Monday, October 31, 2011

ErinBev || I Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book, Louis Prima)

Phil Hendricks || Linus & Lucy Tutorial

This is a favorite tune of mine so although Phil gives this tutorial in low G it works in our beloved low DoGBonE too. This is perhaps the best way to learn a song...

Thank you Phil, Jeff

(BTW, I didn't request the tab but I thank those that inspired Phil to do so.)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Brave Music || Sally's Song (Nightmare Before Christmas song)

Here's a treat for your Saturday morning bari-uke pleasure. Thanks Stephanie!

Want to learn a little more about Stephanie's music?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jen Bunny || Talking Bird (Death Cab for Cutie Cover on the Bari-Uke)

Jen is a relative newbie to the bari. I am just following her path to stardom.

Krista expression

Krista expression by equivocality
Krista expression, a photo by equivocality on Flickr.

Krista Muir avec le bari

Cigar Box Baritone Ukulele

Another style of baritone ukulele.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jonathon Mann || Animation of Fold Into Yourself

I am a fan of Jonathon Mann and this animated video was created for one of his songs by Andre Karpov. I know it doesn't have a bari-uke in it but I am sure that Jonathon has a holey bari-uke in his heart. It features the vocal stylings of Nick Krill and Thomas Hughes of The Spinto Band

Hottaheru || When Time Goes By

Aaron Keim || Angelina the Baker (Clawhammer Baritone Ukulele)

Arthur Godfrey || The Best of... the Old Redhead

Short wikipedia reference.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wendy DeWitt & Joe Tate

I met Joe Tate when he was sitting behind a small fold-out table with a pile of his Ukulele Baby books and his beautiful Martin Baritone Ukulele at the Wine Country Ukulele Festival in Napa a couple of years ago. Last week, I brought my friend Chris Evanoff down to the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz to take a class from Fred Sokolov. As we took our hour long drive and listened to a Johnny Cash / Willie Nelson CD paying special attention to Willie's sweet guitar sounds, Chris told me that he knew "the legendary" Joe Tate from when he was a youngster growing up in Mill Valley. I see a flyer from Joe every week and like to post the ones where he has that Martin Bari in the flyer. 

Tasha and friend

Tasha and friend by rgrant_97
Tasha and friend, a photo by rgrant_97 on Flickr.


Uke'n'Didj by rgrant_97
Uke'n'Didj, a photo by rgrant_97 on Flickr.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lola Mullen || Lions (tUnE-yArDs cover)

Lola Mullen || Apple Bed & I Google You

Lola has a sweet voice and a skillful touch on her bari. She also has an ear for an obscure line -- I like it!

JazzBanjoRex || Desperado

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Happy Few || Original Blues Tune

Adie sent me an e-mail and a link to this tune. I love the old-timey and blues music on the baritone ukulele. I notice that Adie has placed some interesting tags on this YT video: Delta Blues, Robert Johnson, Humble, and Baritonics! That's cool. The band name is We Happy Few and here's a link to their Indie CD Empty Boxes on CD Baby. The album is comprised of Country Blues and Folk Blues

Adie -- I thoroughly enjoyed your song transcribed for the solo bari. I'll have to put that on my list of songs to transcribe for my personal collection.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jake Wildwood || Ferryboat

I have been following Jake refurbish instruments for a few years now. He comes across a great selection of vintage items. Sometimes he takes some time out to play them too. I have a link to his Antebellum Instruments blog in the sidebar and if you check in once in a while you will be amazed with his photos. Here Jake writes a song and plays a Tenor Guitar tuned DoGBonE and strung with Worth Medium Brown Soprano strings. He knows his instruments. (Once he helped me with some Balalaika questions.)

He has the lyrics to the song in the YouTube comments. Jake says,
"Playing this on my old c.1930 Harmony tenor guitar, strung and tuned like a bari uke with some worth low G concert/sopr. brown strings (they happen to be the right tension and gauges for the scale length). Here's what happens when insomnia rules the roost -- videos in the middle of the night! I wrote this a few months back about a friend of the family who decided to take a shortcut out of the world..."

eBay Item For Sale || J. Quantrell painted Baritone Ukulele

(This is not my auction!)

