Tuesday, July 21, 2015

G. J. Lee || 陶喆〈找自己〉 彈唱~雞湯的烏克麗麗鍋~

If there's anyone that can search out other baritone players in Mandarin, Cantonese, or any other language for that matter, I would really appreciate the expanded diversity. This request also goes out for musical links.

Jeff / Humble Baritonics

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  1. Hello~ Jeff~ thanks your like and comments~
    i am very love ukulele~so i played any size ukuleles~sure~i ever played standard baritone.
    my first baritobe is a Germany brand calls 「Stagg」、my second baritone is the Pono AB ,and i also have student play baritone like Kamaka HF4~now i buy this 36" Baritone Nui by Pono made...

    i feel the 36" Baritone Nui is most like a 4 strings Travel Guitar~you can see the pose different when i was play...
    sound more warm , soft,more reverb,sustain~
    but its also more bigger~~i am still learn to control :P

    there is some vedio of my play baritone ukulele :







    Thank you very much~ G.J. Lee (Posted from Google +)