Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jake Wildwood || Ferryboat

I have been following Jake refurbish instruments for a few years now. He comes across a great selection of vintage items. Sometimes he takes some time out to play them too. I have a link to his Antebellum Instruments blog in the sidebar and if you check in once in a while you will be amazed with his photos. Here Jake writes a song and plays a Tenor Guitar tuned DoGBonE and strung with Worth Medium Brown Soprano strings. He knows his instruments. (Once he helped me with some Balalaika questions.)

He has the lyrics to the song in the YouTube comments. Jake says,
"Playing this on my old c.1930 Harmony tenor guitar, strung and tuned like a bari uke with some worth low G concert/sopr. brown strings (they happen to be the right tension and gauges for the scale length). Here's what happens when insomnia rules the roost -- videos in the middle of the night! I wrote this a few months back about a friend of the family who decided to take a shortcut out of the world..."

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