Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cinderella Lifestyle || Wrecking Ball (Neil Young Cover)

It is amazing how much sound that LaurieLeeC gets in these music videos. She has a bit of a cult following. I believe that she plays in open tunings and has a strong lap steel background. Her voice is very powerful but full of melancholy and her instrumentation is superb.


  1. Thank you so much, Jeff! time I promise to let the camera roll, maybe go on location, somewhere....I have an orig bari-uke song long ago baked up, even,,,my sentiments in regards to lady drivers, in which I work the words Exude, and Modesto,!..always a treat to grace your wonderful web pages!

    1. I have never had strong feelings about lady drivers but distracted drivers are testing my patience. Everybody has to be looking at their little screens. Perhaps, we are loosing our minds, to the trivial.

      This blog focuses on a very small segment of the world. I really enjoy finding so much creativity in these bari-uke focused videos and finding a wide range of genres.

      Your music and song lyrics are a blast. Like your red dress and red hat on the boat. Thank you so much Laurie.

      Jeff / HU