Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let me let you on in a little secret... (Plastics)

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Victoria Vox || Mon Coeur Vide at the French Embassy (D.C.) w/ Katie The Cellist

It seems that the bari-uke has been creeping along in popularity. Here Victoria is playing a Boat Paddle Baritone Ukulele. I have seen her sing and play at Mike DaSilva's Ukemaker studio a couple of times and I was impressed with her vocal skills and musical talents. I still have that photo of her making a "fish face" while holding Mike's fishy ukulele. It's okay Double-V I have it in my private reserve (unless Picasa automatically downloaded it to the web from my hard drive.)


Julie Vaughn || The Nearness of You

How about a Jazz standard from a Jazzy Bari-Uke playing woman?

OnlyUkeThatMatters || A Day In The Life (Beatles)

Very interesting DGBE+GCEA ukuleles version. What an awesome almost seamless transition from one uke to another and back again. Pretty amazing. I would say this is a MUST WATCH performance of a truly challenging piece! That's a 5 Humble thumbs up!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roger Wendover || BroJo Cigar Box Guitars

These cigar box "guitars" are bright and beautiful as a piece of art and I am curious to try out a well handcrafted one. These "BroJos" have a very nice professional looking neck with real frets and fret markers. And they can be tuned the DoGBonE tuning, yup DGBE. 
(also called Spanish or Chicago tuning.)

UPDATE: Here's the "BroJo" Website!

I like the crisp look of this box below, metal corners, 
clean bridge & pick-up on the end.

Below is an assortment of boxes. 
Quite a variety of beauties created by Roger.

For more information on Roger's creations check out 
You Tube "Brojo" and the following links...

Here's another BroJo video from a satisfied fan!

Simone du Garfunk || These Boots (at Penny Lane CoffeeHouse - Evansville IN)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Beginner Book: Hal Leonard Baritone Ukulele Method Book 1 Book/CD [Paperback]

This book is written by a friend of mine, Lil' Rev. He has written several books for the ukulele, travels all over the U.S. performing and teaching, and is an amazing multi-instrumentalist and historical storyteller. I have all of his books and I am going to do an Amazon pre-order on this one as well. He also has a blog called Fountain of Uke that has many good things to share with all ukulele players and lovers of Old-Timey, Blues, and Ragtime music.

Pashley Roadster and Baritone ukuleles

Busk Break: Alison Self & Elliot Sussman || In Spite of Ourselves

Getting a little naughty singing a John Prine tune! Traveling singer/songwriters Alison Self and Elliott Sussman perform this fun tune by John Prine and Iris DeMent in front of Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe in downtown Asheville, NC. Subscribe for more Busk Break! And join the Facebook page: Busk Break
More Alison Self
More Elliott Sussman

Frank Allison & Koo Koo Boots || Tin and Spark

PHOTO: Glen Rose with his Baritone Ukulele in Vietnam

Glen Rose the Jazzy Uke man in Vietnam
Yes, he travels with a bari-uke!
Check out his website
he has jazz books for the bari too.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cinderella Lifestyle || Wrecking Ball (Neil Young Cover)

It is amazing how much sound that LaurieLeeC gets in these music videos. She has a bit of a cult following. I believe that she plays in open tunings and has a strong lap steel background. Her voice is very powerful but full of melancholy and her instrumentation is superb.

OnlyUkeThatMatters || Rush (Big Audio Dynamite cover)

Jamie Landers || 9 Crimes Blended with Save Tonight

Jamie has put herself to quite a challenge!

DGroen65 || Wonderful Tonight

Sounds great on a bari-uke...

Ken Middleton || I'll Fly Away (Gospel played Clawhammer on the Baritone Ukulele)

Such a wonderful classic tune, something that touches the heart. The best thing about music is that it is a never ending journey of growth and playfulness. It is a journey where we meet new friends and share. Ken has a wonderful spot to play an early morning tune. I make sure I play at least one song each morning and then a few more throughout the day. (Having a home office has a few benefits!) Blessings to Ken for sharing and teaching so much. 

