Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jake Wildwood || National Resonator Tenor Guitar

Goshen (Jake Wildwood) has some interesting lyrics wrapped in two chords. Here he plays in our good ol' DoGBonE tuning and shares a very laid back feeling for this glorious Sunday morning.

In the next video Jake changes it up a bit and writes...
"Here's a great, 100% original, mustard yellow, brass-bodied Nat'l tenor. I'm doing a bit of improv with it tuned CGCE on light-gauge strings. This thing is explosively loud when one wants it to be but also extremely sweet despite that. I'm loving it. I know these camera-mic videos don't do stuff like this justice, but the idea of the tone still gets across."

We are going back to DoGBonE tuning, Jake's a good story teller, so again, I'll let him speak for himself...
Here's an older song of mine I figured I should put up on YT. I'm fingerpicking it here on an old 1940 National Collegian tenor guitar -- brass body, and in baritone uke/"Chicago" tuning -- DGBE. Gotta love that one can bare-fingerpick and have this instrument still come out louder than a flatpicked wood-body guitar.
Jake has his music available at Jake Wildwood dot com. His blog is Antebellum Instruments and is a treasure for those who love vintage instruments

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