Monday, January 30, 2012

AlleyOop || Ode to Puget Sound (Ivar Haglund)

Michelle Blades || Glass Cake

Ann Mayo Muir (MadriverP) || Snow Gull

Notes from the video...

"Ann Mayo Muir sings the delicate and poetic "Snow Gull." Recorded by Folk-Legacy, this song is from Ann's compilation CD "The Music of Ann Mayo Muir." Christina Muir has set it to some lovely photos, most of which are from free sites on the internet. To sample and buy go to"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Derm TV || Finger Cracks Explained

Ever get a crack in a fingertip? I got one on my strumming thumb and found this video interesting.

Ann Mayo Muir || Her Website

I had joined in on the Ukulele Social Club site and started a DoGBonE baritone ukulele club. There really hadn't been much socializing with other bari ukulele players there. But I just had two people join in and now there's a total of 5 people in that group. I did get a chance to chat with Ross Crow from the Brisbane, Australia area. His band name is the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society or BUMS.

Also while doodling about I went to Ann Mayo Muir's page and found that she has a website, and there's a music page where you can hear some quality recordings of her music. If you explore the Ukulele Social Club Site you can see Ann's (3) video lessons.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mugambisuke || Everyone's Talking at Me (Cover)

A journey in Germany with Dirk... (That's not Germany... it's Indiana and I think it was a journey to the Ukulele World Congress)

Jonathan Mann || Deep Biscue (Song #1122)

Following Jonathan Mann the Song-A-Day-Mann is a real treat for me. He's altogether different. A totally creative force in action and he frequently uses his butchered-bari as his creative tool. Have you ever seen the huge hole that that big orange uke has in the upper bought? 

So this is song #1122. That's a whole lot of work. Some of his songs, as he well recognizes, are awful. This one is very good. Who am I to judge -- really? I just thought the lyrics were more cohesive. He puts himself to the test by asking for song themes (from YT followers) and he just gets to work. I thought song #1122 was rocking along and then it just stopped. Well how can you do it all in a day?

I went to a workshop at someone's house across the bay in San Carlos, California today. There was a big contingent of Bluegrass ukulele fans from the Silicon Valley Ukulele Club. I think there were about 25 of us in the large living room. I was one of the last to arrive and I ended up sitting on a piano bench next to another guy with a Lanikai baritone ukulele seated in a chair next to me. (3 bari players in a group of 25 = 12% but not statistically significant.)

The class was called Jamming 101 and Sid Lewis has been giving this lesson to musicians all over. I enjoyed his style  and anecdotes on how to start jamming groups and how to recognize "jam busters." I think that's all I'll share for now but will follow up with a post specially on the class.

Vince Tuzzi || Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian (Ukulele Club of Santa and Santa Cruz)

Here's Vince in his summer regalia singing a John Prine classic tune. Joining Vince are other beloved musicians from the Santa Cruz area: Patti Maxine on lap steel, Matt Bohn on bass and OUR good ol' friend Rhan Wilson (red shirt) playing the baritone ukulele.

Whiskey Chimp || Long Dark Road

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jo6pac || Steampowered Aereo Plane

As I watch his left hand I see simple chords quickly embellished to create a fuller sound. I like his strummed slide bass run.

Guchot || Wellenreiter

Lil' Grace || Old to Joy

A sweet smile and a cherished tune -- what could be better?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mickey & Music || Differences

Chinatown Stone Floors (WARNING: Some harsh language)

Dave Jacob Hoffman || Cloisonné (They Might Be Giants cover)

Dave has a blog, here's my bari-uke playing motto in art form...

Jeff Peterson demonstrates Slack Key Guitar

I am on a little listening tangent and thought that I'd share. Jeff speaks about history and plays some slack key guitar. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jo6pac || I'm Still Here

ROGER RUTHEN MONDAY || Adagio Theme (Tomasa Albinoni) (Theme in Am). In an effort to give a feel for the composition I share the fist video with landscapes. The second video is on guitar and is in Am. I feel the this video gives a much better feel for someone attempting to play it on the baritone ukulele along with Roger's theme. The pace of the song is quite soothing.

