Thursday, June 30, 2011

Luke Heaton Baritone Ukulele

Found another thread on Ukulele Underground. This time from MaryMac with a new beautiful Baritone ukulele.

Jason Mraz || Fly Me to the Moon

RT1965 on the Ukulele Underground forum provided a link to a Great clip of Jason Mraz singing a Frank Sinatra classic on an Andy Powers Custom Baritone. I really like Jason Mraz's vocals. I'm Yours has become such a favorite that some are becoming overwhelmed with covers but I think he's an amazing talent. Thanks RT!

Here's a Sesame Street "Outdoors" take
on the popular "I'm Yours" sound.

Big Frankie || A Couple of Country Classics

I enjoy many musical genres and personalities. I have several Johnny Cash albums although I didn't grow up listening to country music. But I pick up random CD's at Flea Markets or used at Rasputin's Records in San Lorenzo, CA. A few years back I sat Wendy down on the couch and we just listened to Johnny Cash's Live at Madison Square album on a cool fall evening. She wanted to hear more and we would listen to his CD's over and over whenever we took a longer drive.

Thanks Big Frankie for bringing some J.C. to the Baritonic fray.

Alistair Wood Ukulele Hunt || Strumming Patterns

I just mentioned Al in the previous post and true to my comment it is well worth receiving his daily feed. Be sure to sign up. He is a Ukulele Guru and I am sure he'll read this and absolutely hate that. Perhaps a British title like Sir Alistair Duke of Uke would be more fitting but I am sure equally reprehensive to him.

Well, I want to share today's post from Al because it is universal to all 4-stringers GCEA, ADF#B, or DGBE... STRUMMING PATTERNS. Be sure to bookmark the following link for future reference. (I have, and he even provides sound samples.)

Al has put together several e-books that are of the highest quality and I believe that I have them all. He has a new book available for pre-order called Ukulele For Dummies and it is available thru your local book sellers or Amazon. I haven't seen it but I am sure that it is exceptional.

[I tried to Google an image of Alistair to add here, but Al has successfully remained hidden, except in You-Tube playing videos. There are images of his new book and a lot of images from my GCEA blog, Humble Uker, that really surprised me.]

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beginning Baritone Ukulele #1 (Freebies)

I regularly get questions from beginning players about where to get the good knowledge on how to play the baritone ukulele. And you will find that the information is very sparse and/or elementary. This Humble Baritonics is the Study of the Baritone Ukulele and the hunt for information wherever I can find it. Here's a typical inquiry. . .
Hi Jeff:

Thanks for the quick reply. I take your point about the wide range of my question. I don't play the standard GCEA ukulele but I have been learning the guitar for about eighteen months. My long term target would be to play jazz but in the short term popular songs in the Simon and Garfunkel genre suit me. I do admire fingerpicking and would like to be able to do that...

Any advice would be most welcome.

Regards, C.C.
I think that there are several good answers to this inquiry but I am going to start with the easy response of items that are free and readily available on the internet, and follow up with additional posts sometime soon. So I will start with (5) things that I think are essential and are free.

1) First, you need to know the chords (Alistair Wood / Ukulele Hunt has a nifty Bari-Chord page, HERE. Al's site, UKULELE HUNT, is a great reference for all ukulele players and you might like to subscribe to his daily feeds. Some of his postings are like Sudoku for the ukulele player -- he is constantly working out fingerpicking portions of songs that are sure to challenge and build skills. Some of the GCEA information directly translates to the DGBE Big-Uke.)

2) You want a good song book (Richard G has a great selection of songs, the chords are all diagrammed for a standard GCEA ukulele, but there is a great selection of songs, RICHARD G's UKULELE SONGBOOK. You'll have to refer to the chord page mentioned above.)

3) Use the 'Song Links for Bari' and 'Misc. Music' sections in the right hand side column of this blog to find more songs and explore. I recently was alerted to a new site from the Netherlands that is quite clever. It posts songs, videos, is good for GCEA, ADF#B, and DGBE tuned ukuleles, and shows finger placements: UKULELE PLAYALONG.

