Nelson's Tunes || Always On My Mind

Once again I have been holding back another treat from our bari song scribing friend, Tom Nelson. He sent this to me before his trip to Florida. I have been working on fences and painting the house. Let's move on to some fun with another Willie Nelson tune...

Always On My Mind
Always On My Mind_tef