Monday, February 28, 2011

Alexandra Pearman

Rex || Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Here's one Reggie Farnsworth will appreciate from his castle in Denmark

Kate || Chose Love

All degrees and affiliations fall away when you're singing and playing a bari...

Gary C || The Game of Monopoly || Original

Terrific video compilation to his original song.

Gary C from Albuquerque

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lil' Rev has the BEST Claw-Hammer Strum Video

Lil' Rev is a friend of mine. Since I started playing music late in life I try to find instructors that are straightforward and clear. He has written a few books that have been published by Hal Leonard Music Books. I have seen him perform in Berkeley and Santa Cruz and enjoy his storytelling and style of music.

I have his books and videos and have worked through much of the material. It gives me a structured way to work through materials. He is quite an instructor as you will see in this instructional video. These books are geared towards beginner to intermediate players.

You can also check out more of Lil' Rev on his blog, Fountain of Uke.

PHOTO: Michelle Blades

Michelle graciously contributed a photo to share with you. It is a beautiful shot...

I think that I first heard of Michelle's music via the king: Alistair Wood of Ukulele Hunt. I had a baritone ukulele that I purchased from eBay and was beginning to get curious about it's deeper sounds. Michelle is a creative spirit and had sufficient musical skill and amazing confidence in allowing the music and words to come to her through impromptu inspiration. I remember her quoting some Beat poet from the 50's about how words flow. Her knowledge of the instrument really impresses me too; it is really a direct expression of her inner music.

I wouldn't try to categorize her music, except to say it's free-flowing. My buddy Reg would surely use the term "avant-garde." I have created a post for her over on DoGBonE Baritone.

What is DoGBonE Baritone? Well it's a blog that is the un-blog. It is somewhat like a baseball card; I use a single post to feature a single player or band and keep all of the information on a single post. (Information like songs, links, etc.) I currently have between 6-8 postings. This number will surely grow but also each post may grow as new videos are released.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arkansas Opal Fly || If You're a Lover

I just discovered Opal Fly. Checked out her original baritone ukulele songs and then saw her playing the saxophone and Opal is hot playing either Bluegrass or Jazz. Andy Andrews would be diggin' her sax too.

This Opal Fly is quite the musician, also playing the saxophone...

Bluegrass Jam with Opal Fly on Sax,

Jazzy Opal again...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Samaya avec Bertrand || In The House (Superb Duet!)

Here's a vintage 2009 video...

"In The House" from the motion picture 'Twenty-Eight Weeks Later', covered here on two baritone ukuleles (tuned reentrant and non reentrant DGBE)"

Keni Lee Burgess || Robert Johnson info on the 4 String Cigar Box Guitar

Keni Lee Burgess has several video tutorials for Cigar Box instruments. Some might find it found to work on some of the these songs, playing DGBG

Guido || Review of the Baritone EleUke

Guido from Germany sent me a long review of his new Baritone Eleuke Electric Ukulele that goes with this doggone sound test video. But somehow gmail has decided to truncate the story. So Guido, please resend me your story so that the drooling may begin. Thanks HU.

If you listen to this video Guido plays thru a range of high to low "voices" in the bari by using the EleUke setting knobs...

HERE'S GUIDO's STORY (Added 3-3-2011)

BenGO811 || SOtR (Iz Style)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lil' Rev || Sitting on Top of the World

My friend Alistair Wood of Ukulele Hunt has made a detailed assessment of Lil' Rev's new book, 101 Licks for the Ukulele. Alistair has written several ukulele books too and always gives a detailed and thorough account of everything he reviews,

Lil Rev. regularly tours, and is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist, if you can, be sure to take one of Rev's touring classes -- It is a good jumpstart! Or I recommend watching several of his videos on YouTube Channel: lilrevdotcom to get a feel for his style of playing. I have seen LR perform many times and he is quite the entertainer as well as a musical historian. There is something that I feel that Al has missed, and that is, the historical and contextual information that LR shows. He gives many ideas and names of players where these techniques come from and recommend listening to.

I started to become musical with the ukulele when I was about 45 and have spent a lot of time in clubs where basic strumming is the mainstay. This book gives many ideas to start breaking out and implementing a lick/riff and perking up the playing and there are tracks of chord strumming on the CD that allow you a chance to work on the material in the book. Rev recommends implementing a riff or two into your playing, and working from there.

[I should make it clear that this book is GCEA focused but an experienced bari player will quickly realize that licks in C for GCEA are G licks in DGBE.]

Greg Hawkes in "Three Guys with Ukes" || Drive (The Cars Cover)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Mickey McGuire || Loving You (Original)

Krabbers || That Song (Original Again, But on a Bari-Uke)

Nicely arranged, let the song speak for itself...

