Sunday, May 6, 2012

Glen Rose Jazzy Ukulele Books

Hello baritone ukulele players:

One of our good baritone ukulele friends has been the Jazz musician, Glen Rose. He's been working on teaching a simplified, high-quality jazz music to the ukulele player for the last few years. His books layout a very structured and simplified method for using jazz chord patterns to achieve extremely rich sounds.

Glen has been in Vietnam and Cambodia for the last few months working on his updated Bossa Nova book.  I received a preliminary copy of his new Bossa Nova jazzy ukulele book with the G-C-E-A chord labels and spent yesterday evening playing through several song arrangements. These jazz chords have an especially sweet tone and will give a player another level of chords to learn and explore.

Link to Glen Rose's Jazzy Ukulele Books

NOTE: Glen says there will be a baritone version of the book to follow. I really appreciate Glen taking the time to translate each of his books for baritone ukulele labelled chord shapes. (You should be made aware that Glen uses the "______" to fill in many of the words and avoid inflating book prices. This means you will need to spend some time added the words if you so desire.)

The Bossa Nova 3-Pack includes:
  1. All new edition of the Bossa Nova Classics book. (Way expanded over the first one. new arrangements and packed with bossa nova info and strums.)
  2. Bossa Nova Strums video 
  3. Bossa Nova Drum Tracks for practice or play 
There will be accompanying videos to go with the book as well:
  1. Lessons for the First 5 songs in the book 
  2. Lessons for the Last 5 songs in the book 
Here's an example to Glen playing a baritone ukulele Tuned G-C-E-A. I normally have enforced a ban on G-C-E-A played videos since I believe these belong in the standard ukulele blogosphere. 

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