Here he is using Living Water strings and is playing with a High-D string. The baritone is an Ohana model BK-35.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Humble Uker || Ghost Chickens in the Sky

My mind and fingers appeared to be a bit out of synchronicity... This video was from an open mic performance  in April 2012 at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. Prepare to be underwhelmed!

Born In A Trailer

Born In A Trailer by Anna Victrola
Born In A Trailer, a photo by Anna Victrola on Flickr.

Keni Lee Talks Theory...

Real good stuff...

Allen Murdoch || Runaway (Del Shannon cover on Baritone Ukulele)

This one is sung with such intensity that I wonder if there was a recent break up...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

XaverHB || Sea of Heartbreak

Garret Baker (Dublin, Ireland) || The Dreams that Lag (Written & performed on the Baritone Ukulele))

Garret has a way of conveying sadness so sweetly in his music. I am glad to hear more of his originals on the bari-uke. His playing here seems a bit unique for the uke - with a constant bass drone and picking a melody in between. Good stuff IMHO, HU.

Garret Baker || Little Miss Disenchanted

I am glad to see Garret posting again!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Danielle || Women Who Loved You

Danielle, yes that is THE Danielle ate the Sandwich, Danielle. She has a lovely voice and a very nice looking Mya-Moe Baritone Ukulele. Danielle has a new CD and a tour going on. See below for her May 26, 2012 thru June 16, 2012 itinerary. 


 (I don't know if she's playing the bari in the any of the venues listed below.)

This song will be on the new album 'Like a King' releasing June 5th, 2012!
It is available for pre-order here:
Download this track NOW, here:

Danielle Ate the Sandwich upcoming shows:
Dunn Bros. Coffee (8107 Eden Prairie Road)
7pm, free, all ages

June 5th-Twist and Shout in Denver, CO (all ages)

June 8th-Everyday Joe's in Fort Collins, CO (all ages)
7pm, $10/$12, all ages with Lee Avenue

June 10th-Bluebird Theatre in Denver, CO (16+)
Doors at 6:30pm, $12/$15, 16 +


Vaudeville Mews (212 4th Street)
6:30pm, all ages, $7

The Rozz Tox (2108 3rd Avenue)
7:00pm, all ages, $6

June 15th-CHICAGO, ILLINOIS with Victor & Penny!
Schubas Tavern (3159 N Southport)
7:00pm, all ages, $12

June 16th-KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI (2 SHOWS!) With Victor & Penny
Nica's 320 (320 SW Blvd)
7:00pm -- The Dinner Show (All Ages) Tickets: $12.00
10:00pm -- The Late Show (21+) Tickets: $12.00
Nica's 320 (
Advance tickets:
After purchasing tickets, please call the venue at 816.471.2900 for specific table reservations.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Garret Baker || Would it be so wrong?

Garret is one of my favorite musicians who ocassionally uses the baritone ukulele. He's from Dublin, Ireland and has a haunting sound to his music that I really enjoy. He has the habit of putting up videos for short periods and then making them private. So be sure to take a careful listen now. I also have a The Barried DoGBonE page for him that has some information. Also check out his BandCamp link where you can have the opportunity to listen to and/or support his music. 

Hippomaiden (Emily) || Miles Davis & the Cool

Caribou Bill || Riding, Hiding Teardrops in my Heart

Caribou adds a bit of retro country music flavor with this Sons of the Pioneers song...

Blue Montana Skies (Waltzing on the bari)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jamie Tricks looses his head while playing a baritone ukulele in Wales

Two Mountain Goats' tunes...

Interesting home video creation...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

George Hinchliffe plays the Black Box Baritone Resonator Ukulele

I have been waiting for these to be made by somebody.

Black Box Resonators

Mojo Twanger || Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch cover)

Meg Rounce || Kids (MGMT cover)

3 Ukes & a Bass || Earth Angel (Penguins cover)

There's a banjo in there too. If you like angel images you'll enjoy this. Is there a difference between an Earth and a Heavenly angel?

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Diversion || Mississippi Sheiks meet Robert Crumb

I have been enjoying some Old-Time music in Berkeley recently.

This is just a little entertainment...