NEW Books for Baritone Ukulele Players

I am aware of two books near completion for the baritone ukulele. They are written by two authors that already have several music books published. One of them is a favorite ukulele personality that travels and performs all around the U.S. and the other comes from the guitar world but his first instrument was a baritone ukulele. Keep checking back, publishing takes a while but, I will be sure to let you know when they are released.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

REMINDER: PDF Minstrel Arrangements

Roger Ruthen has created a site called pdf-Minstrel which is a labor of love based on his decades of classical training. He creates arrangements specifically for the baritone ukulele. Roger has upgraded, revised and renamed his gifts a few times but each has built on the previous. It is a generous gift. Take a look at these two  arrangements:


The link to PDF MINSTREL is also on the sidebar of the blog.

Emily Hippomaiden is Back || Somebody That I Used to Know

Here's our old buddy Emily playing her Bari in her new dorm room...

Matt Ryd || Just for Tonight (Original Song on a Kala Baritone Ukulele)

Matt says that this bari in another lower tuning. Sounds good...

Andronikos Boulougouris || Shares his short TAB for "My Own Home"

I received an e-mail this morning from Andronikos. He didn't tell me much about himself except that he just bought a baritone and made this tablature that he'd like to share. I recently watched Disney's version of the Jungle Book with my Grandaughter Maya and there are some fun songs in the movie. I consider short tablatures like this a form of Sudoku for the fingers. Thank you Andronikos.
MY OWN HOME (from Disney's Jungle Book)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bone & Bell || Flying Falling Crawling

Bone & Bell EP info

Mister Metzoo || Elizabeth Cotton Picking Tutorial

Just ignore the Tenor Guitar and focus on the fingers...

Bolo Boyd 2 || Darling Nellie Gray

Here's a father and son duet both playing in DGBE tuning. They wrote...
"Joe Dan Boyd & Colin Boyd (father & son) sing Darling Nellie Gray, a favorite of the late, great Herb Cater (from whom Joe Dan learned the song as a young boy in the 1940s). Joe Dan plays lead on a vintage (1928) Martin 5-17-T (a baby mahogany tenor guitar strung with Worth baritone uke black strings and played like a baritone ukulele while Colin plays a vintage (possibly 1950s) Regal (spruce top) baritone ukulele strung with Martin baritone uke strings."

I currently have my 1960ish Favilla Bari strung with the Worth Dark Brown strings. This set of strings is all nylon and I personally like the rich tone that they provide. And on my 1960ish Maxwell Bari I have the new Martin Bari strings on to experiment with their quality. I previously had bright and punchy Aquilas but decided to test other brands since I have been playing so much that I had worn of the metal over the copper strings on the Aquilas. My 1960ish Harmony Bari has Aquilas still as does the Electric Kala that I purchased a few months back.

I'm experimenting with strings on different instruments to see what I like. Right now that Favilla with it's deep body and all nylon strings is calling out to me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bearetube || Cliff Edwards on the Arthur Godfrey Radio Show

This interview was from 1943. Bearetube has been an e-friend for a few years now. We met by competing for old ukulele player photos on eBay and decided to cooperate and share our collections from time to time. His name is Terry C and has provided some of the best posts for me to share on Humble Uker Ramblings. If you check out his Bearetube YT channel you will find many "slideshow" type video compilations with many photos of  Ukulele Ike and days gone by.

Here Cliff plays the GCEA ukulele but the Baritone Ukulele connection comes from the host/interviewer Arthur Godfrey who was quite the proponent of the Bari. Cliff's scat singing in It Had To Be You really brings the crowd to life. Here's a sketched image of Arthur Godfrey with a baritone ukulele.

Paul Wiele || The Hipster's Hipster

Starts playing at 1:42. I enjoyed listening to his intro but sometimes it's nice to get to the song quickly too.

Hottaheru || When You Wish Upon A Star

Here's a nicely played chord melody version of the song made popular by Disney which had Cliff Edwards, a.k.a. Ukulele Ike, sing the song. This theme song was on prior to the Disney Sunday evening specials that were a part of my youth. It is interesting for me to think back and realize that I had heard Cliff Edwards sing decades before I started playing the ukulele and became familiar with his history and brilliant career.

Ukulele Bartt also had a spectacular video of this song posted on YouTube for quite a long time but the corporate culture had him take it down. Seemed like good advertising to me.