4) I like to fingerpick as well, and have found that Roger Ruthen's pdf-MINSTREL has a great selection of music. His background is classical but there is some folk. I have had many hours of fun working thru his songs. He sometimes grades them in their level of difficulty.

5) Doctor Uke also has Dr. Uke Songs and has baritone arrangements noted as BAR. These songs will surely build your chord vocabulary. He includes many vintage songs.

I hope this 'starter' was helpful. If you have any questions just post them in a comment below or send an e-mail.

Jeff / Humble Uker

Jason Hjelseth and Patrick Remmick || Two Coins (Dispatch Cover)

Somewhere in the woods in Georgia, good music was being played.

Patrick Remmick || My Mistakes (Original on the Baritone Ukulele)

Patrick Remmick || Superman in a Can (Original)

There isn't a baritone label on this video but I'm hearing those deeper baritone sounds. Sounds so good I thought it was a cover.

John Breen || Price Tag

V C Powell || The NEW Old Lady Song

Tom from WASSUP || Angelina

It is a bit of a tutorial but a wonderful Calypso song -- which is quite hard to find on the baritone ukulele. WASSUP is the Washington Association of Southern Sounding Ukulele Players. Now that's a cool name.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Converted Cheap Guitar

Sensitive ears might pass this one up, cool sound on that conversion.

Kevin Witchger || Race For the Prize

Pieter Moerdyk YukeLover || The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Like that Santa Cruz T-Shirt . . .

I hated this song as a kid. I don't know why. I like this simple rendition.

Hey Pieter what tuning are you using?

Lil' Rev shared this Website "Ukulele Play Along" <==COOL

Notice that there's a Bari-Uke tuning tab. Gonna put this in the Music link sidebar too. I found some glitches in the program when I tried to change from song to song. I'll need to play around with this some more because there are many uncommon songs in the mix that I'd like to explore. Check out Jonathon Richman and the Modern Lovers -- Egyptian Raggae!

Monday, June 27, 2011

New York Ukulele Cabaret

I used to listen to Jason's 30 minute interviews on Midnight Ukulele Disco a few years back. Now, you can find hours of fun performances in it's latest incarnation as the New York Ukulele Cabaret . . .

Jon Braman

Doug Skinner, Carmen Borgia

Craig Robertson || Goth Girl (Band Camp)

Craig said that he has recorded this Waste of Aces song using his 1950's Harmony baritone ukulele, and that he uses it mostly for recording. This song is on his current CD named, "Perfect Wife." His songs are always mysterious tales of life. Check it out . . .

I actually found a shot of Craig with his Bari-uke on Flickr, link labelled "KC Sweet-31" and there's Karen from the "Are You Making Any Money" video that was one of my favorites for the longest time. Is that a Harmony or Pohaku label?

Sam || 13 Days in France

Mando Island || Staten Island Slide

Michael from the Mando Island portion of Germany stripped down a children's Brüko guitar because he wanted to play this tune.

Dominic has posted GCEA TAB for Craig Robertson's arrangement. I will be trying it on the Bari and giving it a go as transcribed to see how it sounds.

(6-28-2011 Add) Although the video above is interesting from a Bari-Uke view point, the fingerings do not match the TAB. So here's the Dominator playing the Staten Island Slide (GCEA) . . .

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Emily Hippomaiden || Elliot Smith Waltz #2 on Baritone Ukulele

Alan Sturgess || Brunswick BU4B Baritone Ukulele and Other Info Too!

You may have noticed that sometimes I put the search words that I used at the end of postings. Today's words were b (baritone), u (ukulele) and PARLOUR, as in parlour guitar. After some light digging I came up with this video . . .

Alan also has a non-embeddable video of sheet music covers put to music. It is a fun journey and here's the YT video link.