The Weird Beards (Willow Tree Express)

Another dillusional video from the the WEiRD BeArDs

the WEiRD BeArDs || Creampuff Powder Man

A MUSIC video of psychodelic proportions.

Their notes:

Music by The WEiRD BeArDs

Music Video Directed by Andrew W Proctor

Cream Puff Played By Peter Konowski
Butterfly's By Amy Jones, Angela Strafaci ,Fyre Noch

Band Info
Brian Skidmore Vocals Ukulele
Jay Silva-Gutiar Vocals
Geoff Mitchill-Guitar
Nick Capozza Ukulele
Brandon Panganiban -Trombone
Jake Kaeser-Stand Up Base
Alexi Kmiatek-Mandolin
Ian C Thomas-Harmonica
Tim Donnel- Drums

Album Recorded by Christopher Fitzpatrick

Use Of The Hygienic Art Park allowed by Rich Martin

Creampuff Powderman written By Brian Lee Skidmore and Jay Silva

Video Production By Proctor Films

For Video info e-mail or

For Music Info e-mail WEIRDBEARDS@GMAIL.COM or

"Creampuff Powderman"©The WEiRD BeArDs 4/20/2012

Flickr Photo: Jonathan Mann

P1020572 by daddyd
P1020572, a photo by daddyd on Flickr.

Joy Ike || Happy

I think Joy Ike must have acrylic nails to get that unique clicking.

Book: Pekelo's Hawaiian 'Ukulele Method

I came across this book at the 'Ukulele Source in San Jose...

Here's what I like:
  • It is written as a course, there are Levels 1 & 2
  • Teaches Hawaiian Style arrangements
  • Arrangements are for Low 4th String
  • GCEA but works for DoGBonE too!
  • Clearly written
  • Examples are simple to challenging
  • Works on Musical Timing
  • CD Included
  • Spiral Binding (lays flat)

Skittle Star 79 || Safe & Sound

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tara Linda and the Gila Monsters

Tara Linda and the Gila Monsters

Tara Linda || I'll Cross Any Bridge for You

Tara is also a baritone ukulele player. This is a very nicely produced band promotion video. It shows off some of the lovely sights of the city of San Francisco. Check out those shapely kazoos too. 

The Opossum Awesome || Nantes (Beirut cover with Sop & Bari)

I like the band name. When a soprano ukulele meets a baritone ukulele you get "payram pam pam payram pam pam." Is that Polish? No, but these two young ladies are.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Andellzov || Wade in the Water

An old spiritual that has a bit of a haunting feel...

Dr Bekken || Unknown Blues

Doc's MySpace Music

Doc's All About Jazz Page

Doc sez: "This song, with its strange title, was recorded in 1928 by the guitar duo Tarter & Gay. The original can be heard on RAGTIME BLUES GUITAR 1927-1930, a compilation released on Document records. Highly recommended stuff."

Dr Bekken || Nobody But You (Bari Uke Blues)

Nobody does it quite like Doc...

Aaron Keim || Showing off another Mya-Moe Baritone Ukulele

Aaron is a man who oozes music. I enjoyed his concerts and quick lessons with his old Boulder Accoustic Society pals to Michael DaSilva's Ukulele Maker shop a few years back. This Mya-Moe is one very sharp looking baritone ukulele. This one is strung up GCEA but you can string them any way that you want them.

Bertrand KDUS || Cocaine Blues (sans le tutoriel baryton de ukulélé)

Bertrand, KDUS, est de retour avec sa voix de baryton de ukulélé et un air de bluesclassique de la Reverend Gary Davis - "Cocaine Blues."

Shugabella || Chivas (Kelly Clarkson baritone ukulele cover)

Yahoooo Shugabella!

Tinyfolk || Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Young Adult Fiction cover on Bari Uke)

Flickr helped me find another fine bari-uke player...

Flickr Foto: Tiny Folk

tinyfolk-01 by Jon Manning
tinyfolk-01, a photo by Jon Manning on Flickr.

Russ in Knoxville.
Russ in Chicago

Flickr Foto: Watercolor Paintings (WesternSprings)

wcp-westernsprings-03 by Jon Manning
wcp-westernsprings-03, a photo by Jon Manning on Flickr.