Beautiful photos, Adagio in Gm

Adagio in Am performed by Per-Olov Kindgren

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lou Armer || Musician, Blogger, and community Radio Host

Lou and I have conversed for perhaps three or four years now. As I started out learning a standard GCEA ukulele I thought blogging would be a good way to keep track of all of the cool things, like song sites, that I could find on the internet. I was also always looking for interesting photos and would occasionally find that Lou and I shared the same interests. I just discovered that Lou has a new blog and the recent "Fail!" post has photos of Lou with her mini-f-holed-bari-uke.

I took the liberty of using some info from Lou's blog "About" page,
Lou is a singer, songwriter and musician based in Manchester, England. She is currently recording her debut solo EP. Primarily known as a vocalist and ukulele player, Lou also plays saxophone, guitar and keyboards. She also sings and plays with Paula Darwish & The Country & Eastern Band, performing songs in Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and English. The band recently returned from a tour of Turkey and regularly perform all over the UK. Lou is also the voice of the Uke Hunt podcast, which she produces for Ukulele Hunt, the number one ukulele website. With over eight years experience in community radio, Lou is a seasoned broadcaster. She specialises in music programming covering jazz, weird shit, folk, world, blues, experimental, leftfield and more recently, the ukulele. She is also the Station Manager of North Manchester FM.

Martin D287 || Man of Constant Sorrow (Bari-Uke version of the hit from O' Brother Where Art Thou)

Sounds great. I like this fingerpicked/strummed version of this song...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ariel Rubin || River

Ariel Rubin performing on a radio show, Stay Tuned. Friday January 6, 2012

For more information on Ariel visit:

Stay Tuned can be heard every Friday from 1:30 to 5:00pm EST on WSCA 106.1 FM in Portsmouth, NH. 

The WEiRD BeArDs || Live at the Oasis, New London Connecticut

Hey, here's a WeiRd set from the WEirD BeaRds.
45 minutes worth for your viewing pleasure.

Setlist: Weird Beard, Puppet Town, Psychedelic Clowns, Space Invaders, Patriot Act, Mr. Kaleidoscope, Spies Of Neverleft, Willow Tree Express

Kat Alice || 1993 (Original song on Bari-Uke)

Wow Alice, you have a spectacular voice...

And here's Sea of Love...

Dr. Bekken || Sweet Savannah & Cherry Red

The Doc is starting to compile several delicious baritone ukulele videos. I have created a page for him on The Baried DoGBonE blog. It is a blog where I put bands or prolific players all on on post so that it's easier to see a representative piece of their work. I found out that the Doc is a Doctor of Music in Trondheim, Norway. He's also made several albums, see it all on his MySpace page.

Doc, if you ever come to San Francisco, California to perform please let me know. Also, you might enjoy a trip to the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz! I know that they would love you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nigella || The Rainbow Connection

Somewhere up in Humboldt County, California there is a sweet voice singing while strumming a baritone ukulele. I hope that we get to hear more from Nigella. I am a Muppet fan too!

Here's a video with Willie Nelson singing the Rainbow Connection. Thanks for the inspiration Nigella. Can you imagine playing your bari-uke so long that you'd have a huge hole in it. It's amazing hole Willie's guitar sounds so warm when it appears to have a leak!

Saschahey || Fingerpicking

Skamylee || All of Me

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Emily Hippomaiden || Stay (Michelle Featherstone cover)

Our old friend Emily is back...

Wayne Erbsen || Soldiers Joy (Unique Tab)

I did a post some time ago about Wayne Erbsen's book Flatpicking Guitar for the Complete Ignoramus and I have been dinking around with it and transposing some songs that don't use the E and A strings and suit DGBE tuning. I decided to send Wayne an e-mail and noticed that he had a few free songs in pdf-format and the first was solely in our DoGBonE format. Wayne uses a unique style that I think could be used to get more strongly acquainted with the bari-uke fretboard. Check it out and tell me what you think if you have the time. [You can alway use "anonymous" to leave a comment, if you don't have a Blogger account but please leave your first name and city.]

