Monday, February 6, 2017

Tom Nelson || Shared Tunes

Tom Nelson

Tom has put together some music for his own self study and shared his work with the readers and followers of Humble Baritonics. His work shows a good ear and tremendous patience in placing it all in the Tabledit format in an extremely festidious manner. The names of the 4 songs are El Mariachi, EresTu, Harlem Nocturne, and Stardust.

Tabledit has a demo version where one may play the songs and get a feel for them. This is a great advantage for the student. The arrangements are provided for musical development and not public performance. The songs are also provided in pdf format.

Tom shares...

"I have been using Tabledit for about 10 years. I have looked at other programs but they cost more or just don't seem to be as clear and easy to use. Tabledit also has an online forum on which owners can get answers to their questions. I have used this more then once. I recommend TE to anyone that asks me about it. It does have some quirks but, I think it's the best program for the price... In high school, we all played around with the guitar, but I never really learned to play the guitar. Some years ago, I bought a tenor uke to again play around with but really didn't care for the sound. And for some reason I couldn't get a good G note out of the thing. Into the closet it went... When my son got married in Hawaii in 2012 I thought a uke would be a nice souvenir. Remembering back in high school a 4 string tenor guitar that a friend of mine played and I always thought was kind of cool, I bought a Kamaka bari at Scotty's on the island of Kauai at a good price and the love fest began... Two years ago I bought a second bari, this time from the Hawaii Music Supply. It's a cedar top Pono and it is my main instrument. It's the one in the picture. I'll soon be buying a spruce top Kala bari from Elderly's here in Lansing to see if I like the brighter sound for the Spanish flavored music.  Who knows, maybe a new Pono will be required in the future."

I have made another page/tab called "Shared Tunes" for Tom's work and possibly others that would like to contribute to the baritone ukulele playing world.

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