Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wayne Henderson Mountain Tunes (CCMC Classes)

Guitar Builder and Mountain Tune Picker of National Treasure Status
Wayne Henderson and a humble baritone uker after the last class of the week.
Wayne graciously allows me to try my bari in the class.

I have never learned a tune by sitting and watching fingers and listening. 
The fingers flickered quickly and I floundered. 
Now, a week after, as I know a bit more about Wayne's musical style,
 I have more quickly transcribed the mountain tunes.
Using a video player with a 10-second fall back is very helpful.

During the week of classes I listened to Wayne's wisdom. 
Such things as "getting notes for free" and "3-string chords" are gems.

In the class we were shown 6 tunes in 5 days. 
The class was rated level 2-4 in a scale of 1 to 5.
Most every thing was played on the treble strings.
This was my lifeline since I only have the treble strings.

So far I have one "cheat" to achieve something as close to Low C as possible.
I use a pinch of the 2010 C-chord of the 4th and 2nd strings = 2x1x. 
Since Wayne often uses the Low C as a closing chord it seems to work.
(Does any one have another idea on how to achieve on the bari?)


1) St. Anne's Reel (transcribed for bari)
2) Blackberry Rag (transcribed for bari)
3) Red Wing
4) East Tennessee Blues
5) That's All I Know (A.C. Ball)
6) Carter Family Blues

I see another song of Wayne's on YouTube that I try to transcribe for bari as well. Wayne says in the video that he plays an unusual finger style while many others flatpick. Since I mostly fingerpick this works just fine for me!

7) Steel Guitar Rag, Wayne Henderson Style

Now this will be quite a challenge to transcribe!

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