Tom Nelson's Tunes

Songs shared on "Tom's Shared Tunes" page are for personal study only. They are Tom's interpretations. They are also good to study if you are interested in Tabledit. Check them out and give Tom some feedback in the comments below.

Tom Nelson Arrangements

Always on My Mind  Always on My Mind_tef
Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground  AFTCTTG_tef
Are You Lonesome Tonight  AYLT_tef
Askogan Farewell  Askogan Farewell_tef
As Time Goes By  As Time Goes By_tef
Autumn Leaves  Autumn Leaves_tef
Backwater Blues  Backwater Blues_tef
Basin Street Blues   Basin Street Blues_tef
Beale Street Blues   Beale St Blues_tef
Before You Accuse Me (E)  BYAM_tef
Bolero (Ravel)  Bolero_tef
Bring Me Little Water, Silvia  BMLWS_tef
(The) Cat and the Mouse  tCatM_tef
El Choclo Am  El Choclo_tef
El Mariachi  El Mariachi_tef
El Porompompero  El Porompompero_tef
Eres Tu  Eres Tu_tef

(The) Fishin' Hole  Fishin' Hole_tef
Fur Elise  Fur Elise_tef
Georgia On My Mind  Georgia On My Mind_tef
(The) Godfather Waltz  The Godfather Waltz_tef
Granada Dm & Am  Granada Dm & Am_tef
Gypsy Rhumba Em  Gypsy Rumba_tef
Harlem Nocturne  Harlem Nocturne_tef
Greensleeves  Greensleeves_tef

Harlem Nocturne 2  Harlem Nocturne 2_tef
Hernando's Hideaway G#m  Hernando's Hideaway G#m_tef
House of the Rising Sun  House of the Rising Sun_tef
Hush-A-Bye  Hush-A-Bye_tef

I'll Be Seeing You  I'll Be Seeing You_tef
La Gitanita  La Gitanita_tef
Malaguena  Malaguena_tef
Malted Milk  Malted Milk_tef
Mama Done Told Me  Mama Done Told Me_tef
Misty  Misty_tef
Moonlight Sonata  Moonlight Sonata_tef
My Way  My Way_tef
One For My Baby  One For My Baby_tef
Op.9 in Am  Op.9 in Am_tef
O' Sole Mio  O' Sole Mio_tef
Over the Rainbow  Tef-file
Red Sails in the Sunset  Red Sails in the Sunset.tef
Romeo & Juliet  Romeo & Juliet_tef

Shenandoah  Shenandoah_tef
Smile  Smile_tef
Speak Softly Love  Speak Softly Love_tef
St. Louis Blues  St. Louis Blues_tef
Stardust  Stardust_tef
Sugar Blues  Sugar Blues_tef
Summertime  Summertime_tef
Sunrise Sunset  Sunrise Sunset.tef
Sweet Home Chicago E  SHCE_tef

Tin Roof Blues  Tin Roof Blues_tef

Walk On By  Walk On By_tef
When You Got a Good Friend  WYGAGF_tef
You Belong To Me  You Belong To Me_tef

Note that Tom has written all of his arrangements in the Tabledit music software. You can obtain a free copy and listen along to all songs. Tom has put a lot of work and time into these arrangements. Please give them a try and enjoy. Note that Tabledit's demo version has relative speed control so that you can slow down the arrangement as you're learning.


  1. Tom -- I want to thank you for sharing your compositions for musical study. I have found that all of them are well constructed and great to play. You have shared a wide range of music. I only hope that I can do you justice by continuing to spread the word about Humble Baritonics so that more people may enjoy your generous work -- Jeff

  2. Tom now has 38 arrangements as of 20 NOV 2017.

  3. Malaguena, my father's favorite song.
    Bolero, ... omg!
    Thank you, mi amigo!

  4. Your link was posted today, on one of my baritone ukulele FB groups. What a treat. Love the arrangements and have printed several to work on. Thank you, so much, for this great site!

  5. keep the blues coming. Thanks, Before you accuse me, great work!!

  6. Thank you. I'm very glad you can use the tabs. I usually have something new every couple of months. I'm working on learning how to play the blues now.