Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keni Lee Burgess || Mini-Spanish Tuning Lesson "Dgbd"

Hello Bari-Uke friends in Pocatello, Hood River, Montreal, Hyde Park, Melbourne, San Antonio, New York, Chicago, Vlissingen, Wolverhampton, Wigan, Niagara Falls, etc. You may be wondering what's up with these Cigar Box Guitar videos. Well it's not that I'm converting or playing a CBG it is more based on gathering additional instruction for the baritone ukulele. Some of these videos use DGBE or DGBD tuning and may use a slide but they're all about exploring the range of our instrument.

I have been studying some blues arrangements because of the expressiveness found in the turnarounds and licks. Been looking for clear videos for study. To do this I have copied a few you YT videos and then used the speed controls on the Windows Media Player to help me see the "trickier" parts of the music. Does anyone else do this? What YT video downloader do you use?

Keni Lee Burgess has several great videos and instructions, he does some promotion in the following video and I am okay with a creative individual using his skills and wits to make a buck. I have bought one of his instructional DVD's.

I would like to welcome others to join in and share some of their bari-knowledge. If you've spent some time working out a song and would like to share it would great to have some additional ideas and voices to my own. Or if you are a builder of Baritone Ukuleles, I would love to see some photos of your Bari's.

Jeff / Humble Uker / Humble Baritonics / DoGBonE Baritone

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