Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lou Barlow || Village Voice 9-4-2015

Here's an excerpt of an article from the Village Voice...

"...As straight-forward as Barlow’s lyrics are, he’s been less upfront about his playing style, which hinges on a low-tuned baritone ukulele. “People play ukuleles, but they play them like ukuleles, which I don’t like,” Barlow says emphatically. “That’s cheesy; it’s novelty music.” The baritone ukulele, though, is larger than a traditional one, closer to the size of a tenor guitar; both have four strings. “Even when I was younger and I would play [guitars], they would lose strings and I didn’t have the money or the wherewithal to replace them. So when I did start writing songs I was often writing songs on regular guitars with only three or four strings,” he recalls..."

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  1. Cool. Never knew Lou played bari. I used to listen to his music a lot in the nineties.