Hoshwa & Rebecca

Flickr Photo: Alison Self @ The Playhouse April 15th

Alison Self @ The Playhouse April 15th by feedpeoplenotdumpsters

Alison wrote, "An original song. Rough around the edges but oh well! It's pretty new, so I hope to fine tune it eventually..." I wrote, "...distracted myself with your song. Right away I heard something special in your lyrics. It is quite a haunting tune and you sing it quite well, so I listened to it 5 times, one right after another. You have a special talent and I always enjoy your songs."

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sandor’s Baritone Ukuleles

I have known Sandor (it's Hungarian and pronounced "Shawn-door") for about 5 years now. He is one of the original triumvirate of leaders of the World Famous Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz and is one of those rare individuals that makes everyone feel very welcomed. Sandor always has a great intensity for this fine instrument and will engage all inquiring minds with enthusiastic vigor. At the club meetings he wears many hats: greeter, M.C., teacher, techmeister, recorder, sound man, dancer, and of course, musician...

His love for woodworking, as well as his having written more than a dozen books in the past 20 years (quite a few are now, sadly, out of print) and he's written literally hundreds of magazine articles on woodworking, tools, and DIY topics. He was Senior Editor of Fine Woodworking magazine, West Coast Editor of American Woodworker, and is currently a Contributing Editor to the Woodworker's Journal magazine. His business travels gave him many opportunities to explore the country in search of the humble ukulele. He also has his own author page on Amazon were you can see his books

I had the opportunity to visit Sandor's home recently and he shared his treasures with me. Now here is your chance to see some of his baritone ukuleles and get a taste of his eloquent writing. I am honored to be able to share this with you...

I’ve been playing ukulele for more than 35 years, and collecting ukes for nearly 30 of those years. In addition to the many soprano and concert sized ukes in my collection, are a number of baritone instruments (as well as a handful of tenor guitars). My favorite baritones are the ones shown in the photograph: Standing on the far left is a Favilla B-2 baritone, built by the company who’s founder, Herk Favilla, likely invented the baritone-sized ukulele. The B-2 is a real “bomber” of a instrument, with a deep mahogany body and a very loud, full tone. It’s a well constructed uke with good intonation and it’s a pleasure to play. Because it’s loud and hearty, I really like to use when performing at outdoor venues, like around the campfire at “Burning Uke” (the annual campout of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz).

Standing next to the Favilla is the odd Arthur Godfrey baritone. The uke’s manufacturer Vega chose to call this instrument a “Solo Lute,” probably to distinguish it from the two lesser-model baris that the company made back then. The Solo Lute is a dream to play on jazzier songs, as it’s neck joins the body all the way up at the 17th fret! This allows easy access to the upper register, great for soloing and playing more complex chord melodies. It has a spruce top, so it’s quite a loud instrument which has a decent voice that’s different from other mahogany or koa baris that I’ve played. The shaded (sunburst) finish applied to the top, back, sides and even the neck of the Solo Lute make it look like a real jazz instrument (think of a vintage Gibson L-5).

On a stand at the right of the photo is my trusty Martin style 51 baritone uke—the first bari I ever purchased (I think I paid $250. for it back in the late 80s) It’s an all-solid-mahogany instrument, with celluloid tortoiseshell purfling, probably built in the 60s. The Martin was my “go-to” instrument for most of the 10 years that I performed with the “UkeAholics,” a vintage rock trio that featured myself on bari or bass, well-known crooner Ukulele Dick on soprano uke and Eric Conly on tenor. We all sang as well. The 51 Martin has a very even tone—not too bassy or trebly—and thus is a terrific instrument to record with. In fact, I used this bari on several cuts on the UkeAholic’s 2009 CD: “Vintage Rock ‘N Roll with a Twist.” It’s also got great intonation—which is more than I can say for the Harmony baritone that’s laying on the case in the lower part of the photo.

