Thursday, February 9, 2017

Roger Ruthen || Cry Me A River (Jazz Bari)

Roger Ruthen has been a big supporter of the baritone ukulele community for several years. He's been creating music in several genres: Classical, Traditional, Bluegrass, Celtic and even Jazz. I just checked out his tab for Cry Me A River. Jazz-Bari, check it out!

If you've been keeping track of blog activities lately you'll recognize that Roger has contributed a great number of tabs for both Old-Time/Bluegrass Bari and Celtic Bari. I hope that you'll check out some of the old United Kingdom and Americana traditional music. On Humble Baritonics, we have midi's to go along with the music that can be downloaded so you can play back and get the tunes away from numbers and lines and into your head and fingers.

I also want to note that I now have a page tab with a direct link to Roger's pdf-Minstrel. He has a wealth of knowledge on music and transcribing and you'll surely find some treasures there.

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