Sunday, January 8, 2023

Baritone Ukulele Camp - 2.11.23

Sat Feb 11, 2023
11:00 AM - 8:30 PM EST Online, Zoom

Four workshops and one fabulous concert & jam session digging into our music on the Baritone Ukulele. All sessions will be archived and available to registrants for 2 weeks after the event. Session materials will be available via dropbox for 2 weeks after event. Dropbox link will be emailed to registrants with zoom link. Zoom Link will be sent to registrants on Wednesday, February 8 and on Friday, February 10, 2023.

11am-11:15am EST - MEET & GREET 

11:20am – 12 EST - Beginner Workshop with Grace van’t Hof Are you dipping your toes in the Baritone Ukulele waters? Are you a total beginner? Do you already play ukulele or other instruments and would like to try Baritone? Get into Bari with Grace as she leads you into this musical adventure. Grace is a versatile and accomplished player. She’ll welcome you into this new world. 

12:30pm-1:45pm EST - Marcy Marxer Jam Central Station - Join the Jam with songs and tunes that cover a wide variety of genres from Folk, Blues and Jazz. You choose to play rhythm or to take solos in the instrumental sections. A written Score with Jazz Chords and TAB will be provided for Intermediate and Advanced Players. A link to a Listening List of the tunes will be sent in advance of the event. Beginners will have an easily accessible Score with Chords. Everybody plays! Let’s Jam! 

2:15pm-3:30pm EST - Aaron Keim Old Time Fingerpicking - Join Aaron for two finger style tunes for the baritone ukulele. One traditional and one original, both in an alternate tuning! The tunes will be taught in tablature format, with lots of demonstration for “by ear” and visual learners. 

4pm-5:15pm EST - Ginger Johnson Skills of the Islands - Ginger will delve into versatile Right-Hand Picking with the classic Neil Young tune “Harvest Moon”. Then she’ll take you to the Islands with “Little Grass Shack”. These songs utilize Hammer-ons, Harmonies and Chord Voicings for those who would like to slip up the neck and paddle out to sea. 

7pmStaff Concert followed by jam session.