Sunday, March 27, 2011

Johnny Carson || 3 Baritone Ukuleles 1974

George Segal teaches Johnny Carson and Bob Newhart how to play "Rufus Rustus Johnson Brown" from "California Split" on the ukulele on "The Tonight Show" in 1974. Learn the perfect isosceles triangle chord -- You're gonna love this!!! What a treat. Thanks to Ron Hale!

Mudcat Cafe has some versions of the lyrics, here.


  1. Here's the sheet music. Warning: racist content.

  2. Thanks Gary for the research. I notice that Duke University also has appropriate labels to delineate the historically racist songs.
    It is great to find videos such as this from 1974 -- a delicious part of Americana. I would love to have those three Martin baritone ukuleles!

  3. So, Bob Newhart hates the ukulele, Jeff. And the accordion...See if I ever laugh at him again. Hey, Newhart: Rickles was right. You are a hockey puck!

    Now Johnny liked Lady of Spain on accordion.
    Those so inclined might try Ian Whitcomb's wonderful essay, My Uncle Wrote "Lady of Spain,"
    which can be found at -