Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tom Nelson || Music with an Italiano Flair

Our friend, Tom Nelson, has created more musical tablature for your scholarly pleasure. This time he has included four more tunes with an old country sound from Italy.

Godfather Waltz (Dm)
O' Sole Mio (Bb)
Romeo and Juliet (Em)
Speak Softly Love (Gm)

I will not link the songs to this blog post as they will be more handy if you use the page tab above, Tom Nelson's Tunes. Note that Tom has written all of his arrangements in the Tabledit music software. You can obtain a free copy and listen along to all songs. Tom has put a lot of work and time into these arrangements. Please give them a try and enjoy. Note that Tabledit's demo version has relative speed control so that you can slow down the arrangement as you're learning.

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