Saturday, June 22, 2013

SATURDAY SONG DAY || Dig a Little Deeper in the Well

I was listening to a compilation CD of Doc Martin and heard this song. It had an old time charm to it and I decided that I want to add it to my Playlist Binder. This song is best known for it's version by The Oakridge Boys which uses a lot of harmonies -- but I choose to use the bluesman Eric Bibb's version since I normally sing alone.

"Dig" can be sung once if your not doing the harmonies.

Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
Recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys
Written by R. Bowling and Martha Jo Emerson

Dig a little deeper in the well boys
C                                        G
Dig a little deeper in the well

If you want a good cool drink of water
                  D7                                     G
You gotta dig a little deeper in the well

repeat #1

                                                            C                                G
My daddy used to tell me don't be fooled by what you see
If you want to get to the heart of things you gotta look way down deep
             G                                     C                                   G
Second place don't get it son a winner gotta come in first
                                                                            D7                                 G
There's nothing worse than to take a drink that leaves you in the dirt

repeat #1

                                                                            C                                   G
A good man needs a good woman she's the rock that’ll make you strong
She'll be there to lean on when the whole worlds going wrong
           G                                                 C                                       G
There ain't nothing like good loving that's how it's meant to be
                                                              D7                                           G
So find yourself a good woman son like your momma's been to me

repeat #1

                                                       C                                         G
There's a mighty river flowing where the water cool and sweet
Don't be fooled by a muddy stream be careful where you drink
            G                             C                              G
Life is what you make it sometimes a living hell
                                                                    D7                                     G
If you want to find that promised land dig a little deeper in the well

repeat #1 x2

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