And Alan has made a video for a Folk Music site that I think some may find interesting -- it is called, The Contemplator.

John Kavanagh || Unique Strum Instruction

John had left YT notes that are helpful to explain this strum...

You're always alternating down and up strokes, so it stays smooth, and you can get it going quite quick without much effort. It's mostly fingers and wrist, little or no arm movement. The less you move, the faster you'll be able to do once it's down.

The second version is the more lilting syncopated one, and it's turned around. It's for a more swingy, triplets or dotted notes feel. It's finger up first, BEFORE the beat, then thumb down, then finger(s) brush up-down. It sounds like it's backwards, but it's really almost the same move, with the beat turned around - well, the thumb is still on "one" if you're counting. I think of it as "ba-ding-ka-ching". "Ba"(finger up, before the beat) "ding" (thumb down) "Ka-ching" (brush UP-DOWN).

I think of the rhythm as "bump-a-chik-a." "Bump" (thumb) "a" (finger) "Chik-a" (brush down-up with fingers). It's straight 8s. To get the Iz-style light reggae feel, it's mostly just that you emphasize the "Chik": "bump-a-CHIK-a."

It confused some one that I refer to the "top" string. I mean the one highest in pitch, nearest the floor. For me, the low or bottom string is the thick one nearest the ceiling (I use a low 4th) and the first, high, or top one is the thin one near the floor. When I say "high" and "low" strings, I mean pitch, not geometry.

In the close-ups I play two versions of the strum. The first is thumb down (on 1 string), finger up (on 1 string), then brush down-up (all strings) with finger(s).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

John Kavanagh || Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear

John was a man with an amazing spirit. I only knew of him from his videos and I had contacted him once when purchasing his CD Parlour Music: Ragtime & Classical Duets for Uke and Guitar. John had an old Harmony baritone ukulele with a custom spruce top, link to previous post.

Dana McCoy || Cube Rat

I have seen Dana and her Blue Baritone before on Ukulele Disco interviews. What happened to Ukulele Disco Jason anyway? Anybody know?

There are some lengthy comments under the video but I have also pasted them here...


Dana McCoy is a Billboard Album of the Year winner and Virgin Records artist who has triumphantly appeared on comedian Rosie O'Donnell's American chat show and been adoringly profiled in all major media. Now -- drum roll please -- she works in an office cubicle. But though Dana has gone from riding a tour bus to being a desk jockey, the laughs (and tunes) keep (rockin' and) rolling. Dana McCoy: ʻCube Ratʼ is here to bridge the gap between what people think their lives should be and what they actually are, hopefully without inciting too many suicides along the way. Dana was born singing and dancing, and has trained in all the disciplines of performance since then: Ballet, Modern and Jazz at the North Carolina School of the Arts; Musical Theatre training at Boston Conservatory; then the Cleo Lane Vocal Scholarship and Berklee Grant to study composition, voice and performance at Berklee College of Music. Since school Dana has toured as a singer/songwriter and performer in the US, UK and Europe, topped pop and club charts with her songs, been a staple on the New York City music scene singing in recording studios and clubs, and as one might expect, her live shows always include various forms of dance.

Dana McCoy: ʻCube Ratʼ features a score co-produced by Roger Greenwalt, the owner of Shabby Road Studios in Brooklyn, NY, and Graham Spence, producer at Murder Mile Studios in London, who will appear alongside Dana for this Edinburgh run. Greenwalt is known for discovering singer Ben Kweller, working with acts as diverse as Rufus Wainwright and Ric Ocasek and performing all 185 original Beatles songs on ukulele in one day. Spence has produced/engineered a plethora of UK artists including Alcatraz Spoon and Urban Voodoo Machine.The script was co-written by Bernadette Daly, a comedic actor/author who graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied Improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade with Amy Poehler.

With Roger, Graham and Bernadette's able assistance, Dana has put together a show so good, she may have to use up all her sick days performing it. "Her hypnotic music and lyrics...a surprisingly unique, thoroughly captivating marriage of torch, blues and pop...Clearly she's on her way." - Manhattan Magazine.

