Celtic Melodies

A Bonny Lass  A Bonny Lass_midi
Champion Jig  Champion Jig_midi
Charlie Stuart's Jig  Charlie Stuart's Jig_midi
Cherish the Ladies  Cherish the Ladies_midi
Cluny Castle  Cluny Castle_midi
Connachtman's Rambles  Connachtman's Rambles_midi
Constitution Hornpipe  Constitution Hornpipe_midi
Country Dance  Country Dance_midi
Craig's Pipes  Craig's Pipes_midi
Dublin  Dublin_midi
(The) Gentleman Soldier  (The) Gentleman Soldier_midi
Gladly Would I Go  Gladly Would I Go_midi
I Was Roaming In The Gloaming  I Was Roaming In The Gloaming_midi
(The) Pirate Ship  (The) Pirate Ship_midi
Rainy Day  Rainy Day_midi
(The) Roving Blade  (The) Roving Blade_midi
Running The Goat  Running The Goat_midi
Saddle The Pony  Saddle The Pony_midi
(The) Shepherds Flock  (The) Shepherds Flock_midi
Sleepy Maggie  Sleepy Maggie_midi
Train To Dublin  Train To Dublin_midi
Where's The Cat  Where's The Cat_midi

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