Krabbers YT Comments, "...I have just got a baritone ukulele, and this is the first song I have tried on it, not the best video, ..., but the audio sounds ok (to me). recorded using a zoom h2 just out of shot on high. I added some bass and glockenspiel after. uke and vocals live at time of filming. I got the baritone to do some of my songs which used play on guitar, this way I don't have to do any of that fancy transposing in my head... Just a test of the new uke its a Ohana BK20CE Electro Acoustic solid mahogany top... oh, and if you are interested the 10 track digital album of my original stuff is available (see the YT Comments)"
There was a comment on this video from "DearOldNutJob" that I liked,
"Getting a baritone is like lowering all the kitchen cupboards so you can reach the really good stuff at the back. So many songs are out of reach for me on the littler ukes, though I've tried to sing them anyway. Sounds like you got a very nice sounding uke, and you picked the right song to premier it with."

VINTAGE Arthur Godfrey || S'Wonderful (Gershwin and Ukulele Hollywood Palace 1966)

Many thanks to kardboardkid for posting this spectacular bit of history...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simone du Garfunk || Monkey on a String at Gallery 7

Monkey on a String -- Written by Bob Colladay
Performed February 17, 2011 at Gallery 7 in Hutchinson, KS
Tammy Colladay -- Baritone Ukulele, vocals
Bob Colladay -- Bass, Vocals, Vibro-Lip Trumpet
Videography by Matt Parks

CaribouBill || I Wonder

Here's a pair of cover songs played slowly and soulfully by Bill. He's got many more on his YT channel, here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nick Boxold || I'll Follow You Into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie)

Nick has another video posted of something he calls a "Tower Bike." He and three friends ride it and they put it to video with Henry Mancini's Baby Elephant Walk from the 1961 John Wayne film called Hitari!

Here's a HB Friend in Another Role, Know Her?

No baritones in this one...

Die kanadische pop-ikone lederhosen lucil in ihrem wunderschönen video zum lied aus ihrem gigantischen album 'tales from the pantry'. mehr zu lederhosen lucil findet man auf ihrer homepage

Friday, February 18, 2011

Henrique Cazes toca "Minhas Mãos meu Cavaquinho"

Muito bom, bom mesmo, mas gostaria que alguém me respondesse algo, qual afinação, ele esta tocando? D G B E? Sim, D G B E. Like the 4 first guitar strings, but the traditional way to tune a Cavaquinho is D, B, G, D.

The compliments were in Brazilian Portuguese.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Presents from Howard

A Santa Cruz, California family receives wooden gifts from a friend. They had the presence of mind to take photos and document their special gifts, then adding in the richness of Iz's voice made it into a solid production...

"January, 2011 Coco, Ken and Michael opening Christmas presents from Howard and talking to him on the speaker phone. This was a special moment in the lives of dear, beloved friends. The presents were special boxes that Howard made back in the cold Michigan weather, handcrafted for Michael and Coco and a lovely baritone ukulele for Ken as well as a mouth harp with handwritten instructions tailored for him by JH."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HerseyB || Blackbird, Blackbird Original Song on Baritone Uke

Again I am surprised that I have missed another baritone player with several videos. Here's an original song from Ben in Chicago.

Lyrics, see YT comments for remainder...

blackbird blackbird flyin o'er the field
i'm watchin from the traincar and wondrin how it feels
i would fly to you babe if i had the time
lookin at the fullmoon always puts you on my mind

there isn't a place in the world that makes me feel at home
but lyin in your arms girl can ease my urge to roam...

Patrick || Hesitation Blues

Patrick is a bit chatty on this one but he always makes me smile...

DGBD Tuning.

"If you want to thank me for what we do, teach some else how to play."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The Witchita Lineman

The Ballad of Cursed Anna

Winter Song

Ukulele Nipper || Bari Player Extraordinaire

I haven't had many posts about Ukulele Nipper but I have looked through some of his sites and enjoyed his music. Nipper regularly plays a very distinctive Favilla baritone ukulele in The Night Owls band. He is also fond of the British traditional Pashley bicycle.

To get you more acquainted with his musical efforts, here are several links...

Garret Baker || Not Beholden on Baritone Ukulele

THE Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian || Hot Lips

What does he mean, "That's Swedish style!"?

THE Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian || Teenage Dirtbag

Ritchie on Bari in the back...