(NOTE: If there's an arrow, you strum the chord shown above the stave. This format makes you stop and think a bit, doesn't it?. Wayne does show the notes on the appropriate string to simplify a little.)

Wayne requested that I provide you some additional contact information...

Wayne Erbsen
Native Ground Books & Music
109 Bell Road
Asheville, NC 28805

(828) 299-7031

Rhan Wilson || All In Good Time (Humble Metronomics)

Rhan Wilson has another timely post with a catchy name...

The SC Humanity || Old Blues Tune

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ken Middleton || Ohana BK-35 Baritone Ukulele Review

Ken is the spokesman for the Ohana Ukuleles family line. He doesn't make any big claims but clearly describes the product. The video is more geared to a newcomer to the baritone ukulele but Ken talks about the Ohana baritone construction and shows a little of what it can do with his expert hands.

I thought I caught him in a mistake when he played that "C" chord but he just drew me into his plan. He mentions that baritones commonly have wound D and G strings and that they have a greater potential to wear (and therefor break quicker than the other strings.)

Ken probably doesn't know this but his Blackberry Blossom was my fifth posting on Humble Baritonics way back on  July 25, 2009. He has the song all tabbed out and notes that is for a high-D baritone but since the high-D is only used on a DGBE=200x chord it shouldn't make too much difference. Or there could be a simple modification.

I will say that I have an Ohana concert ukulele and have been very pleased with it. It looks great and everyone that has played it has really liked its sound quality.

Here's Ken's Bluegrass & Celtic Video Playlist (not bari)

There are a few of Ken's High-D baritone arrangements at Ukeland.

Marc Reeves || Fears (Live Performance in Leicester)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Big World || LIVE IN SESSION on BBC Radio Stoke

It's Better 2 Burn Out || Kiss Me Thru Da Fone

The sound is SO VERY out of sync. but in this case it really doesn't matter. What a great sound these two unnamed young ladies produce!

Its Better 2 Burnout || Overdramatics (Hello Big World cover)

Really enjoy this duo...

... yes, as she said, Awesome!

(I have been having difficulties signing into YouTube for a day now, so if you sent me a message I am not sure when I will be able to respond.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lovely Broken Doll has a question...

"Hello, I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. My daughter has only been playing Baritone Ukulele about 7 months and we seem to go through a lot of strings mostly the metal ones. Just wondered if there is a preferred brand or something we should be doing... or if I should just get used to changing strings? Love the instrument and your channel too :) Any suggestions would be much appreciated"
Now that's a good question. I haven't had too many broken strings perhaps I am not playing enough. She must be playing quite a bit so that's a good thing. I wonder what could be the problem? I have used standard low D Aguila's, Worth Medium Brown all nylon strings, and a set of Martin strings.

Do the strings appear to break at a certain place: nut (near the tuners), specific fret, or at the bridge? I guess I would try to "feel" the bari-uke to see if there are any rough spots that could be damaging the strings. I will ask a few friends and leave it open ended here and perhaps some readers can leave some ideas.

Ken Middleton || What A Friend We Have in Jesus

It is always a pleasure to see Ken performing. He is a great ambassador for the the ukulele and all forms of music. I meet him once in the Napa California Wine Country and he's just as approachable and enthusiastic in person as he is in his videos. He says that he's going to be giving a review on the Ohana Bari-Uke soon.

My friend Chris E. from the Berkeley Ukulele Club has one of these Ohana baris. Chris is a craftsman that works on fine boats. He dressed up the frets a bit, added a beautiful gloss finish, and a pick-up. The uke really sounds and looks good. (I am a bit partial to the finished look rather than the bare wood. I own a concert Ohana CK-35G with a gloss finish that I have enjoyed for the last 3 years -- it has a beautiful sound.)

Ken noted...
"I will shortly be doing a product review of this all-solid Ohana baritone uke, so I decided to record something on it first. Here is a spontaneous recording of a wonderful old hymn. Outside Lenin's mausoleum in Moscow seemed good place to be. It gives me the feeling that Leonid Brezhnev and his cronies are watching me from the platform above."

By the way, HB is open to all types of music, including gospel.

Bruce Wei Art || Artistic Baritone Ukulele on eBay

Be sure to read comments...