Also probably of 60s vintage, the Harmony is, by far, the cheapest bari I own, both in terms of its purchase price and construction integrity. Since it’s made out of mahogany plywood, it sounds pretty cheap too—no rich harmonics from this beast. But it’s a sturdy, serviceable uke and I’m glad I own it. It’s the uke to take on any excursion where my uke might take a beating or get a soaking (beach soirees; canoe trips, drunken picnics, etc.). I actually had two of these Harmonies, one of which was given to me as a gift. I re-gifted that bari to a friend for his young son. My friend wanted to start his son out on an “easy to play” instrument that would allow him to transition to guitar as he got older—which is exactly what happened.

A real jewel in my ukulele quiver is the baritone that I’m holding: A custom-made Tony Graziano instrument. Acquired as part of a trade deal (I photograph all of Tony’s instruments for his website, portfolio, and promotional materials), this uke has a creamy German-spruce top with sides and back made from precious Brazilian rosewood that has a stunningly beautiful grain figure. Its 14-fret neck is carved out of mahogany and capped with an ebony fret board. The uke’s tone is graceful and lovely: bright without being tinny; deep without being boomy. It also records very well, and it’s slightly-wide fret board makes it a great finger picking instrument; I used it for the Flamenco introduction to “California Dreaming” on the UkeAholic’s CD. My only complaint in recording this instrument is that the spruce top gives this bari a tone that sounds too much like classical guitar. In fact, quite a few people who heard “California Dreaming” thought it was played on a guitar!

I’m happy to have acquired quite a few other baritone ukes over the years, including three different Mastro “Islander” models, all made from injection-molded styron plastic by none other than Mario Maccaferri (he designed the famous Selmer jazz guitars popularized by Django Reinhardt). I also own several “electric” baritones, including a custom Graziano that’s designed after the famous Hofner violin-bodied “Beatle Bass.” (More on these other baritones in a later installment).

Dollfox || Oh! My Mama (for Mother's Day 2012)

Andellzov || Cream in my Coffee (1920's tune on the Baritone Ukulele)

Jake Wildwood || National Resonator Tenor Guitar

Goshen (Jake Wildwood) has some interesting lyrics wrapped in two chords. Here he plays in our good ol' DoGBonE tuning and shares a very laid back feeling for this glorious Sunday morning.

In the next video Jake changes it up a bit and writes...
"Here's a great, 100% original, mustard yellow, brass-bodied Nat'l tenor. I'm doing a bit of improv with it tuned CGCE on light-gauge strings. This thing is explosively loud when one wants it to be but also extremely sweet despite that. I'm loving it. I know these camera-mic videos don't do stuff like this justice, but the idea of the tone still gets across."

We are going back to DoGBonE tuning, Jake's a good story teller, so again, I'll let him speak for himself...
Here's an older song of mine I figured I should put up on YT. I'm fingerpicking it here on an old 1940 National Collegian tenor guitar -- brass body, and in baritone uke/"Chicago" tuning -- DGBE. Gotta love that one can bare-fingerpick and have this instrument still come out louder than a flatpicked wood-body guitar.
Jake has his music available at Jake Wildwood dot com. His blog is Antebellum Instruments and is a treasure for those who love vintage instruments

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jen Miller || New EP, Answers Questions, Plays a Baritone Ukulele Too

Jen's YouTube channel name is JenerallyxSpeaking and yes Jen always has stories to tell. My favorites were her responses to supercharged young males talking incomprehensively. Most of them were too excited to spell correctly or write in complete sentences but nevertheless the creepiness was evident. Now for Jen being Jen...

Blake Mohler || Grow Old with You

Dollfox || On a Missions Trip to Ensenada, Mexico

Dollfox || Passing Through

There seems to be a never ending stream of old songs played anew...

Myrna Ukulele || I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (Phil Ochs cover 1965)

From the great state of Alaska...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Daniel Ho & Ryo Montgomery || Kerfunten (Irish Jig)

"Multi-GRAMMY Award winner Daniel Ho performs his arrangement of this Irish jig. His arrangement features a counterpoint composed in a classical style, using Bach's techniques. Ryo Montgomery from Cairns, Australia accompanies Daniel on baritone 'ukulele. This performance took place at Australia's National Folk Festival, held April 5-9, 2012. The song is on Daniel's album 'Ukulele Classics & Originals'"

Matty Dee 1776 || Rollin' Stone

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Satria Uke || Layang-Layang (Popular Indonesian children's song)

Adam Triebs || Should You Return

Dr. Bekken || Minor Blues Bounce

Blog Statistics, where are you from?

