Friday, July 29, 2016

Kinnard Ukes || Mother Ocean Bari

One of the perks of doing the Humble Baritonics blog is that sometimes I get some early news. I have mentioned Kinnard Ukes before and just received an e-mail from Kevin showing off another Bari Uke gem from Kinnard Ukes. Enjoy the eye candy...

Hi Jeff-

John just completed a new Series 2 baritone in Tiger Maple with a Sitka Spruce top I wanted to tell you about.We call this "Mother Ocean" and it's a whimsical theme showing a mother seahorse with 3 babies. Like most families there is a mischievous one and in this case he's hiding behind Neptune's trident. The seahorses around the sound hole are ebony inlayed into the spruce and the inlay on the fingerboard is in maple. The faceplate is also ebony with the inlays in maple.

We used figured tiger maple for the back and sides and carried it over to the neck which adds to the overall look of the instrument. It has a AAAA Sitka Spruce top that really drives the tone and volume- something we strive for in a baritone. John built it with a paddle headstock and we used the Gotoh UPT tuning machines. It has a custom soundport, bone nut and saddle and an ebony "string through" bridge.

Right out of the gate it has a deep rich tone with great resonance and sustain and I can only imagine what it's going to sound like when it gets broken in! It's strung up DGBE and uses Southcoast Strings-We will be using this as a demo for upcoming shows for people to experience the Kinnard sound and build.

Hope you’re well Jeff and talk to you soon.

Kevin / Kinnard Ukes


  1. That is one handsome instrument!

  2. Does it sound as great as it looks? What a beauty!