Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mike Krabbers || I Got You to Thank MINOR KEY

I have copied Mike's comments from the YouTube comments (below). I have posted a few of his original song / bari videos in the past. Krabbers as I have known him, has created many original songs, and I had the pleasure of finding his select arrangements with the baritone ukulele.
For those with musical skills, the ability to create and recreate, to share and encourage others is awesome. I find it pretty incredible to find super talented and creative people from around the world that are creating music in this incredibly select world of baritone ukulele playing.
I enjoying the hunt of finding good videos that show of the talents of a wide variety of baritone ukulele players. To see Todd Baio, Michelle Blades, Dr Bekken, Krabbers, CinderellaLifestyle, OnlyUkeThatMatters, Aaron Keim, and hundreds of others share music and support players from all around the world is incredibly rewarding.
Well now, on to what Mike Krabbers has to share...

Published on Nov 22, 2013

I got you to thank MINOR KEY
Original Song
written in 2006
Minor Key version 2013

This is the song that really kicked off my youtube journey as it was covered by Adellethegreat, and through her cover I started getting subs and since have made some very special friends
after I posted this for Uke Hunt
I then took Adelles cover and added some harmonies and banjo
i also entered it for the Mainland Ukes contest with a loop reggae version
and got to sing it Albeit a bit Drunk on Mainland Mikes moonshine at the 1st Ukulele world congress in Indiana in 2009
which is where i met Alex the bornagainJeeper who covered it
and i once did it in Pirbright woods

this was also the first song i uploaded on my myspace page back in 2006
and was my Brothers favourite songs of mine

ohana baritone ukulele
ohana tenor ukulele
ashton acoustic bass

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