Thank you Hottaheru for posting this,

What-Was-I-Thinking-When || In My Life (cover)

Ben Garrett & American Youth || Chemicals

This is their original song stripped down version and played on the rocky beach.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

VINTAGE FILM: Sadie McKee (After You've Gone) with Barrie's "Cousin" the Tenor Guitar

Baritone Ukulele

Baritone Ukulele by matthew!
Baritone Ukulele, a photo by matthew! on Flickr.

Found this one on Flickr. Is this a retro tenor guitar or a bari-uke as labelled?

Todd Baio || Brother Sonny

One of my all time favorite players and YouTube channels have been Todd Baio's. He has provided a plethura of songs for the enjoyment of all Bari players and lovers of old-time and soulful music. I was reading a Tidbit from Todd on Facebook and he wrote...

"i am now officially without a baritone uke in my arsenal. it feels strange, but the effects of unemployment linger.....i'm still a big fan of the baritone uke and would tell anyone...'get one!' they are the best of both worlds....a little bit uke and a little bit guitar!"

Here's the link to the full "Brother Sonny" post.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jonathon Mann || Song #1008 (Riding my Bike thru Brooklyn)

PHOTO: Olivia Quillio with Meagan Duffy (Barefoot with Bari)

Keni Lee Burgess || Mini-Spanish Tuning Lesson "Dgbd"

Hello Bari-Uke friends in Pocatello, Hood River, Montreal, Hyde Park, Melbourne, San Antonio, New York, Chicago, Vlissingen, Wolverhampton, Wigan, Niagara Falls, etc. You may be wondering what's up with these Cigar Box Guitar videos. Well it's not that I'm converting or playing a CBG it is more based on gathering additional instruction for the baritone ukulele. Some of these videos use DGBE or DGBD tuning and may use a slide but they're all about exploring the range of our instrument.

I have been studying some blues arrangements because of the expressiveness found in the turnarounds and licks. Been looking for clear videos for study. To do this I have copied a few you YT videos and then used the speed controls on the Windows Media Player to help me see the "trickier" parts of the music. Does anyone else do this? What YT video downloader do you use?

Keni Lee Burgess has several great videos and instructions, he does some promotion in the following video and I am okay with a creative individual using his skills and wits to make a buck. I have bought one of his instructional DVD's.

I would like to welcome others to join in and share some of their bari-knowledge. If you've spent some time working out a song and would like to share it would great to have some additional ideas and voices to my own. Or if you are a builder of Baritone Ukuleles, I would love to see some photos of your Bari's.

Jeff / Humble Uker / Humble Baritonics / DoGBonE Baritone

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dana Carly Andrews || At Sea


Dana on Guitar playing Old Crow Medicine Show's "Wagon Wheel". This is a fun song to play and sing. There is a baritone ukulele version in my blog. Use the search bar if you'd like to see it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paul Pennyfeather || The Sturdy Babies of Yesteryear

Creative videography and a Dylanesque vocalization...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

PHOTO: Olivia Quillio with her Baritone Ukulele in the Trees

Treble 7 Notes || I'm Not Calling You a Liar (Florence & the Machine Cover)

Tory Elena || Bari Uke Fun (Again)

Very nice sound...

Purple-Robo-Tube || Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot Cover)

Here's a great tune...

What-Was-I-Thinking-When || At Seventeen (Janis Ian cover)

Sometymes Why || Aoife O'Donovan

Not much of a video, but only a photo of Aoife with her new or other band Sometymes Why. I posted some more band videos and an interview with Sometymes Why over on DoGBonE Baritone, click here to go there now.

Sometymes Why || Middle

Thanks to Jules Aime', I was alerted that Aoife O'Donovan is with a new group called Sometymes Why. The other members are Kristin Andreassen and Ruth Ungar Merenda.

Phil Hendricks || Sailor's Hornpipe played on a Baritone Ukulele

Intently focused, Phil shares another expertly played tune with us bari-uke admirers. Phil provided a bit of historical data indicating that this song may have been around before 1770 and sailor's would dance to get exercise on ship to this tune.

David Hansen has another version played on our cousin, the Tenor Guitar.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jen || Almost Lover

Jen is moving along nicely with her bari and singing. It is a deep and emotional song. Notice that with the bright lighting the contrast of white lines over black: strings, frets, lines on her shirt, and lines of skin between her dark hair. I don't know if this was an intentional set up for the video but I thought it was interesting. 

