Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bruce Wei Art || Artistic Baritone Ukulele on eBay


Be sure to read comments...


  1. Bought one baritone uke from this seller. Seemed great in photo, and very very cheap. When arrived, it turned out to be unplayable (extremely bad setup, one string so buzzy that could not be played, neck badly bent etc etc). Not only, after two months it bended even more and developed a crack in the back. All my other instruments (I have a lot) are fine, so it was not my fault (the humidity conditions in which I keep all my instruments are PERFECT).
    Please beware this "maker".

  2. I have to concur with Anon. perhaps there is a reason why it is sold as art. They do have nice designs. I wonder if the S-shaped holes would be an immediate problem for breakage. I knew a woman who bought one of these and it was beautiful but barely playable

  3. I purchased a beautiful acacia baritone.action great out of the box the instrument has held up fine for 6 months now