WEEK FOCUS #8 || Jonathan Mann (Songwriter & Musician)

I have been enamored with Jonathan Mann's creativity ever since coming across his videos a few months ago. He does a Song-A-Day and some of the song he plays on an old baritone ukulele. This Rodent to Rodent Father to Son song is his most recent and I think it sounds great. I had Jonathan's "My Baritone Uke and I" posted as a banner head on the blog for a while. It seemed like such a fitting intro. JM is constantly travelling around the world and creating music.

Here's a playlist of Jonathan's baritone ukulele songs plus a few other favorites...

Those Darlins || Whole Damn Thing (Firehouse 13, Providence RI)

With members of Deer Tick...

Wild One (in Salt Lake City, UT 2009)

Snogurt || Leave it to Another Day

Ernie || Baritone Ukulele Improv.

Ernie has an interesting YT comment, "I decided to take a break from my sword project and teach myself how to play the baritone ukulele. I came up with this improv totally by ear. Pretty soon I'm going to need chord and scale charts, if I'm to become any good at playing it." Sound like Ernie is off to a good start.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pat LePoidevin || Fire (

"Pat LePoidevin was born and raised in the small town of Princeton, British Columbia in 1987. Pat has been honing his sound in Sackville NB for several years and is known for his ability to incorporate a wide assortment of instrumentation into his dynamic live shows. His 2009 release "Blue Tornadoes" touched many venues across Canada, piping words of polar bears and river rats across the nation. Pat uses a looper pedal, creating an eclectic fusion featuring many instruments such as the fiddle, hulusi, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and vocals"

Buster Keaton || June Night & Casey Jones

Buster Keaton and Cliff Edwards were contemporaries and performed in several films together. This little clip was taken from the Canadian documentary...

BOOKS || Lil' Rev's 101 Ukulele Licks

I have had my 101 Ukulele Licks Book for a week and took Lil' Rev's class on the same over at Michael DaSilva's Shop ( on Feb 12, 2011. Lil' Rev has long been a favorite of mine. I make it a priority to own each of his books as they become available. They are all reasonably priced and come with a CD. This book with CD is less than $15 before shipping.

So you ask what is so special about this book? It is a book of musical historical knowledge. LR, as a student of music, has listened to and studied to many of the masters of acoustic music. He is a multi-instrumentalist and full time, earn-yur’-livin’-type musician. This book says 101 Ukulele Licks but truly there are closer to a thousand, perhaps more because many of these licks are just as movable as the movable chord. Rev is also a spectacular teacher. My buddy Chris E. and I were listening to LR’s instructions and realizing that the Lick book can be taken in small riff chunks, experimented with and played until they become natural addition your playing.

Blues Licks, Boogie Riffs, Jazzy Blues Licks, Movable Turnaround Licks, Country Licks, Bluegrass Licks, Rock 'n' Roll, and Old-Time music are mixed in with scales, historical anecdotes of the musicians that used them. The book is music, art and history all in one.

This book is great for baritone players too. Lil Rev's next project is a method book for baritone ukulele. So, my opinion is clear, I recommend everything that Lil' Rev produces but this book in particular can really give you the opportunity for your music to have some extra flair. It is a book that you will have for years and get something new from it each time.

Here's a recent example of Lil' Rev playing a tenor ukulele...

And here's Rev playing a Graziano Bari...

Ukulele Boudoir || On Hawaii Bay

On Hawaiian Bay (1920)
Baryton tablature disponible à : ukuleleboudoir

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Victoria Jackson || There's a Communist in the Whitehouse

NOTE: Posted for baritone ukulele and humor content only. Political bantering left, right, up or down will be flushed. She was formerly on Saturday Night Live.

Bimbos in Bikinis

ChristyLynn || Brand New Key

Saturday, February 12, 2011

John Paul || Valentine's Day (Steve Earle)

Timely song, well sung and played...

"John Paul singing and playing baritone uke on a lovely Steve Earle song with some help on melodica. The audio was recorded with the Sony D-50 and synced up with the video after adding a touch of reverb... Happy Valentine's Day!"

Friday, February 11, 2011

PHOTO: Rhan Wilson (Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz)

Corley Darling || Wonderful World (Sam Cooke Version)

Baritone Ukulele Wax Cylinder Recording

He's in the Jail House Now
"Forget iPods, MP3s, CDs, or even cassettes and vinyl. Here's how Thomas Edison first recorded sound 130-years ago - using wax cylinders. Duncan Miller of The Vulcan Cylinder Record Company, of Sheffield, England, UK, runs one of only two functioning cylinder phonograph companies in the world. Here he explains how it works, recording Vaudeville ukulele player Madame Pamita and Sheffield musician Tom Rodwell. Video courtesy of The Star."
Read The Star Article, here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jeff Horwich || Public Plan (to the tune of Spiderman)

