Sunday, October 1, 2017

Burning Uke Weekend 2017 || A Visit to Ukuleles of Felton

This weekend was the 15th anniversary of the 15th "Burning Uke" 2017 which celebrates the Summer of Love - 50 Year Anniversary. On my journey there I stopped by the Ukuleles of Felton owned by the Tiki King. You may have looked at his History of the Baritone Ukulele which he wrote and allowed to be posted on Humble Baritonics several years back.

Here's a photo of a "Flaming Bari Uke" that the Tiki King hand painted. If you happen to own a painted "Flea" or "Fluke" you may own some of his artwork already. Here's the Tiki King Fluke Tiki Uke and Designer Fluke

The Tiki King spent Saturday at BU 2017 with wares from his shop.

While visiting with Mr. King, I noticed this photo on the wall of a baritone uke nestled in the arms of some musician. Do you know who this player is? More info and photos coming in a future post.

Tiki King's 
6235 Highway 9
Suite A
Felton, CA. 95018
About 10 min from Santa Cruz!

Phone: (831) 704-7027

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