Jon Braman || Hip Hop with a Bari+ on CD Baby

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sarah Donner || The Center Pivot Irrigation Song on Baritone Ukulele

This song was composed in the tour minivan on a highway in Kansas. I've found a few videos of Sarah and she's quite a performer.

Sarah Donner || Treeline w/ Steering Wheel Percussion

Here's a rollin' fun little music video. Sarah plays an interesting pair of "walk down" chords for this song and driver "ShClean" plays a mean shaker ice cup and Twizzler's drum stick on the steering wheel. Good thing that they weren't distracted by texting while they drove.

Chords #1: 0033,0023,0013,0003
Chords #2: 0233,2033,4033,0233 [Her 4033 is twizzley]

Tatamimats || Speak to Me / Breathe / On the Run

A Pink Floyd selection from the Dark Side of the Moon played on ukuleles. Dark Side of the UKE @ The Knockout, SF, October 30, 2009. Ukuleles: 1 soprano, 2 tenor, 1 baritone. It is too dark to see, but interesting to hear.

L U M || Popcorn (Bari & Pian)

Sarah Donner || Going Under

Here's a energetic song played on a colorful bari-uke. Seems to have slipped past the radar. Will have to search for more of Sarah!

misurchwurds: b, u, pink.

Len Haiti || Pink Floyd Cover

Doug Gates || I'm a Nervous Wreck

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garrett Borns || TED TV Performance: Time Flies

Garrett Borns || One Heaven of a Time

"Garrett Borns is a gifted 19-year-old singer/songwriter from West Michigan. In 2010, his original composition The Only Paradise won the West Michigan Student Showcase Showstopper Award. "Take some time to get your mind off your mind, and love the only paradise you're ever gonna find..." The lyrics of the song reflect a universal relationship between humans and earth, and how paradise is found within."
"Garrett is currently studying classical piano and music theory at Grand Rapids Community College. He recently returned from a sojourn to France, where he was being filmed for a series of "on the street" music videos throughout Paris. He is an official storyteller for Focus the Nation, a sustainable energy organization that approached Garrett to create inspirational songs for their campaign to promote a clean energy future. His first album will be released later this summer."

Todd Baiotone || EP: So Very Special

Folkster Todd, (a.k.a. Brother Sonny, Doogey9) has got many great videos of him playing the baritone ukulele. He plays a broad range of styles in the old-time folk, bluesy, gospel genres. He also has a few E.P.'s for sale for the fans. Link.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Baritone Ukulele Books

... Over the last few months I have talked to two musicians that are also authors of music books published by major music book publishers. One of them comes from the ukulele world and the other comes from the guitar world. I own books from both authors and they both have extensive knowledge and a creative style -- they both are preparing to create books for the baritone ukulele.

I would surely like to see a book that leans more toward an intermediate player since I think that most bari-uke players have migrated up from the uke or down from the guitar and therefor are beyond the beginner mode.

The purpose of this post is for me to list what I'd like to see AND to offer YOU a place to leave comments, allowing you the opportunity to leave your suggestions too.

