Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chris H || Ain't No Grave (Tenor Banjo EAC#F#)

Chris writes...
"Written by Claude Ely and recently popularized by a posthumous Johnny Cash release. I'm playing my great-grandfather's 100 year old tenor banjo restrung as a baritone ukulele and tuned EAC#F#. Arrangement inspired by pabrizzer's and Massive Attack."
Pabrizzer wrote in response...
"Loved it mate. Couldn't ya hear me singin along. I know that people do occasionaly post non uke stuff in the Links and Video section."
This tuning is two steps up from the DoGBonE tuning, D#,G#CF, then EAC#F#

The 4 string banjo is on by instrument "bucket list." Chris you performed it marvelously. That banjo adds a bit of "haunt" to this old song. Thanks for sharing it.

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