Saturday, December 21, 2013

Roger Ruthen || pdf-Minstrel (Christmas Arrangements)

I have mentioned Roger's arrangements many times in the past here on Humble Baritonics. His site pdf-Minstrel is a compilation of his many years study with the guitar carried forward to the ukulele community. He has been a long-time friend of the ukulele community and very importantly an enthusiastic supporter of the baritone ukulele player.

He has shared with me that he has had some hand issues in the past and playing the ukulele gave him chances to keep playing. He also believes in the viability of the baritone ukulele as a solo instrument and as an instrument for the young, aspiring guitar player, to use in their development.

Roger let me know about his Christmas arrangements a while back and I got a bit lost, with the work part of my life, and forgot to post. (My apologies to Roger.) Below is a link to his Christmas arrangements...

Roger says his weather forecast in his part of Australia is for a Christmas day of 104 degrees. Having experienced all of my life in the northern hemisphere it is hard to think of a balmy Christmas. Although, Christmas in the S.F. Bay Area is forecasted to be 60 degrees and sunny.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


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