Mats Oljare || Seiken Densetsu 3

stringing the baritone ukulele

Monday, January 9, 2012

TABS || Freight Train (via Ukulele Dav & Arnaud D)

I have been struggling trying to find or transpose an arrangement for the folk classic Railroad Bill for quite a while and whilst checking out a variety of videos I came across Valery Sauvage playing this tune on the coolest looking archtop standard ukulele. He notes on the video that he picked up the arrangement from Ukulele Dav & Arnaud D which I have searched thru several times in the past and have links to on my first blog Humble Uker

Well it's not Railroad Bill but it is quite close, another classic folk tune from Elizabeth Cotton, called Freight Train.  It has an alternating baseline. I have only stumble through it a few times but I think it works well for our low D, DoGBonE Baritone.

The image from above is a hobo transformed indian head / buffalo nickel from 1935.

ROGER RUTHEN MONDAY || English Branle (Traditional)

Roger has posted many arrangements for the Baritone ukulele on his site PDF-Minstrel. Quite a few of them are classical titles that I am unfamiliar with. This is the start of a new regular feature on Mondays where I choose one of his arrangements and then find and share a few videos from YouTube that will allow us all to enjoy these gifts more fully.

PDF-Minstrel English Branle (Uni-Chord Version)
(Branle Anglais, Emmanuel Adriaenssen, between 1554 & 1604)

English Branle (Branle Anglais) -- #1 Slower Version

Branle Englese -- #2 Faster Version

Rhan Wilson || Honored with a Gail Rich Award

Our musical friend, Rhan Wilson, who has been my teacher and friend
 has been recognized as a significant artistic influence in the Santa Cruz
area. Those interested can check out this link...

John Simmance || Vintage Songs on the Bari-Uke

Saturday, January 7, 2012

UOGB || Ritchie on Baritone

I suppose that Ritchie of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is perhaps one of the most often seen baritone ukulele players in the world. But since he plays the baritone ukulele he may be the one player most often overlooked. If he was to share his insights on Humble Baritonics what secrets would he share?

If you were to go on YouTube and type in "Baritone" and "Ukulele" you would see about 4,520 video results today. These would be the videos with a "tag." There are probably another 1,000 untagged bari-uke videos. Also today, as I did a search I came across about 328,000 videos tagged "ukulele." This gives us about 1.5% bari uke videos in the world of ukulele videos.

The baritone ukulele is between two worlds: not quite as cute and cuddly as a soprano uke and much easier to travel with than a full-sized guitar. so I had to do some further research and see how many videos were tagged for "guitar?" What do you think? Well today, 2,840,000!!!

Oh yeah, as the Doctor would say, "Bow Ties and Statistics are cool". 

Michelle Blades || Bats Carried the Burden

I always few that Michelle is measuring and exploring her voice and instrument each time I hear her.

Fűszál Együttes || Citerára

Yes, I do find the baritone ukulele getting played all around the world. I suspect that the language is Hungarian. For those of you that understand Hungarian you can check out the YT comments to find out more information about the band.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mojo Twanger || Knee Deep (Zac Brown Band cover)

Here's a fun song played on baritone ukulele although all of the photos show guitars.

Knee Deep (Zac Brown Band)

The Half Sisters || Sleepwalking

Definitely finding some treasures today.
I am not sure that's a bari-uke in the background.
I think that's a tenor (ooops!)

Krasnogorsk || Cannon Ball

Yoowzaaa!! Another delicious treat! Now here's a group that I'd like to hear a lot more of...

Dr. Bekken || Ain't She Sweet (on Baritone Ukulele)

This performance made me laugh twice. The Doc can play!


The Uke Club of Santa Cruz
Smoldering Uke 2012

So...  you just can’t wait until September for Burning Uke X
... or don’t like to camp ...
then join us at
A Winter Ukulele Retreat
held at
Hidden Valley Music Seminars
88 West Carmel Road
in beautiful
Carmel Valley California
Friday March 23 at 4:00 PM
thru Sunday March 25 at 2:00 PM

Play-a-longs Friday and Saturday nights plus workshops and impromptu jams Saturday and Sunday
There are great gathering places to play indoors... and outdoors if weather permits
Meet other Ukers, learn some new songs, and some new techniques, have fun
& feel the joy of a Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz event!!