  • I would like to see some of John King's great style of musical transribing continue. His Famous Solos and Duets for Ukulele book is a masterpiece for the GCEA world.
  • I would like to see some blues using a slide. Those old style blues like Del Rey plays.
  • I would like to see some fingerpicking and travis picking arrangements specifically created for the bari. And I would like to see an arrangement that moves between picking and strumming to increase skill and dexterity.
  • I would like to see some flatpicking tunes arranged specifically for the bari. There are some amazing Americana classics that are quite fun to play.
  • I know the DGBE bari is a treble instrument but when playing with GCEA players it would be nice to expose the deeper register some. I would like to see some bass runs for the baritone ukulele.
  • Since the frets on the bari are wider, I would like to see some exploration into chord-triads and double stops since they will allow sound variations.
  • I would like to see some chord melody arrangements for the bari. Rigk Sauer (RISA ukuleles) has an amazing book called. "The Ukulele Solo Recipe" which is an exceptional read for creating chord melodies but for the bari it would be nice to see some triads and double stops when the chord spread becomes unmanagable.
  • I would like to see some scale exercises thru two octaves if possible.
  • I would like to see some arrangements that make full use of the longer scale.
  • To explore the world of scales, I would like to see something using a Japanese musical scale and a Middle Eastern sounding scale.
  • John King - Famous Solos & Duets for Ukulele (GCEA)
  • Mark Nelson - Fingerstyle Solos for 'Ukulele (GCEA)
  • Lil' Rev - 101 Ukulele Licks, and all of his beginner books (GCEA)
  • Fred Sokolow -- Blues Ukulele & Bluegrass Ukulele (GCEA)
  • Jim D'Ville & Bill Keith - The Natural Way to Music
  • Ed Roseman - Music Theory for Practical People
  • Flatpicking Guitar Magazine (some DGBE)
  • Eric Thompson - Fancy Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar (some DGBE)
  • Eric Thompson - Irish Dance Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar (some DGBE)
  • Wayne Erbsen - Flatpicking Guitar for the Complete Ignoramus (some DGBE and many good stories)
  • Jack Tuttle - Bluegrass Guitar Collection (Vol.1) (some DGBE)
  • Dick Bruce - Parking Lot Picker's Songbook (some DGBE)
  • Bruce Emery - Travis-Style Guitar from Scratch (EADGBE)
  • Roger Ruthen - pdf Minstel website for a nice collection of bari music (DBGE)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Alex Light 93 || Ukulele Blues

Pretty freakin' awesome jammin' goin' on...

Elijah Ocean || Black and White TV

Sounding good...

Elijah Ocean plays an original song at the Maine Marathon registration event, in Sullivan Gym, the day before he runs his first marathon, October 2008.

misurchwurds: u, b, black, white

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aaron Robinson || A Dying Art (Live @ Next Big Nashville 9/29/10)

The Prewar Ponies || Give Me the Moon Over Brooklyn

The Prewar Ponies singing "Give Me the Moon Over Brooklyn" on May 30 at the 2009 NY Uke Fest. Lead vocals Daria Grace on baritone uke and the fabulous J. Walter Hawkes on soprano uke.

Za Ivanu || Amazing Grace

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Master Luthiers & Baritone Ukuleles #1

Well, yes I have shown off other ukulele luthier's creations in the past but this morning I got an e-mail from Craig Robertson telling me about Peter Hurley having a couple of baritone ukuleles completed and posted on his site. I had the most gorgeous soprano ukulele that I bought from Peter at the Northern California Ukulele Festival approximately 4 years ago shortly after that I paid a visit to Peter's shop which is just blocks away from the Berkeley Ukulele Club here in Northern California.

Peter's had invited me to his shop and it is an amazing sight. I would call it a master craftsman's shop with everything arranged to the utmost efficiency and with a highly personal touch. And it is all inconspicuously tucked away in his barn-like garage. This garage is divided off into separate rooms for each phase of the construction with machine shop precision.

You can go directly to Peter's site to all of his recent bari-uke work. (more to come...)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ukukulelele || Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Bruce Cockburn cover)

Here's a nice song choice. You don't hear enough Bruce Cockburn. I had posted Uku's White Wedding video about 6 months ago. Nice to see her again.

White Wedding

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chris Kiehne || A Basket of Bone

BOOKS || Baritone Ukulele Scales (Mel Bay) & Some Ideas Too

There IS a book that has some scale diagrams for DGBE baritone ukulele players. It is was designed by Lee "Drew" Andrews and published by Mel Bay books. There are approximately 15 pages and is very thin and the price is $5.99 on my book. I purchased mine from someone on eBay. Here's an example of a scale from the book.

