Monday, June 24, 2013

Pabrizzer || Jennifer Juniper

A new one from Pabrizzer. I also added this one to the Baried DoGBonE Blog Pabrizzer Playlist

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rick Hulett || Bigfoot Plays the Uke (Week 1)

SATURDAY SONG DAY || Dig a Little Deeper in the Well

I was listening to a compilation CD of Doc Martin and heard this song. It had an old time charm to it and I decided that I want to add it to my Playlist Binder. This song is best known for it's version by The Oakridge Boys which uses a lot of harmonies -- but I choose to use the bluesman Eric Bibb's version since I normally sing alone.

"Dig" can be sung once if your not doing the harmonies.

Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
Recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys
Written by R. Bowling and Martha Jo Emerson

Dig a little deeper in the well boys
C                                        G
Dig a little deeper in the well

If you want a good cool drink of water
                  D7                                     G
You gotta dig a little deeper in the well

repeat #1

                                                            C                                G
My daddy used to tell me don't be fooled by what you see
If you want to get to the heart of things you gotta look way down deep
             G                                     C                                   G
Second place don't get it son a winner gotta come in first
                                                                            D7                                 G
There's nothing worse than to take a drink that leaves you in the dirt

repeat #1

                                                                            C                                   G
A good man needs a good woman she's the rock that’ll make you strong
She'll be there to lean on when the whole worlds going wrong
           G                                                 C                                       G
There ain't nothing like good loving that's how it's meant to be
                                                              D7                                           G
So find yourself a good woman son like your momma's been to me

repeat #1

                                                       C                                         G
There's a mighty river flowing where the water cool and sweet
Don't be fooled by a muddy stream be careful where you drink
            G                             C                              G
Life is what you make it sometimes a living hell
                                                                    D7                                     G
If you want to find that promised land dig a little deeper in the well

repeat #1 x2

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Richard Hefner || Away in the Manger

Richard runs the site called ezFolk, he plays the baritone ukulele, writes tablature and is a follower of this humble site too. I had posted this tune a little while back. Christmas tunes sneak into my consciousness throughout the year. I have some links to ezFolk in the sidebars and he said he would be posting more baritone tablature soon...

It's never to early to start learning a Christmas song.

Shannon Sullivan || Velvet Elvis (on Baritone Ukulele)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Emily Hippomaiden || Pompeii

I'm glad to hear from Emily again...

Song tab:

Ukulele Hunt || Get Lucky (Daft Punk)

Alistair Wood is a treasure. He does the best ukulele blog in the world and has a great ear for sharing tablature and musical information. Be sure to review the archives of Ukulele Hunt and you'll be sure to find a wide range of topics to enrich your ukulele playing.

I wanted to share this one because of the rhythm skills of combining strumming and muting.

Aaron Keim || Quail Parade (Clawhammer Banjo DGBD re-entrant tuning)

Aaron wrote...

Published on Jun 1, 2012
This is a original tune played on an old Vega tenor banjo. I strung it with Baritone ukulele strings re-entrant dgbe. For this piece, I tuned the first string down for a tuning of dgbd.

New Clawhammer Ukulele Book Available!

Clawhammer Ukulele Book Now Available In eBook format:

Athrography || Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman cover on Baritone Ukulele)

Jonathan Mann (Song-A-Day Mann) || The Days of 5 Alarms

Chris H || Ain't No Grave (Tenor Banjo EAC#F#)

Chris writes...
"Written by Claude Ely and recently popularized by a posthumous Johnny Cash release. I'm playing my great-grandfather's 100 year old tenor banjo restrung as a baritone ukulele and tuned EAC#F#. Arrangement inspired by pabrizzer's and Massive Attack."
Pabrizzer wrote in response...
"Loved it mate. Couldn't ya hear me singin along. I know that people do occasionaly post non uke stuff in the Links and Video section."
This tuning is two steps up from the DoGBonE tuning, D#,G#CF, then EAC#F#

The 4 string banjo is on by instrument "bucket list." Chris you performed it marvelously. That banjo adds a bit of "haunt" to this old song. Thanks for sharing it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ChristyLynn42 || The Beat Stuff

Jillie Mae Eddy || The Girl from Bare Cove

I have meant to post more of Jillie's project but my time has been quite limited lately. I don't want you to miss out in a major work, so here is...

"An original folk opera written for five actor-musicians, THE GIRL FROM BARE COVE follows a family in crisis as they face the near-loss of one of their own. With songs inspired by the folk sounds of New England and a story rooted in the ghostly traditions and fairy tales of that place, this modern-day fable invites us to explore the communities we share and the worlds we build for ourselves..."(read more)

Below is a sampling of Jillie Mae Eddy with her baritone ukulele. You can hear all of the demos by clicking the "read more" above.

Demo 01 -- Bare Cove

Demo 16 -- Not So Long Ago

Demo 19 -- You Can't Let it Burn You

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Learn the Ukulele dot Com || Head Full of Doubt (Avett Brothers)

Obviously he's playing a GCEA tuned bari, but the chord shapes can be standard Bari Chords.

C = 2010,  G = 0003,  Am = 2210,  F = 3211

I like the spaces in between strum.

The Ballad of Love and Hate / Emotionalism

Friday, June 7, 2013

Flatpicking Guitar Lesson || Using Harmonized Scales (October 2006)

I have a small collection of about 15 Flatpicking Guitar Magazines although I have never played guitar beyond some simple trials. I find that these magazines are full of technical information and I would recommend that you purchase one if you come across them at your music store. The magazine is a very professional magazine with about 20 writers sharing a wide variety of information.

Tim May gives this lesson on "Using Harmonized Scales" which is in the key of G and entirely on the DGBE strings. The lesson works with scales and using the techniques of "double stops" or "pinches" as well as the flatpicking technique of "crosspicking"

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ChristyLynn42 || First Day of My Life

I hadn't seen a post from Christy in a while and I'm glad to hear her again...

Carolyn Nobles || Cloudy View

Carolyn plays and sings beautifully. I normally let GCEA tunings pass by but since she's playing in low G and is playing the first RISA Baritone Ukulele that I have ever seen I must post...

I just had to hear that harp too!