Again, this is not a venue for political statements, but there is a baritone ukulele included in this FUN video. I almost had a Freudian typo and instead of NOT I had NOW above. Enjoy this for its musical aspect. Does anyone know the name of the center instrument in the 3rd video?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Armelle0808 || Oblivion (Bari Original)

My French friend and blogger and now bari-buddy, Armelle, has a new finger picking original and sounds fantastic. The mood lighting for this song fits so well too. Sweet chords in arpeggio! Here's the link to her blog Ukuleles & Languages

LaurenAlegre || Forty Pier (Original)

Lauren has just posted a new song, aparenlty performed just a short drive away (from me) in Berkeley, California. Jonathon Mann was in Berkeley too, last Sunday.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bliss Blood || You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark

Bliss Blood is a fantastic player, singer, and songwriter. She's a leader of The Moonlighters band. I think she's playing a Harmony baritone ukulele here. There are a few more YT videos if you hunt around a bit.

Baritone Ukulele || Pinky Dampening

Psychodelic Tie || Scary Monsters

Here's a fantastic baritone ukulele player and singer that has posted two songs with a very wide gap between them. I hope that he has some more to share in the future.

This was posted way back in September 2009...
(Nice interpretation)

Monday, February 7, 2011

BOOK: Flatpicking Guitar for the Complete Ignoramus

I would like make a rant about the popularity of books for "idiots", "dummies", or now "ignorami." But the American marketing ploy has worked on me more than once. I guess we are for the most part an unpretencious lot. The irony is that I go by the Humble monicker too. Perhaps, it's just me! I do have a wonderful standard ukulele book with a semi-pretentious title, "Helping you go from lonely strummer to life-of-the-party." Now that's a book with a title and an aspiration all-in-one.

Well what about this book? I think its stocked full of good stuff and it includes a CD too! I love this book because it has so much to offer in small-one-page chunks. One of the best features I see is that there is a very unique large-font-tablature which has the NOTES, not a number. There is a lot of historical items for many of these bluegrass style songs. You say but it's based on guitar, yup it is, and only 10 songs work solely for bari and that's a bit of a bummer. But, I think this book has some keys to really getting to know your DGBE fretboard really fast.

"Click to Enlarge"

I found Richla's book review on to be quite interesting...
"I bought Wayne's banjo book, as I couldn't even tell you how a banjo is tuned, let alone played. That book got me up and running on simple songs, and actually having a lot of FUN. I liked the method so much, I thought "it would be nice if somebody would do the same thing for flat-picking guitar." I happened to look at Wayne's website, and to my surprise, he has indeed written such a book. I have used this book for a few weeks now, and like his banjo book, it's a lot of fun. There is about 40 songs included. Lot of classics like "Whiskey Before Breakfast" "House of the Rising Sun", etc. Wayne also gives just enough theory to get pretty much anyone going, but not overwhelmed. He also departs from the standard TAB format and explains that he does not want you dependent on memorizing TAB. He's 100% right. I have memorized songs in tab format for far more years than I want to admit. Unfortunately, a dependence on tab does not really help you understand music theory at all. (for example, can you take a simple version of "Amazing Grace" and play it with improvised licks up and down the neck??) With this book, I am now taking simple arrangements of classic songs, flat-picking them, and sprinkling in my own improvised licks, based on taking basic scales and moving them up the neck. I have a shelf full of books full of guitar music, but I'm really USING this book, and taking Wayne's suggestion and trying to develop my ear, not just memorize TAB. As you can tell, I think this is an excellent book, and wish this was available twenty years ago. If you are like me, you may have been focusing a LOT of years on trying to play material that was far too advanced. If you are a beginner, this is THE place to start, not go back too years later, like me. By the way, I wrote to Wayne's website in the hopes I could get him to answer a question regarding banjo technique, and he responded promptly. I can't say enough good things about his method, or about him, he seems like a great guy with a sincere interest in putting FUN back in music."

Grady's 3rd Grade Talent Show

Don't we all wish we would've started playing so young and had and electric ukulele?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Uncle Bill Tapia and Pre-War Ponies at the New York Ukulele Festival 2009

Here's a double special treat, Bill Tapia, who is now in his second century of life is still playing the ukulele and the Pre-War Ponies play some wonderful vintage greats.

Here's more from Daria Grace...

Fabricari || Sweet Nothings with Incidental Noise.

I came across Steven recently when reviewing some tutorials sent to one of Patrick's (Dobro33H) sites. I knew I wanted to hear some more from him, and this video that he has labelled Incidental Noise, makes me think of all of those quiet moments of picking and strumming through chords that is so peaceful and relaxing. No reading, no memorizing, just soothing sounds.

