Friday, March 11, 2011

WEEK FOCUS #9 || Dennis Garcia (BigIsleSmile)

Dennis lives on the Hawaiian Islands and has recorded numerous videos of himself playing his baritone ukulele and singing great modern songs from likeable modern artists such as Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. I am posting his solo performances in this focus so that the baritone ukulele is spotlighted for all of us bari-players but Dennis also performs with a band.

Beautiful Island Images with Dennis singing and playing

From his videos I can tell he's a strong family man and appreciates the great beauty that he enjoys in the island paradise. I was unsuccessful contacting Dennis and trying to get a photo of him with his baritone. So Dennis if you have something more that you'd like to share with the world of baritone players and music appreciators please feel free to share a comment.

Take a look at the small video boxes down the right hand side of blog for a small collection of Dennis' songs or listen to this playlist. I have put some of the BigIsleSmile songs on the Barried DoGBonE too...

Also... I would really like to hear some traditional Hawaiian Music played on a baritone uke. If someone has knowledge of a player or specific videos please let me know.


  1. Aloha HumbleUker, Thanks for the week focus. I am honored. Love your site - :D

  2. Good to hear from you Dennis. Thanks for sharing so many good videos on the bari uke. I also have you on The Barried DoGBonE blog.