Friday, May 18, 2012

the WEiRD BeArDs || Creampuff Powder Man

A MUSIC video of psychodelic proportions.

Their notes:

Music by The WEiRD BeArDs

Music Video Directed by Andrew W Proctor

Cream Puff Played By Peter Konowski
Butterfly's By Amy Jones, Angela Strafaci ,Fyre Noch

Band Info
Brian Skidmore Vocals Ukulele
Jay Silva-Gutiar Vocals
Geoff Mitchill-Guitar
Nick Capozza Ukulele
Brandon Panganiban -Trombone
Jake Kaeser-Stand Up Base
Alexi Kmiatek-Mandolin
Ian C Thomas-Harmonica
Tim Donnel- Drums

Album Recorded by Christopher Fitzpatrick

Use Of The Hygienic Art Park allowed by Rich Martin

Creampuff Powderman written By Brian Lee Skidmore and Jay Silva

Video Production By Proctor Films

For Video info e-mail or

For Music Info e-mail WEIRDBEARDS@GMAIL.COM or

"Creampuff Powderman"©The WEiRD BeArDs 4/20/2012

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