So what does this diagram do? Well this one is one of the MINOR PENTATONIC SCALES shown on page 8 of the book. The "diamonds" indicate the root. So if you are at the "nut" (near the pegs) the root note is on the 3rd string (G string) and would be a G# or and Ab. If you move this shape up (towards the soundhole) one step you will have the Minor Pentatonic scale in A. Move up two more steps and you are in a B Minor Pentatonic scale.

Each page of the book has a different type of scale: Major, Minor, Blues, etc. Each scale has 3-different diagrams starting on the 4th string (D); 2-different diagrams starting on the 3rd string (G); and one-diagram starting on the second string (B).

This book is exactly what it says it is: Scales. There are no instructions. The two written paragraphs are about the author. I personally think that the book deserved a 2 to 4 page intro giving the novice some ideas for...

1) Practicing the scales. para exemplo El Maestro, Bueno Chen, said he would play a scale and shift up a fret, play scale, shift, as far as he could go. Benefits: develops knowledge and feel for the scale and improves finger dexterity. Now that Summer Vacation is here perhaps he'll have some time away from the University of Hawaii ukulele classes to share some of the good Bari scale knowledge with us.

2) Why scales are important and what they are used for. Another friend, Uncle Groovy (a.k.a. BajanPiedPiper from Barbados) likes to use them for Blues and Jazz improvisations. He has devoted quite a bit of time and energy creating interesting videos and a Google Site to encourage us all to experiment. He's quite a character and I think the monicker "Uncle Groovy" fits him quite well. [And if you kayak he has some REAL stories to share!]

3) Try this on-line Bari-Uke Scale Finder from Ukulele-Tabs dot Com

4) Well... why do I have to do all of the talking here? Do YOU have more ideas or know other sites that you could share with us? If so, please leave a comment.

[This is a response to a poppyblog request.]

Malinao || Bad Feeling

Wow! That's quite an original song... Malinao has got it goin' on!

Hey Malinao -- your YouTube page is impossible to read with those colors, need some contrast.

misurchwurds: b, u, smoke

Guido || Ukulele Player Photo Shoots

Guido is a baritone ukulele player and
photographer from Germany.
He has a page of black and white player
photos that includes some baritone ukes,
here und here too.

Montecore505 || Ba Moin En Tibo

Some more delicious bari...

Kimo Hussey || Tenor & Bari uke sound comparison

Kimo Hussey compares a tenor ukulele and a baritone ukulele from DeVine Guitars. Kimo Hussey is one of the most respected jazz ukulele players in the world. Find out more about DeVine Guitars and Ukuleles at link.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mojo Twanger || Our Town (Iris Dement cover)

Omniscient Opal || My Dearest Hermetics

I think Opal sings from a different space, like a ecstatic dancer, free form with Kabocha...

Fat Blues || Tunes

Fat Frank sounding real good on an old Vega baritone ukelele...

Kimo Hussey || Killing Me Softly on a DeVine Baritone Ukulele

Now here's a real delicious surprise Kimo Hussey playing Killing Me Softly on a DeVine BARITONE Ukulele. This custom baritone ukulele is a kasha ukulele with a cedar top. There's a feature that I really like on this beautiful bari -- it is that cut fretboard near the sound hole. I think that makes it easier to fingerpick there. But perhaps that hould be a hindrance if you played clawhammer style.

I also like the contrasting color of that cedar top.

Grumpy Coyote Tunes || Ain't Nobody's Dirty Business

Perhaps a Mississippi John Hurt song, circa 1926. Grumpy plays his DonMo Resonator Bari...

Monday, June 13, 2011

OVER 50,000 HITS

When I first started Humble Baritonics I was finding just a few bari-uke arrangements and videos and I had just taken a few lessons from the masterful Hiram Bell. He had a nice Harmony bari and I had bought a vintage Maxwell bari. He warned me that it would be quite challenging to find arrangements for the bari but also indicated that it was a fine instrument. Perhaps Hiram's statements gave me the nudge in this direction.

