KM high-D Bari

Ken Middleton and I met at the Wine Country Ukulele Festival in St. Helena, California several years ago. We have met at other venues and talked about baritones and strings over the last few years. I posted a link to his high D (dGBE) Bluegrass Tab as one of my first bari tablature finds on this blog 8 years ago.

Ken has put together string sets for ukuleles and has a label called Living Water Ukulele Strings. Included in these sets are a high D set of strings. Ken plays just about everything including guitar and like the uniquely ukulele high 4th string sound. I have three baritone ukuleles at home and one is set up with LWUS strings. I should mention that the strings are entirely hi-tech flourocarbon and are well balanced so the strings sound wonderful together. Ken also has what he calls a "Linear" set of bari strings with low D. 

Mr. Middleton has a few arrangements for Bluegrass music tabbed out for playing on the dGBE, high D tuned baritone ukulele. I asked him if I might repost them on a page on Humble Baritonics in order to gather more music for the baritone ukulele player to draw from. He has these tunes and many other gCEA tunes on his site that you may want to explore as well.

Wildwood Flower

Thank you Ken for your generosity in sharing your arrangements. And valued reader thank you for your support too. Check out the links on this page and find out more about Ken and his offerings. 

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