Sunday, September 27, 2015

Munson Music Baritone Ukulele + Extras Give Away

Listen to the video to learn how to apply. Winner announced November 17, 2015.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Zii Trees || We Are the Zii Trees / How Easy

Here's two young ladies getting an early musical start. I like their energy and the combination of voice, baritone ukulele, piano and flute.

They have a WEEBLY link.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Zii Trees || Ashes and Dust

I like bari-duets with other instruments and I like nice settings. The Zii Trees -- I hope to hear more.

Ukulele Nipper & The Night Owls || Night Owl

The baritone ukulele playin' Ukulele Nipper is sporting a National Plectrum Guitar in DoGBonE tuning. It looks like a new incarnation of The Night Owls.

We Tigers Uke Song || Exit Music (Radiohead)

Season 188 continues to produce sad songs. In case you don't read the YouTube notes, Michael writes...

[Use headphones or a decent set of speakers, please]

For Season of the Ukulele 188 ("The Saddest Songs in the World") on Ukulele Underground, MikeF from Wales and We Tigers from the Netherlands team up digitally to bring you another Radiohead classic from 1997's OK Computer.

Mike - vocals
Saskia - vibraphone, vocals
Michael - baritone ukulele, bass, drums, production

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Andrew Morse || Gerta (Chuck Brodsky)

SOTU 188 Sad Songs

If you're curious click on the video and read the story behind the song...

Linda Louden || He Was a Friend of Mine

SOTU 188 Sad Songs

Favilla Baritone History || Thomas Favilla

I just received comments from Thomas Favilla concerning his family's history with the baritone ukulele. See the latest comments on this post with information originally shared by the Tiki King. I should mention that the Tiki King now has a ukulele store in Felton, California. It is called Ukuleles of Felton and the T.K. has a fun site to explore. Do you know what he has done for the Jumping Flea business?

Lou Marlow || SF Weekly Article

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sound Trap Studios || I Got Up and I Took a Breath

YouTube page quote...

"I created this from a variety of time lapse sequences I have filmed primarily Down at Langley Harbor and some at mutiny Bay and a few more In my backyard. I pulled out some of my favorite segments from what it is now going to be hey pretty nice collection of reels. My original plans for the music we're quite different, I figured on spoken word/Poetry. Maybe next time around. Playing back my first edit I was just noodling around on my baritone ukulele when this peculiar little song showed up."

pdf-Minstrel || Pachelbel's Canon

Here's another Roger Ruthen arrangement from pdf-Minstrel's Renaissance Baritone. I haven't had a post about pdf-Minstrel for a while but Roger has posted hundreds of finger-style and plectrum-style arrangements that are great for the bari-uke player. Classical arrangements are a great source of musical inspiration or meditation.

Pachelbel's Canon

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

Abigail York || Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Flickr Foto: Finished LT009 Fanned Fret Bari-Tenor

Finished LT009 fanned fret bari-tenor

Robin Geibel || Ho Hey

Robin has been pumping out videos on her baritone ukulele. She has also put song sheets together.

Ho Hey (In D)

I enjoyed watching The Voice UK, Andrea sang the same song on her run to win the show. She had quite a story and sang several songs so beautifully.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lou Barlow || Lazy

Could be a bari uke here... Nice wide video to watch full screen.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lou Barlow || Village Voice 9-4-2015

Here's an excerpt of an article from the Village Voice...

"...As straight-forward as Barlow’s lyrics are, he’s been less upfront about his playing style, which hinges on a low-tuned baritone ukulele. “People play ukuleles, but they play them like ukuleles, which I don’t like,” Barlow says emphatically. “That’s cheesy; it’s novelty music.” The baritone ukulele, though, is larger than a traditional one, closer to the size of a tenor guitar; both have four strings. “Even when I was younger and I would play [guitars], they would lose strings and I didn’t have the money or the wherewithal to replace them. So when I did start writing songs I was often writing songs on regular guitars with only three or four strings,” he recalls..."

Full Lindsey Rhoades article

The Wave...

Vampire (from 2010)

Interview "The Weekly Feed" 5-21-15

Gordon Caldwell || Lonely Roads

Here's another solid songster for Saturday night 9-5-15.

Hochapeafarm || Tin Man (America Cover)

Be sure to watch the treasure hunt in this creative video...

Abigail York || Lullaby of Birdland

I feel like we hit the jackpot today with some great new bari videos, enjoy!

Manitoba Hal || Sweet Honey Bee (Slide Bari-Uke Cover)

Thanks to Al for sharing some great music on the baritone ukulele.

Manitoba Hal || Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotton)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fred Sokolow with Maxwell Baritone, Berkeley, CA

I recently went to Fred's class at Mike DaSilva's Shop in Berkeley, CA. He gave my "Maxwell Bari Beater" a test drive and I asked to take a photo of him in action. Does anyone else own a Maxwell labelled baritone ukulele? It is a solid instrument and I have it in my office for lunch time picking, afterwork strum downs and the occassional trip to the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. (The UCSC where you get a real education!)

Fred has some fantastic books that are written for standard uke but I have most of them anyway. They are solid books. He said that he should do a bari book someday. I hope he does.

Amazon's Link to Fred Sokolow's Books

Jeff / Humble Baritonics