Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Roger Wendover || BroJo Cigar Box Guitars

These cigar box "guitars" are bright and beautiful as a piece of art and I am curious to try out a well handcrafted one. These "BroJos" have a very nice professional looking neck with real frets and fret markers. And they can be tuned the DoGBonE tuning, yup DGBE. 
(also called Spanish or Chicago tuning.)

UPDATE: Here's the "BroJo" Website!

I like the crisp look of this box below, metal corners, 
clean bridge & pick-up on the end.

Below is an assortment of boxes. 
Quite a variety of beauties created by Roger.

For more information on Roger's creations check out 
You Tube "Brojo" and the following links...


Here's another BroJo video from a satisfied fan!

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