Friday, January 13, 2012

Ken Middleton || Ohana BK-35 Baritone Ukulele Review

Ken is the spokesman for the Ohana Ukuleles family line. He doesn't make any big claims but clearly describes the product. The video is more geared to a newcomer to the baritone ukulele but Ken talks about the Ohana baritone construction and shows a little of what it can do with his expert hands.

I thought I caught him in a mistake when he played that "C" chord but he just drew me into his plan. He mentions that baritones commonly have wound D and G strings and that they have a greater potential to wear (and therefor break quicker than the other strings.)

Ken probably doesn't know this but his Blackberry Blossom was my fifth posting on Humble Baritonics way back on  July 25, 2009. He has the song all tabbed out and notes that is for a high-D baritone but since the high-D is only used on a DGBE=200x chord it shouldn't make too much difference. Or there could be a simple modification.

I will say that I have an Ohana concert ukulele and have been very pleased with it. It looks great and everyone that has played it has really liked its sound quality.

Here's Ken's Bluegrass & Celtic Video Playlist (not bari)

There are a few of Ken's High-D baritone arrangements at Ukeland.

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