Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dr Bekken || Blues on the Baritone Ukulele Tutorial

Dr Bekken Published on Youtube, May 2, 2017'
In this rough video I show examples of how to use movable chord shapes to play blues in G on a baritone ukulele. It may be obvious techniques to some, but I hope some of you will find it useful too. Check humblebaritonics.blogspot.com for other useful baritone ukulele stuff!

Domiuke asked on YT for an explanation of the right hand movements and Dr Bekken graciously added,
With the right hand, I almost without exception pick the strings as I indicated, thumb on 4th string, index on 3rd, middle on 2nd and ringfinger on 1st. Each string got its own right hand finger. I always pick basslines with my index on the 3rd string. The 4th string is almost never my main string for basslines. I'll have to think for a while to actually break down the picking patterns... I never really think much about them as I play. Intuition, I guess.
Big thanks to Dr Bekken in Norway. Bari-Players enjoy!

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  1. Dr Bekken takes to the bari blues so easily and naturally. I have always admired his style and scat skills. I will surely link this to tab page title for future easy reference. Jeff / HB HU