Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ken Middleton || What A Friend We Have in Jesus

It is always a pleasure to see Ken performing. He is a great ambassador for the the ukulele and all forms of music. I meet him once in the Napa California Wine Country and he's just as approachable and enthusiastic in person as he is in his videos. He says that he's going to be giving a review on the Ohana Bari-Uke soon.

My friend Chris E. from the Berkeley Ukulele Club has one of these Ohana baris. Chris is a craftsman that works on fine boats. He dressed up the frets a bit, added a beautiful gloss finish, and a pick-up. The uke really sounds and looks good. (I am a bit partial to the finished look rather than the bare wood. I own a concert Ohana CK-35G with a gloss finish that I have enjoyed for the last 3 years -- it has a beautiful sound.)

Ken noted...
"I will shortly be doing a product review of this all-solid Ohana baritone uke, so I decided to record something on it first. Here is a spontaneous recording of a wonderful old hymn. Outside Lenin's mausoleum in Moscow seemed good place to be. It gives me the feeling that Leonid Brezhnev and his cronies are watching me from the platform above."

By the way, HB is open to all types of music, including gospel.

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  1. The review of the Ohana BK-35 is now up on YT.