Monday, October 17, 2011

Bolo Boyd 2 || Darling Nellie Gray

Here's a father and son duet both playing in DGBE tuning. They wrote...
"Joe Dan Boyd & Colin Boyd (father & son) sing Darling Nellie Gray, a favorite of the late, great Herb Cater (from whom Joe Dan learned the song as a young boy in the 1940s). Joe Dan plays lead on a vintage (1928) Martin 5-17-T (a baby mahogany tenor guitar strung with Worth baritone uke black strings and played like a baritone ukulele while Colin plays a vintage (possibly 1950s) Regal (spruce top) baritone ukulele strung with Martin baritone uke strings."

I currently have my 1960ish Favilla Bari strung with the Worth Dark Brown strings. This set of strings is all nylon and I personally like the rich tone that they provide. And on my 1960ish Maxwell Bari I have the new Martin Bari strings on to experiment with their quality. I previously had bright and punchy Aquilas but decided to test other brands since I have been playing so much that I had worn of the metal over the copper strings on the Aquilas. My 1960ish Harmony Bari has Aquilas still as does the Electric Kala that I purchased a few months back.

I'm experimenting with strings on different instruments to see what I like. Right now that Favilla with it's deep body and all nylon strings is calling out to me.

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