• This is not a campout, we will sleep (and play) indoors, and includes prepared meals •
(Dinner on Friday night, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday)
Lodging options include your room choice, all meals and all workshops
• Single Room at Hidden Valley Inn (right next door)    $377 •
• Double Room at Hidden Valley Inn (right next door)    $261 per person •
• Single Room at Wright Hall (on campus) (limited number) $295 •
• Shared Double Room at Wright Hall (on campus)  $235 per person •
Shared Triple Room at Wright Hall (on campus) $225 per person
• RV Camping    $50 per RV + $145 Meal Package per person • 

Meal Package ONLY (Commuter, NO sleeping accommodations) $145 per person

To register and reserve your space send a check
• payable to •
Marty Carlson
(the Ukulele Club has no bank account)
225 Mount Hermon Rd. Space 176 • Scotts Valley, Ca 95066
for more info call (831) 440-9382 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Abby TheOldHorseShoes || Yearning (by Benny Davis)

Abby is back with another song that I haven't heard before. She has a knack for finding song gems. I enjoy an unbeaten path to explore and have tracked down some chords for the songs...

Yearning (Benny Davis & Joe Burke) (not the whole lyrics -oops!)
Engine (Jeff Mangum)
Halah (Mazzy Star)
Don Juan (Jemima James)
Shame (Avett Brothers)
Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Heaven Bound & Glory Be (Kevin Devine)
Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)
You Win Again (Hank Williams Sr.)
I'd Rather Die Young (Beasley Smith, Billy Vaughn & Randy Wood)
I Wish I Knew How to Say Goodbye (Willy Mason)
Flightless Bird American Mouth (Iron & Wine)

Danny Ward & James Slater || Going Down Slow

Here's a great baritone ukulele & harmonica duet...

Danny Ward performs walkin' blues on guitar

He plays a whole lot of good old blues, here's his YT channel.

Jonathan Mann || The Song Name is Too Long...

I am a Jonathan Mann junkie...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nadine Treble7Notes || Tighten Up

I have posted this video before. I love Nadine's voice and her sense of rhythm. But I also reposted this just to check out her combination of finger-picking and strumming.

Morgan DramaPrincess30 || When the Day Met the Night (Panic! At The Disco cover on bari-uke)

I usually try to find a first name for people that I post so I searched around her videos and found that this young lady has a classical or perhaps opera background and a wonderful voice. I'm inquiring about her vintage ukulele with the pick guard.

Brushy's || What's Life Like in a One-String World?

I think that one of the biggest attractions to me was the deeper sound of the baritone ukulele. I had been regularly playing my GCEA tuned concert ukulele with a low G for a couple of years so I have had been thinking about how I can get more of that bass sound out of my bari. These videos about Brushy and his music are inspirational.

Brushy has his guitar set-up with only one string and has a really exceptional sound. Truly musical people can make any instrument sound great. I wonder how this type of sound could be incorporated into a bari player's repertoire. I don't know how a bass player thinks, I mean what is the musical theory behind bass playing, but this seems like something that would be interesting to try out.

My multi-instrumentalist buddy Rhan Wilson also plays bass, perhaps I can get some insights from him. I have been fiddlin' about with making some Diddley Bo's and they are one-string instruments. I have a few pictures of a two-string Diddley Bo that I made for my son here.

Here's his story about how he got started. You'll have to listen carefully...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wicked Penguin || Until the End (Steampunk music on the Baritone Ukulele)

This is the first that I've heard of  "Escape the Clouds" and Wicked Penguin gives quite an intense performance. 

"A little insomnia + a baritone ukulele = a rearrangement of track 8 from my album Until the End. The song is essentially a steampunk retelling of the story of the CSS Shenandoah, the only Confederate ship to circumnavigate the world. The song is not about politics and other sensitive issues. It's about a crew stranded thousands of miles from home, whose country has ceased to exist and who are now branded as pirates by the surrender documents."

Original version:
Official Escape the Clouds site: