Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bearetube || Cliff Edwards on the Arthur Godfrey Radio Show

This interview was from 1943. Bearetube has been an e-friend for a few years now. We met by competing for old ukulele player photos on eBay and decided to cooperate and share our collections from time to time. His name is Terry C and has provided some of the best posts for me to share on Humble Uker Ramblings. If you check out his Bearetube YT channel you will find many "slideshow" type video compilations with many photos of  Ukulele Ike and days gone by.

Here Cliff plays the GCEA ukulele but the Baritone Ukulele connection comes from the host/interviewer Arthur Godfrey who was quite the proponent of the Bari. Cliff's scat singing in It Had To Be You really brings the crowd to life. Here's a sketched image of Arthur Godfrey with a baritone ukulele.

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  1. Yet another wonderful video. Cliff Edwards was amazing, such style, wit and a great musician. We are very lucky to have this stuff available, thanks a lot for sharing