Roger Ruthen has been working on his tabs and sharing them with HB users. Here we have the ability to also have midis to help music students get an early feel for the tune. At my time at music camp last year, Cathy Fink, implored us all to listen more, to get the melody within us...

Thanks to Roger for his passion for music and his continued generosity...

A Toye (Anon)  A Toye_midi
Allegretto (Carassi)  Allegretto_midi
Arietta (Paganini)  Arietta_midi
Bouree Cello Suite #3 (Bach)  Bouree_midi
Canarios_(Sanz)  Canarios_midi
Canon in D (Pachelbel)  Canon in D_midi
El Noi (De La Mare)  El Noi_midi
Espanoleta (Sanz)  Espanoleta_midi

Gavottes (Bach)  Gavottes_midi
Greensleeves  Greensleeves_midi
Jesu Joy (Bach)  Jesu Joy_midi
Lagrima (Terrega)  Lagrima_midi
Larghetto Espressivo (Carulli)  Larghetto Espressivo_midi
Minuet (Handel)  Minuet_midi
Minuet in G (Bach)  Minuet in G_midi
Mrs. Winters Jump Dowland  Mrs. Winters Jump Dowland_midi
Ode to Joy (Beethoven)  Ode to Joy_midi
Packingtons Pound  Packingtons Pound_midi
Pavane (Sanz)  Pavane_midi
Study in B Minor (Sor)  Study in B Minor_midi

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  1. Hi,

    I am learning low G ukulele. However, I am also interested in Baritone Ukulele. I search online and it looks like the fingerpicking (tabs) on baritone and low g ukulele are same. Isn't it?