Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Here's my first installment in the exploration of the world of baritone ukuleles. I have the opportunity to play one of these beauties on a couple of occasions. I would consider it one of the 2 best that I have had the pleasure to pick and strum. If you are searching for a finely built and supremely playable baritone for the rest of your life then I would consider this maker and instrument.

It is perfect in all aspects: physical beauty, plays with the most delicate of touch, and such rich beautiful tone. It would be one of those instruments that fit my unique philosophy -- we love to spend so much time playing our instruments -- if we consider the $/hour of pleasure what could be better for years of personal enjoyment?

I actually had a tiny bit of influence in the creation of Kinnard baritone. I met Kevin Beddoe who had commissioned several tenor ukuleles and had them on display at the Wine Country Ukulele Festival about 4 years ago. I had brought my favorite vintage mahogany Favilla baritone ukulele and shared it with Kevin as we talked music. It was only a spark...


In my exploration of various baritone ukulele makers, I will use the heading as above and $$$$ will be a high-end custom and $ to indicate a lower cost. The Kinnard Ukes site shows baritones priced from $1,800 to about $2,700.

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