Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mike Krabbers || I Got You to Thank MINOR KEY

I have copied Mike's comments from the YouTube comments (below). I have posted a few of his original song / bari videos in the past. Krabbers as I have known him, has created many original songs, and I had the pleasure of finding his select arrangements with the baritone ukulele.
For those with musical skills, the ability to create and recreate, to share and encourage others is awesome. I find it pretty incredible to find super talented and creative people from around the world that are creating music in this incredibly select world of baritone ukulele playing.
I enjoying the hunt of finding good videos that show of the talents of a wide variety of baritone ukulele players. To see Todd Baio, Michelle Blades, Dr Bekken, Krabbers, CinderellaLifestyle, OnlyUkeThatMatters, Aaron Keim, and hundreds of others share music and support players from all around the world is incredibly rewarding.
Well now, on to what Mike Krabbers has to share...

Published on Nov 22, 2013

I got you to thank MINOR KEY
Original Song
written in 2006
Minor Key version 2013

This is the song that really kicked off my youtube journey as it was covered by Adellethegreat, and through her cover I started getting subs and since have made some very special friends
after I posted this for Uke Hunt
I then took Adelles cover and added some harmonies and banjo
i also entered it for the Mainland Ukes contest with a loop reggae version
and got to sing it Albeit a bit Drunk on Mainland Mikes moonshine at the 1st Ukulele world congress in Indiana in 2009
which is where i met Alex the bornagainJeeper who covered it
and i once did it in Pirbright woods

this was also the first song i uploaded on my myspace page back in 2006
and was my Brothers favourite songs of mine

ohana baritone ukulele
ohana tenor ukulele
ashton acoustic bass

Monday, December 23, 2013

Only Uke that Matters || Good Time

Linda Louden || Blue Moon

Here Linda shows off her new Cordoba Quattro baritone ukulele with a Dylan tune...

Todd Baio || Nothin' In Ramblin'

I have been posting Todd ince his Dougie days. I'm so glad to see him with a bari in his hands again. Todd also has some CD's with his music. I have three of his natural sounding goodies.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain || Sleigh Bells

Richie on the Baritone...

For more standard ukulele Christmas tunes, check out Ukulele Hunt Christmas Ukulele 4

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Roger Ruthen || pdf-Minstrel (Christmas Arrangements)

I have mentioned Roger's arrangements many times in the past here on Humble Baritonics. His site pdf-Minstrel is a compilation of his many years study with the guitar carried forward to the ukulele community. He has been a long-time friend of the ukulele community and very importantly an enthusiastic supporter of the baritone ukulele player.

He has shared with me that he has had some hand issues in the past and playing the ukulele gave him chances to keep playing. He also believes in the viability of the baritone ukulele as a solo instrument and as an instrument for the young, aspiring guitar player, to use in their development.

Roger let me know about his Christmas arrangements a while back and I got a bit lost, with the work part of my life, and forgot to post. (My apologies to Roger.) Below is a link to his Christmas arrangements...

Roger says his weather forecast in his part of Australia is for a Christmas day of 104 degrees. Having experienced all of my life in the northern hemisphere it is hard to think of a balmy Christmas. Although, Christmas in the S.F. Bay Area is forecasted to be 60 degrees and sunny.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Friends of Old Puppy || Silent Night (Christmas 2013 Electric Bari)

My friend Steven Strauss is on the standard ukulele. Billy Wilson on the electric Baritone Ukulele. Also, Kurt Stevenson on guitar, Ed Johnson on wash-tub bass ("gutbucket"), and Cynthia Wilson on the drums. Recorded in 2011.

Busketeers || Take It Easy

Baritone / Vocals / Bass-Baritone

Check out more Bass-Baritone improv!

John Sharpe || O Holy Night (Christmas 2013 Bari)

Lester Polfusable || Greensleeves (Christmas 2013 Bari)

Pabrizzer || Oscar Schmidt OU52 Baritone Ukulele Review

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pabrizzer || Original Christmas Song

Pabrizzer, sporting a new look, with an original creation...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jonathan Mann || Put On My Comfy Pants (Song A Day #1803)

Is Hypochrondria Contagious? (Guitar)

Jonathan Mann || In The Woods (Song-A-Day #1805)

Jim D'ville (Play Ukulele by Ear) || 3 Chord Club Archive

Jim D'ville has a wonderful site.
His gig is to teach us the valuable tool of using our ears.
Here he challenges us to listen to various artists.
Check the list out!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Garret Baker & SIVE || This is Our Playground

Garret has been one of my favorites for a very long time. I was lucky to find this GEM!

Chris & John Sharpe || Gold in Them Hills

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Justine Lucas || Think with your Gut

Very energetic ensemble performance...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Woodrow Instrument Co.

Wendy and I went to check out the Harvest Festival in San Jose, CA. She makes and sells Christmas and Halloween ceramic pieces. We wanted to find another good venue for her treasures.
A few aisles in, I came across a booth that caught my attention. A booth full of string instruments -- a wonderful selection of dulcimer style instruments. The founder, Dan Williams, played and handed over a variety of his creations for me to play. I have a standard mountain dulcimer that I have enjoyed. The dulcimer has metal strings and has totally different sound.
I told Dan about my obsession with the baritone ukulele and Humble Baritonics and he shared that he has a baritone ukulele. The Woodrow Instrument Co. makes a variety of these instruments in different woods and tones. Dan enjoyed sharing everything with Wendy and I, different woods and tones, sound hole ornamentation, tuners, banjo-like resonance, etc...
On his site,, he writes:
"The Woodrow instrument series is a cross between a banjo and an Appalachian dulcimer (or lap dulcimer). Played upright like the banjo, but having the dulcimer construction, gives these instruments the perfect style for Appalachian, bluegrass, celtic, and even blues music. Some styles have a real banjo like twang, while others have a more rounded and mellow sound. Each one is different, and the voice and personality vary from instrument to instrument."
Wendy bought me one today as a Christmas gift. So it is tucked away for the new year.

Andrew Morse || Bye and Bye (Terry Robb cover played in DF#AD tuning)

Andrew has posted an awesome song in dropped D tuning...