Thursday, August 23, 2012

BORN AGAIN JEEPER || The Way You Make Me Feel

Hooray, another wayward bari player has returned to post more on YouTube. BAJ has taken many good songs and made them his own. The image of the hunter's hat and compound bow portray more of a country feel but BAJ has entertained with easy listening songs like Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline with Trombone from October 2010, which I loved too. 

Hearing him sing this tune so well reminds me of a conversation with a friend of mine. She said that she feels that when she sings alone she feels comfortable but when she tries singing with others she always feels ackward. She notices that she almost automatically sings in another voice, trying to match the other's vocals, and it is straining and hard to stay on pitch. So she feels that she is not a good singer.

So I was wondering how is it that one develops their own voice? This video with Born Again Jeeper clearly is sung differently than Michael Jackson but it sounds so strong because he sings so solidly in his own voice and key. I continue to struggle with this too. 

I know that occasionally I try to sing with someone that has an amazing vocal range and I just can't fit my vocals in anywhere comfortably. Is the key too difficult? Roger Ruthen wrote a short article about finding your right singing key (Dec 2011) and I shared it here in HB. 

Well, I would like to get back to BAJ and say welcome back! I find your videos and song selection quite a bit of fun. I think the vocals on this MJ tune are solid, unique and really do a great job/having fun with this song.

Jeff / Humble Uker

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