I have tried to find a few good things to share and think that judging by inquiries and the stat counter data there are many players around the world. Some of you have listened to my requests for photos of you with your bari-ukes and provided many beautiful photos. I have also tried to share some books that work for the bari too. I hope that some of those have been useful. There are precisely 1,002 posts today.

It still seems that Nina playing the baritone ukulele barefoot is the top photo of all time. It is such a sweet shot but I have no idea who she is or where she comes from. Perhaps one day I will find a video of her playing.

I have noticed that Roger Ruthen has been adding more tunes to his pdf-Minstrel on a regular basis. He's also doing some light bio info on the charts. Be sure to check his site out -- he has some beautiful arrangements.

Jeff / HU

UKukeMan || Retro Sounding Lefty

Mi surch wurds: baritone, ukulele, harmony

Photo: Lou "Bossa Rocker" Armer | With her Bari-Axe

Ed Brookes Photos

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ukester Brown || Where Are You Marie? (Original on PLastic Baritone Ukulele))

El Maestro Bueno Chen




Charles M. Schulz PHILOSOPHY

"As soon as a child is born,
he or she should be issued
a dog and an ukulele..."

Ever so slightly modified but keeping in the spirit of the creator of Peanuts from the book Peanuts Guide to Life -- Wit and Wisdom from the World's Best-Loved Cartoon Characters.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

LaurieLeeC (Cinderella Lifestyle) || Sad (An Original Bari-Uke Ballad)

Laurie has some awesome song writing and musical skills. She has the story, song intro and lyrics within the YT comments. Check her YouTube channel out, here. Her music is always powerful. What do you think?

Todd Baio (Doogey9) || There But for Fortune

Dear Old Nut Job 2 || Western Bible Verse

Here's a good one...

Mi surch wurds: baritone, ukulele, dead

Hailel Sela || Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley cover on Bari-Uke)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HailelSela || Baritone Drone-U-Lele (Tuned CGCC)

baritone, ukulele, Swedish

J C McGee || Fine Feelings

Here's an interesting find. I have to play tricks on You Tube's search engine. It always wants to show me the most viewed. But I am always looking under rungs, dusty corners, basements, behind wet ears, ... , anywhere to find the obscure. To bring it up for a perusal, or a wee look in this case.

I have enjoyed listening to this several times, J C sings with a soft speaking voice and MY accent gets in the way of MY hearing!

Mi surch turms: baritone, ukulele, German


Not on a bari, and you'll have to watch & listen real careful...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Corey Char || E Ku'u Morning Dew (Mele Baritone Ukulele)

How about a little traditional Hawaiian sound? One of my favorites.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Cornlikkers || Ginseng Blues

The now-defunct 'finest jug band in Champaign and Vermillion Counties' performing on the local TV station in the summer of 1998. This video was posted on YouTube in 2007.

baritone, ukulele, jug, band

Jeff Mitchell || Cold Iron Bed

Here's one from 2008

baritone, ukulele, jug, band

Bossa Rocker || How can we describe this photo?

Bossa plays "peek-a-Lou"? Listen to Lou "Bossa Rocker" play this bari here. She's mentioned that there are more photos to come with her and her bari. Everyone should know that Bossa regularly produces a ukulele radio podcast, that can be found HERE.

MJ Nish || Ain't No Sunshine (on Baritone Ukulele)

Another classic by MJ in the Netherlands. Nice performance.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bill Kilpatrick || Vihuela Haiku on a Vintage Henshaw Bari-Uke

iberian men
carried their vihuelas with them
hola aloha

Bill has a Haiku blogspot. I like Haiku too.

god is grating haiku

uff, mumbo-jumbo
just us, alone together
plagued with fantasy

Ralph Shaw || Miracle Raindrops (Original)

Ralph Shaw || Suspicious Minds on a Mya Moe Bari-Uke

Ralph Shaw is a well known Canadian ukulele performer and teacher. He has also put together a few standard GCEA ukulele videos. He performs with a lot of animation and energy as you will soon witness. Welcome to the Bari-world Ralph!