I like to look at my blog statistics periodically. I am mainly interested to see what part of the world baritone ukulele enthusiasts are from, like:
  • Auckland, New Zealand 
  • Avellino, Campania, Italy 
  • Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand 
  • Barry, Vale of Glamorga, United Kingdom 
  • Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 
  • Budapest, Hungary 
  • Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia 
  • Carmel, Indiana, United States 
  • Cheb, Karlovarsky kraj, Czech Republic 
  • Dublin, Ireland 
  • Iddergem, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium 
  • Lacroix-saint-ouen, Picardie, France 
  • Koningshooikt, Antwerpen, Belgium 
  • New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada 
  • Nová Dubnica, Trencin, Slovakia 
  • Oakland, California, United States
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States 
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 
  • Paris, Ile-de-France, France 
  • Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands 
  • Saltburn-by-the-sea, Redcar and Cleveland, United Kingdom 
  • San Antonio, Texas, United States 
  • Stanford, California, United States 
  • Trondheim, Norway
  • Tucheng, T'ai-wan, Taiwan 
  • Travelers Rest, South Carolina, United States 
  • Van Nuys, California, United States 
  • Wasilla, Alaska, United States 
  • Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada 
  • Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada 
  • Yonkers, New York, United States 
  • You...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flickr Photo: Heidi Talbot

Heidi Talbot (5 of 10) by Mak'm & Mrs
Heidi Talbot (5 of 10), a photo by Mak'm & Mrs on Flickr.

Flickr Photo: Heidi Talbot

Heidi Talbot by ambo333
Heidi Talbot, a photo by ambo333 on Flickr.


You can do it on a bari! Coveywood always has "the best" creative ideas...

The BEST Latin Strum
Accentuate the Positive

PHOTO: Sara Bareilles & Mya-Moe Baritone Ukulele

It seems that I have been seeing such a wide variety of new baritone 
ukulele players lately. Sara's performing songs with her bari surely brings
 the possibilities to a wider audience. 
"Beautiful Girl" is a great song of respect and understanding.

Sara Bareilles || Free Ride

33,415 hits before I saw this, Sara Bareilles...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fearless Cassy || I Don't Love You

A Vari Bari Relaxing CD

Beautiful Dreamer: A Relaxing Collection of (Baritone) Ukulele Songs


A relaxing collection of songs gone by, performed on the baritone ukulele by Christian Nielsen. Performance is copyrighted. All songs are in public domain.

Blue Skies
Silvery Moon
Side by Side
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
And the Band Played On
Dream a Little Dream of Me
My Wild Irish Rose
Beautiful Dreamer

Sunday, May 6, 2012

War Jacket || The Sparrow (Live at Veritas Church)

Something new and delicious!

Glen Rose Jazzy Ukulele Books

Hello baritone ukulele players:

One of our good baritone ukulele friends has been the Jazz musician, Glen Rose. He's been working on teaching a simplified, high-quality jazz music to the ukulele player for the last few years. His books layout a very structured and simplified method for using jazz chord patterns to achieve extremely rich sounds.

Glen has been in Vietnam and Cambodia for the last few months working on his updated Bossa Nova book.  I received a preliminary copy of his new Bossa Nova jazzy ukulele book with the G-C-E-A chord labels and spent yesterday evening playing through several song arrangements. These jazz chords have an especially sweet tone and will give a player another level of chords to learn and explore.

Link to Glen Rose's Jazzy Ukulele Books

NOTE: Glen says there will be a baritone version of the book to follow. I really appreciate Glen taking the time to translate each of his books for baritone ukulele labelled chord shapes. (You should be made aware that Glen uses the "______" to fill in many of the words and avoid inflating book prices. This means you will need to spend some time added the words if you so desire.)

