Saturday, June 30, 2012

Henfield Will || Tenor Guitar Sampler

I have been intrigued with the tenor guitar for quite sometime as it seems to be a close kin to the baritone ukulele although it is strung entirely differently and uses steel strings. I was listening to my Gospel Bari Music Playlist and reading the notes on Jon's (EugeneUkulele) Jesus on the Mainline YouTube video and sonyahannah mentions HenfieldWill.

Henfield has quite a few videos posted and a very broad selection of tunes played on the Tenor Guitar. I was unfamiliar with about 90 percent of his songs. I really like it when there are new songs to check out, especially tunes from the early twentieth century. His tunes often go back further than that.

Will gives real detailed YT liner notes on his videos giving a bit of history and tradition of the songs. 

One of Will's commenters wrote, "Wish i could play guitar like you, I'm freakin' horrible." Will responded, "It's only practice, practice and more practice... :-)" He says he's played guitar since 1964. That's working up to 50 years.

His website,

I looked thru some of his song arrangements for guitar to see if any might be applicable to the baritone ukulele. This one he calls Blue Monk and it has some fodder for the noodler.

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