Ukulele Bartt || Has Put Together Some Bari-Uke Charts!

I have really liked Ukulele Bartt ever since he had a masterfully played, "When You Wish Upon A Star" on YouTube. (Disney cancelled that video.) I saw him briefly at the Wine Country Ukulele Festival in Napa, CA last year. Just read in The UkeList which is the new Santa Cruz Uke News outlet, put together by my good buddy Rhan Wilson, that Ukulele Bartt has put together some Bari-Uke Charts. Here's a link, and I will also put it in the Song Links in the sidebar.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Flatpicking || Tar Road to Sligo (Jig) & Other Tunes

Flatpicking || Old Joe Clark

Here's a bari-playable flatpicking version of Old Joe Clark from the share ShareOutLoud site. Click on this link in order to see the TAB on the DGBE strings.

Bueno Chen || String Theory for Baritone Ukulele Players

Bueno has been experimenting around with strings for the Bari-Uke. He is currently an 'ukulele instructor at the University of Hawaii, teaching beginner and intermediate level classes (for standard GCEA ukulele). And from time to time he shares some Baritone Ukulele information with us...

Hola El Jeffe' (This is a friendly Humble Uker alias, pronounced L-hef-a)

I just created a great string set up, so I wanted to pass it on to you. Makes playing a whole lot easier. Okay there are really "2 set ups" that you can share.

For easy playing (A):
E - GHS Hawaiian or cheap strings
B - GHS Hawaiian or cheap strings
G - Take the 2nd string from a pack of Aquila, use it for your 3rd string
D - GHS Hawaiian or any cheap string

Not as easy playing, but better tone (but it's still easy) (B):
E - Aquila
B - GHS Hawaiian
G - Take the 2nd string from a pack of Aquila, use it for your 3rd string
D - GHS Hawaiian or any cheap string

All my future posts will have this new string set up
(Bueno Uses (A) on his Lanikai, and (B) on his Kala Ukulele)

Hope you find this helpful - pass it along if you want

Aloha Bueno

I am sure Bueno would be glad to respond to some comments if you have any...

Justus Tiehen || Dance of the Warrior (Familia Veryka)

More Psychodelic Electro Funky Bari Jammin'. Those sounds are way beyond my knowledge of electronica. I really enjoyed these videos from Justus. They show another aspect of music and the variability of the baritone ukulele sound.

Disclaimer: Whatever he's smokin' is his business and not something I recommend. The smoke though made some great effects in this colorized video.

Justus Tiehen || Integral Man

It's a bit funky, a bit wild - Electro Funky Jammin' Bari...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colin Boyd || The Edge of Glory (Lady GaGa Cover)

Video by Michael Pyeatt at The Balcony Club in Dallas, Texas. 6/1/2011

He's a singer and songwriter, take a look at his site, Colin Boyd Website

Aaron Keim || East Virginia Blues

I have met Aaron on a few ocassions at Mike DaSilva's stage. Aaron is a part of Boulder Accoustic Society and a fine musician and teacher. Here's a chance to see some of his skills and a Mya-Moe 6-string Bari-Uke in action.

YT comments...
"Here is Aaron Keim, Char Mayer and Neil McCormick playing East Virginia Blues. The ukulele is a baritone size ukulele with 6 strings, tuned d Gg b Ee. It was made by Mya-Moe ukuleles for Pete Roe."

Here's an example of 6-courses, but still a Bari-Uke

Dominator's Classical Gas (Low G Tuning)

Could be played in LowD-GBE tuning...

UkeHeidi UkeAida || Bonnie & Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg)

Well here's a WILD production using a Serge Gainsbourg song, gender bending, and plastic ukes and more. Much to read, including lyrics on the YouTube video comments.