The Bossa Nova 3-Pack includes:
  1. All new edition of the Bossa Nova Classics book. (Way expanded over the first one. new arrangements and packed with bossa nova info and strums.)
  2. Bossa Nova Strums video 
  3. Bossa Nova Drum Tracks for practice or play 
There will be accompanying videos to go with the book as well:
  1. Lessons for the First 5 songs in the book 
  2. Lessons for the Last 5 songs in the book 
Here's an example to Glen playing a baritone ukulele Tuned G-C-E-A. I normally have enforced a ban on G-C-E-A played videos since I believe these belong in the standard ukulele blogosphere. 

Penguin Ukulele Orchestra || Paul's Dance

Cuattro and Ukulele

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Only Uke That Matters || Wrong Em Boyo

Here's a little musical journey...

I am trying to figure out why there's a comfy sofa in the classroom or why there's a chalkboard at home.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Aoife O'Donovan avec L'baritone ukulele

Aoife O'Donovan 4 by armadilo60
Aoife O'Donovan 4, a photo by armadilo60 on Flickr.

This Crooked Still / Shaken by a Low Sound album is one of my favorite albums right now. Aoife has an amazing voice combined with that crazy-capped cellist, banjo pluckin' man, and booming bassist. What a haunting sound!

Mathias Kom @ Zaphods (Baritone Ukulele)

Mathias Kom @ Zaphods by J B Hildebrand
Mathias Kom @ Zaphods, a photo by J B Hildebrand on Flickr.

Bliss Blood With her Baritone Ukulele

untitled by blogjam_dot_org
untitled, a photo by blogjam_dot_org on Flickr.
Here's an amazing talent totting her baritone ukulele. Have you ever heard The Moonlighters band? I should use this photo from Flickr as her "The Barried DoGBonE" post photo.

The Moonlighters (Bliss is on Soprano here.)

Jonathan Mann Photo with Baritone Ukulele

P1020574 by daddyd
P1020574, a photo by daddyd on Flickr.
Jonathan Mann avec L'baritone

Michelle Blades with Baritone Ukulele @ Crescent Ballroom

Michelle Blades with her baritone ukulele hooked up like Frankenstein for a performance.

Todd Baio Bari Uke Cartoon

Todd Baio Bari Uke Cartoon by Humble J
Todd Baio Bari Uke Cartoon, a photo by Humble J on Flickr.

Daria Grace at the NY Uke Fest 2009 with Martin Baritone Ukulele

Daria Grace & Bill Tapia (Is that Ukulele Bartt in the foreground?)

Daria Grace & The Pre-War Ponies || How Can You Face Me Now

Daria Grace & The Pre-War Ponies || So Is Your Old Lady


Here's a Flickr photo of Daria Grace playing along with our lovable old pal Bill Tapia. I believe Bill was 100 years YOUNG at the time of this photo. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times. He had a childlike innocence, an amazing memory, and was an engrossing storyteller. Now that's a photo to treasure.

Jon Braman || The 9 Songwriter Series

John Braman and his patched up baritone ukulele make an appearance in this mini-doc video and plays, "Yes We Are the 99."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mal McGhee || Louise (Bluest Blues!)

Had to do me extra searching to find this one. Some great singing and blues...

Mal was a part of the Virgil Brother's in 1968

And here's Mal singing lead in the Australian band Python Lee Jackson, "I Idolize You" 1965

Dr Bekken || King Bee

Mr Yllib 54 || Special Steel String Bari-Uke Project

Here's an interesting and smartly crafted small-guitar to baritone ukulele conversion. The best I've seen. The steel string bari is a curiosity that will certainly catch on with some players. I have a similar, but less artsy, conversion going on now too with a nicked-up baby Martin laminate guitar. I know Guido in Germany likes to experiment with a variety of instruments including a resonator bari called Douglass. I like to see the bari world expanding. Check out Otterbeone for more resonator instruments and great blues.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Krista Muir || No Matter How Far

Krista Muir || English Tea

I wonder if any of my German friends know of Krista in her prior incarnation?

Uke4U2 || Rosemary's Baby (Theme)

Uke4U is doing some music on the baritone ukulele and you may want to do some exploring on their site. Here's the links related to the song above.

Here's Uke4U's post about that beautiful Ortega ukulele and the tuning used, Open G or Dropped D...