Bari Pickin'

Humble Baritonics presents Bari' Pickin'
(Transcribed by Roger Ruthen with slower paced midi's)

A Capital Ship  A Capital Ship_midi
Alabama Jubilee  Alabama Jubilee_midi  Fiddle
Angeline the Baker  Angeline the Baker_midi  AB_Fiddle
Arkansas Traveller  Arkansas Traveller_midi
Back Up and Push  Back Up and Push_midi  Fiddle
Battle Hymn  Battle Hymm_midi
Bill Cheatham  Bill Cheatham_midi
Birds  Birds_midi
Blackberry Blossom  Blackberry Blossom_midi
Cattle In The Cane  Cattle In The Cane_midi
Cherokee Shuffle  Cherokee Shuffle_midi  Flatpickin'
Cooley's Reel  Cooley's Reel_midi
Country Garden  Country Garden_midi
Cripple Creek  Cripple Creek_midi
Cumberland Gap  Cumberland Gap_midi
Delaware Hornpipe  Delaware Hornpipe_midi
Devil's Dream  Devil's Dream_midi  Guitar Fiddle Mandolin ViFiddle
Dill Pickle Rag  Dill Pickle Rag_midi
Dinah  Dinah_midi
Dixie  Dixie_midi
East Tennessee Blues  East Tennessee Blues_midi  Bobby Hicks
Eighth of January  Eighth of January_midi
Elzic's Farewell  Elzic's Farewell_midi
Falls of Richmond  Falls of Richmond_midi
Fine Times  Fine Times_midi
Fire On The Mountain  FOTM_midi
Fisher's Hornpipe  Fisher's Hornpipe_midi  FH_Fiddle
Flop Eared Mule  Flop Eared Mule_midi
Forked Deer  Forked Deer_midi  FD_Fiddle
Galway Piper  Galway Piper_midi
Gaspe Reel  Gaspe Reel_midi
Hard Times  Hard Times_midi
House of the Rising Sun  House of the Rising Sun_midi
I Can't Wait  I Can't Wait_midi  (RR original)
In The Pines  In The Pines_midi
In the Sweet By and By  In the Sweet_midi
Irish Washerwoman  Irish Washerwoman_midi
Jesse James  Jesse James_midi
John Ryan's Polka  John Ryan's Polka_midi
Leather Britches  Leather Britches_midi
Liberty  Liberty_midi  Old Time Jam Fiddle
Lost Indian  Lost Indian_midi  LI_Fiddle
Midnight On The Water  Midnight On The Water_midi  MOTW_Fiddle
Miss McLeod's Reel  Miss McLeod's Reel_midi
Needle Case  Needle Case_midi
Nine Miles Out  Nine Miles Out_midi
Old Joe Clark  Old Joe Clark_midi
Over The Waterfall  Over The Waterfall_midi
Paddy On The Turnpike  Paddy On The Turnpike_midi
Peacock Rag  Peacock Rag_midi
Pieces of Eight  Pieces of Eight_midi  (RR original)
President Garfield's Hornpipe  Pres Garfield's Hornpipe_midi
Ragtime Annie  Ragtime Annie_midi  RA_Fiddle
Redwing  Redwing_midi  Fiddle  RW_Fiddle
Red Haired Boy  Red Haired Boy_midi  RHB_Fiddle
Rose Tree  Rose Tree_midi
Run Johnny Run  Run Johnny Run_midi
Sally Ann Johnson  Sally Ann Johnson_midi
Sally Gardens  Sally Gardens_midi
Salt Creek  Salt Creek_midi
Shady Grove  Shady Grove_midi
Simple Gifts  Simple Gifts_midi
Soldier's Joy  Soldier's Joy_midi
St Anne's Reel  St Anne's Reel_midi  SAR_Fiddle
Temperence Reel  Temperence Reel_midi
Texas Gales  Texas Gales_midi
The Cuckoo's Nest  The Cuckoo's Nest_midi
The Gaelic Club  The Gaelic Club_midi
Turkey in the Straw  Turkey in the Straw_midi
Under The Double Eagle  Under The Double Eagle_midi
Up Jumped The Devil  Up Jumped The Devil_midi
Wabash Cannnonball  Wabash Cannonball_midi
Westfork Girls  Westfork Girls_midi
When Johnny Comes Marching  When Johnny_midi
Whiskey Before Breakfast  Whiskey Before Breakfast_midi  Orrin Star
Whistling Rufus  Whistling Rufus_midi
Wildwood Flower  Wildwood Flower_midi  Advanced FP
Will the Circle Be Unbroken  Will the Circle_midi


  1. great site thanks for the resources, just starting out with the baritone uke

  2. Humble Uker Comment,

    In Vol.13, No.2 of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, p.30 Jeff Troxel makes a keen statement on the importance of memorization... "Getting the tune off the page and into your head places in your long-term memory where it's free to hang around with other musical ideas residing there. After you've put enough music in there it's only a matter of time before new and surprising things start to pop out... Reading a tune from a page keeps it on the surface where it can't create a synergy. By freeing the eyes, memorization opens the ears..."