Thursday, January 5, 2012

Abby TheOldHorseShoes || Yearning (by Benny Davis)

Abby is back with another song that I haven't heard before. She has a knack for finding song gems. I enjoy an unbeaten path to explore and have tracked down some chords for the songs...

Yearning (Benny Davis & Joe Burke) (not the whole lyrics -oops!)
Engine (Jeff Mangum)
Halah (Mazzy Star)
Don Juan (Jemima James)
Shame (Avett Brothers)
Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Heaven Bound & Glory Be (Kevin Devine)
Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)
You Win Again (Hank Williams Sr.)
I'd Rather Die Young (Beasley Smith, Billy Vaughn & Randy Wood)
I Wish I Knew How to Say Goodbye (Willy Mason)
Flightless Bird American Mouth (Iron & Wine)

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