Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jan Laurenz || Classically Inspired Composition

Inspired yes, inspiring yes. Jan indicates that this is a Lanikai baritone ukulele with a Fishman pick up. There is an amazing clarity of sound. This video by Jan stretches my imagination even further as to the range of musicality that can be achieved on a 4-string instrument. 

I am compelled to say, "Bravo!" This is surely another reason to say, "Today is the best day to be a baritone ukulele player." And perhaps, "I need to find out about Fishman pick-ups." Jan responded to my inquiry, and let me know that he is playing re-entrant dGBE tuning (and he is from Switzerland.) Mr. Ken Middleton will be pleased.

Below I am reposting a Progressive Rock video by Jan where he further shows his expertise on a variety of instruments.

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