Flickr Photo || Ukulele & Baritone

Ukulele & Baritone by roger.bong
Ukulele & Baritone, a photo by roger.bong on Flickr.
Outside Bob's Ukulele shop in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. I like that yellow ukulele seat. When you've gotta play anything'll do.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christy Hall || This App is for Sadness (Steve Jobs)

Christy says...
"A lighthearted musical tribute to a brilliant human being. Thanks for everything, Steve Jobs."

Jen Bunny || Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Tom Degney || CONWY Instrumental

Danielle (Ate the Sandwich) || Someone Like You (cover on Mya-Moe Baritone Ukulele)

Danielle performs across the country and has her current tour dates posted on her YT comments. I don't think she'll mind if I cut and paste them here too, do you? Mya Moe Baritone Ukulele:

Upcoming Shows can be found at:
October 16th-Boulder, COLORADO at the Laughing Goat
October 17th-Fort Collins, COLORADO at Everyday Joe's
November 4th-Kansas City, MISSOURI at The Living Room
November 5th-Chicago, ILLINOIS at Schubas
Buy Tickets:
November 6th-Milwaukee, WISCONSIN at House Concert
November 7th or 8th-Madison, WISCONSIN TBA
November 9th-Minneapolis, MINNESOTA TBA
November 10th-La Crosse, WISCONSIN at Trempealeau Hotel
November 11th-Comedy Shortz Video Festival in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA
More Info:
More details about Danielle Ate the Sandwich's original music, videos and merchandise can be found here:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BugginWord || I and Love and You

Elly is bold and outspoken, I love her ease at performing and playing her Bari Isabella, but if you have strong sensibilities you may want to forward to the 40 second mark and listen to a wonderful song...

Michelle Blades || Walnut City

with my naked feet
i walked across the grass
to the place where i
could set my thoughts to rest...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NakaUke Thailand || Singular Uke

The Burning Hell performs for Balcony TV Poznan

"A little bit cabaret, a bit of a circus, aand a little bit of Wild West saloon. The music of THE BURNING HELL is actually one man - Mathias Kom and his electric ukulele, but he can invite up to 13 accompanied by musicians and play live a great gig. Together they form an explosive mixture of alternative country indie rock and contemporary American folk. The band led by Mathias is known as the group that can play the exciting and unforgettable concerts, where the barrier between performer and audience blurs slowly."

Soul Raven || You and I (Ingrid Michaelson cover)

Pono Model Ukuleles (Including Baritone)

Hawaii Music Supply video with Aaron
Satin Finish Pono Baritone 2:55 thru 4:03
Gloss Finish Thicker Pono Baritone 5:30 thru End

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crazy Cow Cigar Box 4-Steel-String-Guitar (DGBE?) #4 (Blue Moon)

I think this is also DGBE tuning based on the chord shapes. I posted almost everything that CCCBG has posted due to the bari-uke-similar-tuning and I found them all very professionally played and very enjoyable to watch. The instruments are all very beautiful. I am at point where I have started keeping a music notebook for things that I find on the internet and during my own musical musings. This Blue Moon arrangements has components that create transitions and liveliness to the music and I will be making an effort to transcribe the fingerings into a tablature. By taking the effort to transcribe I hope to learn more about the music and the spaces between.

Crazy Cow Cigar Box 4-Steel-String-Guitar (DGCD & DGBD) #3

Crazy Cow Cigar Box 4-Steel-String-Guitar (DGBE) #2

Delicious sounds coming from these Crazy Cow Cigar Box Guitars from the Netherlands.

Crazy Cow Cigar Box 4-Steel-String-Guitar (DGBE) #1

Crazy Cow Guitars writes,
"Cigar Box Guitar made by Crazy Cow Guitars, Zandvoort, Netherlands. Robert Johnson style, standard tuning (D-G-B-E). 4 string 'sunburst' cigar box guitar with 'longhorn' soundholes. Padouk neck with metal rod, coromandel fingerboard with mop inlay 24,75" scale 24 frets, kingwood headplate, 2 band acoustic pre-amp(vol/tone) and rod piezo element, ebony bridge, bone saddle/nut."

Todd Baio || Walk That Lonesome Valley

Todd is one of my favorite musicians. Here he uses alternate tuning and a slide.