Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Woodrow Instrument Co.

Wendy and I went to check out the Harvest Festival in San Jose, CA. She makes and sells Christmas and Halloween ceramic pieces. We wanted to find another good venue for her treasures.
A few aisles in, I came across a booth that caught my attention. A booth full of string instruments -- a wonderful selection of dulcimer style instruments. The founder, Dan Williams, played and handed over a variety of his creations for me to play. I have a standard mountain dulcimer that I have enjoyed. The dulcimer has metal strings and has totally different sound.
I told Dan about my obsession with the baritone ukulele and Humble Baritonics and he shared that he has a baritone ukulele. The Woodrow Instrument Co. makes a variety of these instruments in different woods and tones. Dan enjoyed sharing everything with Wendy and I, different woods and tones, sound hole ornamentation, tuners, banjo-like resonance, etc...
On his site,, he writes:
"The Woodrow instrument series is a cross between a banjo and an Appalachian dulcimer (or lap dulcimer). Played upright like the banjo, but having the dulcimer construction, gives these instruments the perfect style for Appalachian, bluegrass, celtic, and even blues music. Some styles have a real banjo like twang, while others have a more rounded and mellow sound. Each one is different, and the voice and personality vary from instrument to instrument."
Wendy bought me one today as a Christmas gift. So it is tucked away for the new year.

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