Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Robert Bartko || From The Heart (Rainbow Pals Ukulele Song Writing Contest)

Here's a new face for Humble Baritonics, coming to you with a "studio quality" sound... Welcome Mr. Bartko!


  1. Hey, This here is Robert Bartko. Thanks for the kind words on my song.

  2. Hey This is Robert Bartko. Thanks for the kind words regarding my song. Here is a link to another one I wrote and sang using my baritone ukulele.


  3. Welcome Robert and thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear more of you playing that bari uke. You have an awesome recording system. If you post more don't feel shy letting me know by either sending me an email at humbleuker at gmail dot com or by adding the Tag "Baritonics" on your video. Jeff / Humble Uker