I have a 5 month old grandaughter named Maya. We are fortunate enough to get to take care of her at least once a week and EVERY time she comes over I sing to her, let her little hand pluck at the bari strings and play her some sweet nothings. This little one is so fixated and focused on the sound -- I have one solid fan for sure.

Thank you Steven for posting this video.

Crooked Still || Poor Ellen Smith

"Crooked Still sings Poor Ellen Smith at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY on March 20, 2009. That's Corey DiMario (usually on the double bass) playing TENOR GUITAR, Tristan Clarridge (usually on cello) and Brittany Haas playing violin, Aoife O'Donovan playing BARITONE UKULELE and on the vocals, and Greg Liszt on banjo. This was a highlight of the show, as you can tell by the great audience reaction. And check out Tristan and Brittany playing at the end -- amazing!"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

PHOTO: ChristyLynn42 with her Baritone Ukulele

Canadian Christy Lynn
with her Baritone Ukulele
in Winter Snowlands

I have posted Christy's lovely videos whenever a new one has been posted. The Baritone community is diverse and spread all over the world as you can see if you look at the red dots on the world map. I asked her if she would share a picture of herself with her baritone ukulele and tell us a little about her musical background. Perhaps, you'll get an e-mail from me next. If I missed you please send one. So here's a little about Christy from Canada...
"I grew up in a musical house - my mom was a music teacher, a master of all instruments, my dad a banjo hobbyist. We were surrounded by instruments which I played for fun - nothing formal outside of a few organ lessons (it was the early 80's -- what can i say?)."

And she came across the bari...
"There was an old, cracked baritone ukulele kicking around the house for as long as I can remember. When my parents moved out of my childhood home 3 years ago it found it's way to my house and I couldn't keep my hands off it. In no time I bought myself a new bari uke - one where all pieces were actually attached to one another :). Since then I've also picked up guitar & soprano ukulele. It's been an absolute joy to explore my musicality. It's one of the truest forms of expression for me.
And thanks for your blog. :) --Christy"
Be sure to check out Christy Lynn's YouTube channel, click here. Christy's other videos are clearer than these below, but the quality of her voice and her playing comes thru beautifully...

So lastly, I want to know what type of baritone ukulele you are playing now? (to follow)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ensemble Polaris 1 || Gånglåt (Swedish Tune)

Note: Halfway through the video the whole ensemble is revealed.

Live at the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, Toronto, June 2010.
(A tune from Sweden)
Alison Melville & Colin Savage, recorders
Debashis Sinha, percussion
Marco Cera, guitar
Margaret Gay, guiro
Katherine Hill, nyckelharpa
Ben Grossman, hurdy gurdy
Kirk Elliott, ukulele (bari or tenor?)

PHOTO: Jonathan Mann the SONG-A-DAY Mann

I have enjoyed many of Jonathan's creations, even more so when he plays his Lauren baritone ukulele. She's a well traveled and strummed bari. Jonathan gets so much out of her and I am going to make my latest WEEK FOCUS on the song-a-day man. Link to YT Channel.

Here's a non-bari song, which I feel shows some of Jonathan's genius, here's his #670 Rally to Restore Sanity: Singing the Signs

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ChristyLynn42 || Here You Come Again

Another treat from Christy Lynn...

Leonoffski || NASI STARZY

Notice the Bari player on the left. He also gets a few close ups. I don't understand a word but this is a hot little band video. Those Kala Starburst w/ f-holes are hot looking ukes. Tell me that this one didn't rock your boots!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grumpy Coyote Tunes || Carry On Blues (Original)

Grumpy at his grumpiest, bluesiest. He really pulls the emotion right thru those deep bari strings. That Mainland bari is sounding great too.

Studio 360: Shara Worden performs "In the Beginning"

Wow -- this is cool a performance on PRI (Public Radio International) on a Harmony Baritone Ukulele.

The Hula Honeys || Seabreeze

" "Seabreeze" was a song we heard back when we were little girls in Waikiki. It's really a take-off on the song" Pua Mana" written by Aunty Irmgard. We took it for granted when we were kids, as is often the case. Now it's a standard in our repetoire. You can hear it and us at Hana Hou Cafe on Maui. Come visit any Monday night from 6-9PM."

Jon Braman || Live in Studio

The following video is posted for its BARITONE UKULELE CONTENT ONLY.

If you have political statement to make post it somewhere else.

PHOTO: Whiskey Chimp

PeteyMack64 || Erin Morn

Dennis (BigIsleSmile) || Make That Call (Original)

Seems like bathrooms and hallwalls make the best home studios.